Inhaling aroma of a
variety of health benefits
to the body. Now, our
olfactory equipment has
been transformed into a
powerful weapon to fight
various complaints on
the body, say, stress,
insomnia, physical and
mental health
complaints, until the
weight loss. So, how did
this happen? Actually,
this complex process
starting from the
hundreds of types of
smells receptors in our
bodies that contain
millions of cells and
associated with our
respiratory tract. When,
a single cell detects
smells the information
sent directly to the
olfactory bulb, the room
for bean seeds in the
brain that contains
nerve. This signal will
then be selected and
sent to the limbic system
associated with various
types of memories and
emotions, such as basic
behaviors (eating and
responding), pleasure,
sexual desire, and
possibly addiction.Due to a variety of these
behaviors have in
common, then the
neurological control
often intertwined with
each other. For example,
romantic dinner can be
the first step to increase
our desire for sex. Here
are some of the power of
scent in our bodies: 1.
Lose weight. Giving
satisfaction associated
with smell and taste to
the receptor, it can play
an important role in
weight loss programs,
explains Alan Hirsch, MD,
founder of the Smell &
Taste Treatment and
Research Foundation in
Chicago. Grab the
"satisfaction scent" by
applying smell the food
habits before we eat
2. Calm yourself. In a
recent study from Ohio
State University, showed
scent of lavender can
provide relaxing effect.
While the aroma of
lemon has a refreshing
effect and pump up our
spirits. So, put the
candles or aromatherapy
oils of lavender or lemon
in the office as the friend
who accompanied us deal
with deadlines or office
work that has
3. Face new challenges
with rosemary.
Sometimes the job
requires us to be able to
learn and do new things
quickly. Do not bother
before, resolve the
precarious situation with
inhaled aromatherapy
rosemary. Researchers
from the University of
Northumbria in England
is also at finding the
smell of this one can
enlighten our minds,
make us quick and
responsive. Always keep
in a desk drawer
rosemary aromatherapy
work as our savior came
when his new challenge.
4. Relieve cramps during
menstruation. Research
in Korea in 2006, found
the massage to the
abdomen for 15 minutes
every day with essential
oils can relieve cramps
menstrusasi up to 50%.
Often in trouble with
cramps during
menstruation? Time for
us to try "magic oil" from
a mixture of two drops of
lavender oil, one drop of
clary sage flower oil, and
one drop of rose oil with
aromatic almond oil
base. Then, smeared and
do the massage once a
day for a week before
our menstrual schedule.
5. Increase sexual desire,
not necessarily with food
that is aprodisiak, sexy
clothing, or just sensual
scented perfume.
Because we can beautify
the moment with just the
two of smells from
cucumber, licorice
(liquorice), and baby
powder that has been
shown to improve
arousal in women and
facilitate the flow of
blood in the vaginal area
up to 13%. In addition,
fragrant pumpkin pie and
lanvender can also
increase blood flow to
11%. To refine our
romantic dinner with
your partner, pumpkin
pie served as healthy
snacks and do not forget
to tuck a cucumber-
scented fragrances near
our pillows.