Diet program is not easy.
If you include that fail to
do that activity, try to
consider these questions:
whether the target of
weight dream is too low;
Should lose another 2.5
kilograms, is there any
sense of quality
improvement of health,
fitness, self-confidence?
"It's important for those
who want to lose weight
to ask the questions
above," says Anne
Fletcher, author of
Weight Loss Confidential.
"The point is to clarify
what your personal
goals. If the target is to
lose weight, then what is
needed next is to change
the way you live."
Fletcher explains,
lifestyle changes are key
to the success of weight-
loss program. "When the
reduced body weight
when dieting, we need
fewer calories than
before," he said. Weight
loss programs, said
Fletcher, can be tailored
to the needs and desires
of the offender. If you
are hard to reduce the
size of the meal, then
you have to do is to do
more physical activity.
Vice versa. These are the
five moves that will help
get the weight dream:
1. Apply FITW Theory.
Theory FITW (frequency,
intensity, type, and time)
created an expert body
weight decrease Dawn
Jackson Blatner is a
regulator portion of the
exercise you need. The
theory is to modify the
frequency, intensity, type
and timing of exercise
we are doing to cut 100
calories extra. For
example, adding 10-20
minutes of time we walk
on the treadmill, push to
the maximum extent,
and added speed brisk
walk or a brisk walk.
"Most people need to
change their exercise
routines, because our
bodies will change and
burn fewer calories,"
Blatner said.
2. Watch What You Eat.
Fatty foods that contain
twice the calories than
foods that contain
carbohydrates or
protein. "Twenty-five
percent of the fat we eat
is the extra fat. So look
at the hidden fats in food
dishes to cut calories
that go into our body,"
advises Blatner. Blatner
also suggested to reduce
the use of processed milk
produsk in the cooking
process and select dairy
products are low in fat.
3. Use the tools Eat More
Small. If you belong to a
group of people that are
difficult to reduce food
portions, this one trick
that will really help you.
By using the plates and
cups smaller meals will
affect your psychological
condition. You will feel
full when I saw the food
on a small plate has been
no trace.
4. Watch What You
Drink. The biggest
mistake that can disrupt
the diet is the
unconscious that lurk
behind the beverage
calories you consume.
Juice, latte in large sizes,
margarita, or sweet
beverages rich in
calories. To work around
this, choose a natural or
drink beverages that
contain no sugar with
smaller portions.
5. Make Journal Eat.
Write everything you eat
into the food journal will
make you aware of your
diet. To create a journal
to eat it, you just need to
write down all the food
that you consume.
Journal of food will be a
reminder when you
consume excess food