Who said dieting is only performed single women and young? Some of the cosmopolitan woman over 40 years now likes to streamline the body with a variety of supporting activities including a set pattern of food.

Read these tips for staying fit while you're dieting that diintisarikan of Prof. Dan Benardot, nutritionist University of Georgia, United States, on Wednesday (28 / 7).

1. Self Calorie intake when dieting Usually, women choose the fast track by cutting calories too much. As a result, the metabolism of the body to be fucked. Please
reduce the portion of your main menu, but not less than 430 calories. You can still keep snacking twice as much as 150 calories a day. If less than that, the body
is not strong enough to burn calories into energy in the body.

2. Avoid Caffeine Caffeine containing substances for the central nervous system
stimulant that add as much as 98 to 174 calories a day. Switch to
a cup of tea, your metabolism can work faster to 12 percent. This is evidenced by the results of research in Japan.

3. Choose Healthy Carbohydrates should you eat carbohydrates that also have a lot of
fiber such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. When eating
foods high in fiber, so your metabolism can decipher 30 percent more calories.

4. Eat Iron Iron carries oxygen to the blood, when the oxygen is working to burn fat. During menstruation, the body of a woman at risk of iron deficiency.