Busyness is often a
constraint in preparing a
healthy breakfast. You
are not the only person
experiencing this
problem. There are three
simple ideas to make
breakfast a healthy,
nutritious, and can be
eaten on the go.
Apparently, many people
who find it difficult to
make healthy and
delicious breakfast in a
short time. At least Leo
Babauta, Zen Habits
founder and healthy life-
style Zen practitioner, a
witness of many
electronic mail posted to
him on the constraints to
prepare a healthy
breakfast. Let's solve
common problems by
creating a simple
breakfast menu below: 1.
Dadar Know This menu is
healthier than the
omelet because more
low-fat. Prepare three to
five pieces of organic
tofu. Cut into pieces.
Heat the olive oil, put
out and stir. Add garlic
and pepper powder. 2.
Fruit Salad Two apples,
one pear, half an
avocado. Diced. Sprinkle
with fresh orange juice.
Add almonds or cashew
nuts on top. 3. Two cups
Yogurt Cereal Mix is a
low-fat plain yogurt. Mix
with your favorite fruit
pieces, you can choose
your own favorite fruit.
Add a bowl of cereal is.
Stir. Practical breakfast
menu that not only will
make you more stamina
to start the day, but also
makes not overeat
during the day. And this
means, a step toward a
slim waist. Interesting, is
not it?