Manchester: Roberto
Mancini has revealed one
of the secrets that a
factor behind his success
at Manchester City. If
the manager / coach
other players to consume
alcohol limit, Mancini
different. A glass of wine
to be maid of high-
calorie foods such as
pizza in the regular
menu. Become familiar
with Italian culture
where alcohol is a
faithful follower of
dining. Mancini believes
a glass of red wine on
the menu to eat before
the match could add to
the passion play
children's foster children.
"Little by little I will
correct what they eat
before the match," said
Mancini told the Italian
newspaper, Il Corriere
dello Sport. "They (the
players) need more meat
chicken, pizza and
carbohydrates. Also
similar to a glass of red
wine that is not in your
diet. "How unusual
because most managers /
coaches to limit the
players to consume
alcohol and high calorie
foods that can be
represented pizza. But so
far Mancini went perfect
touch. City Saturday (16 /
1) will meet Everton at
Goodson Park bought up
four victories since dealt
with the former Inter
Milan boss. Mancini-style
diet method nyeleneh
enough. England
manager, Fabio Capello,
who also comes from the
Italian set meal salads by
adding olive oil as a
substitute for a
breakfast plate of potato
chips with tomato sauce
abundant. Three-quarter
money with no Gianluca
Vialli Mancini. Bald-
headed man gave a glass
of champagne to his
players in their opening
match as manager at
Chelsea. As a result,
Chelsea's 3-1 win over