No need to bother
yourself if you want to
lose weight. Apply at
least three "tricks"
below in everyday life.
Nutritionists agree that
your activities have an
impact on your weight.
Small meals or snacking.
Snacking in the middle of
dinner hour will make
your weight go up. But
nutrition experts argue
that it is better you
follow the desire for
snacking instead of
having to hold it.
Nutritionists recommend,
for snacking with healthy
snacks or protein, such
as fruits.
2. Turn off the
TV. A study proves that
the dinner while
watching TV will add 40
percent of calories in
your body. Dinner while
doing activities that
consume energy will
make you eat more
without realizing it. You
better eat in peace.
Considering the body.
With a balanced body,
you will see the
developments happening
with your body. You will
watch your weight, and if
your weight go up it was
a sign you need to eat
less fat.
4. Exercising
three times a week. If
you do exercise at least 5
minutes per day, you will
build and shape your
muscles. The more
muscle you burn, the
more calories are issued
body bnayak
5. Switch the desire to
eat. If one day you think
fast food is better you
call a friend and chatted
with him. A study showed
that one's desire for
something only lasted
about 5 minutes. So when
you are done menobrol
with your friends, your
desire to eat fast food,
too, disappeared.
Large eat at breakfast. A
study says that the big-
breakfast will make you
lazy for lunch.
7. Reduce
alcohol. One margarita
looks innocent, or
hundreds of calories that
can not satisfy your
appetite, but did you
know that there are 100
calories in alcoholic
beverages that. 8. Eat
fruit twice a day. The
fruit has no fat content.
Most of the fruit consists
of water fibers. When
you eat the fruit, then
you will leave room in
your stomach for a high-
fiber calcium. 9. Sleep
longer. When you rest
well, then you will not be
easy to stress or fatigue,
thereby reducing the
desire for snacking.
Thirty minutes of sleep
or wake up early will
make you smarter untul
choose foods that you
eat that day.
10. Imagine yourself
slimmer. When you break
all the rules you make
about food, imagine
yourself appear thinner
so that it will motivate
and focus on the process
of weight loss is