Scientists in London, England, found a way to detect possible diabetes next 10 years. "This test
works by detecting the molecular genetic level in the blood, a molecule called microRNA (MIR), which also can detect people at risk of heart attack or problems with blood vessels." It is said by Dr. Manuel
Mayr, University of King's research leaders in London, Saturday (19 / 9). Diabetes is a disease that can be claimed eyesight, kidney function, even the heart. A disease that has killed thousands of people.
Nevertheless, many people who just shrugged when asked about the possibility of developing this disease because the symptoms can indeed invisible. World Health Organization (WHO) and
International Diabetes Federation estimates more than 50 percent of people with undiagnosed type 2 diabetes. They are generally only found out during treatment for other diseases. The majority of patients with
diabetes come to the doctor had brought a stack of complications. The discovery of the scientists in London this can be a reference precautions for patients who have the possibility of suffering from diabetes. (Telegraph / Ulf)