For some, being
overweight can not only
reduce the appearance,
but also threatens
health. If tired exercise
or take medicine without
success, acupuncture or
acupuncture treatment
can be an alternative.
Needle puncture method,
according to experts
proved successful in
helping get rid of excess
supply of high-calorie
foods and beverages
from the body.
"Acupuncture through
the activation of positive
energy to accelerate the
body's metabolism
increase," said Yanti
physician acupuncturists
Hospital Mitra
Kemayoran, Central
Jakarta, recently.
How to build Chi's,
acupuncturists will stab
certain points, such as at
the toes that relate
directly to the body's
metabolism. Hunger can
also be limited by
sticking a needle in the
ear. But, the needle
should continue to be
installed within a
specified period. The
goal, so that the patient
remembers her middle
diet program. "A high
appetite associated with
an already enlarged the
size of the stomach," said
Yanti. Acupuncturists can
return to its normal size
with a stabbing at
around Meridien
Yanti guarantee, if the
patient is diligent at
least six times a week
therapy, body weight will
be quickly reduced. This
technique is the same as
people exercise regularly
for a month. In fact, with
the help of acupuncture,
body weight will shrink
to 12 pounds. This can be
realized with a strong
determination of the
patient. Of course, he
also must be able to stop
myself for not eating
high-fat foods. (KEN / Adi
Iskarpandi, Mira
Permatasari and
Bambang Triono)