Robbie Williams, 36-year-
old singer, known for
fighting to maintain his
weight throughout his
career. He confirmed
that the body is formed
like this now also be
obtained from the
activities he does in his
bedroom along with Ayda
Field, his fiancee. When
asked about his new
bentuh, Robbie said, "you
talk about sex. Yes, we
did do, really, we really
do it all." However, not
only with love he can get
into shape, as now, the
singer also do sports like
jogging every day. And
he was playing soccer in
filling a Socceradid
Cellebrity charity event,
which took place on this
Sunday (6 / 6) to get a
fitter body. He told the
Daily Star newspaper:
"I've been running six or
seven miles per day, play
some games 90 minutes a
week, so I'm very tired."
Robbie adding, "I do not
think to lose my weight,
but I just think to keep
my body in order to
remain fresh. It is a
process that is very nice,
and wonderful if we
expect to achieve."
Robbie is not the only
celebrity who uses how
to make love from the
positive side, Cameron
Diaz, Princess Viona
voice in an animated
movie Shrek also love to
keep them young.