Diet to get the ideal body shape, especially women, can disrupt the body's metabolism. The
symptoms, weakness and lethargy. Basic knowledge needed before starting the diet, to keep the body fit
while on the move. The following tips are excerpted from preventionindonesia,
Wednesday (21 / 7):
1. You need to know, women often experience weight gain 0.5 kilgram every year, and the weight can go up to 20 pounds when entering their 50s. In addition, other factors, such as the rise and fall of hormone fluctuations, decreased muscle flexibility, and stress, can slow the performance of
"machine" fat-burning. So the risk of "weight loss rose growing.
2. On a diet does not mean not eating at all. Eat healthy foods as much as 400 calories per
serving. The number of calories it makes your stomach is full, and also
without having to burn calories effortlessly. Avoid cutting calories too much, because it can
disrupt your body's metabolism working. If not, your body will not be strong enough to burn
calories into energy in the body.
3. If you are fond of snacking, choose a light meal about 150 calories. Total calorie snack foods can you eat two meals a day with the assumption that belly get enough supplies so no need to overeat when mealtime
4. Avoid caffeine, because these substances stimulate the central nervous system
that adds as much as 98 to 174 calories per day. Try replacing it with a cup of tea, because it
can make your metabolism work faster by 12 percent as the
results of research in Japan.
5. Choose healthy carbohydrates, which has a lot of fiber such as whole grains, fruits, and
vegetables. When we eat more foods with high fiber content, the metabolism of the body
will break down more calories by 30 percent.
6. Do not forget the iron, because this is going to carry oxygen in our blood. Oxygen is needed
by the body to burn fat. During the menstrual period, a woman's body at risk of iron deficiency.
So try to save more iron by eating shellfish, nuts, fortified cereals, spinach
and vegetables.