Cilacap: Students who have a body fat or fat may feel inferior or insecure so willingly took pains to undergo a strict diet. But some other people who are obese body into pride. In Cilacap, Central Java, without feeling inferior, dozens of bodies fattest contest. The event was held to commemorate the anniversary of Indonesia. The atmosphere in a field in the Village Donan, Cilacap regency, Central Java, was crowded all day. Many residents want to see a main contest most corpulent body or bodies as Cilacap fattest. Laughter and boisterous spectators who crowded the stage contest sounds. Especially when one by one participant went up on stage and do weigh. While waiting their turn, they sing and dance so that makes the audience roaring with laughter. Having assessed the jury finally selected three participants as the winner with a body weight reached 197, 147, and 143 pounds. They get a trophy and cash from the committee.