Angelina Jolie, beautiful actress 33 years, have special tips to shrink a stretched stomach, after giving birth. Rather than with surgery, liposuction, or a special diet that exhausting. But rather by playing children's games. Yes. According to one source, Angelina's kids who avidly play games on the Nintendo Wii console, turned out to pass on his love to his mother. "They managed to convince Angelina, that the Nintendo Wii is not just for fun, but also useful for learning math, even for sport," said the source, as quoted by OK! magazine. The source said that Angelina played a Wii game called "Let's Pilates!". Angelina plays the game every week, as many as three times; even with setting the highest difficulty level! Angelina Jolie was recently given birth two twins, named Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline, last July. Prior to that, Angelina and her partner, Brad Pitt, has been caring for six stepchildren. After birth, her body reportedly stretched and sagged. Although it has been trying to breastfeed twins, Angelina never singset body. Angelina then try again shrinkage, through training programs 'ala' Nintendo Wii. Wii is the latest console from Japanese gaming company Nintendo. To play the game, one must move her body. So playing the Wii almost the same as doing physical exercise in the real world.