how burn 2000 calories per day Consult a physician People who are obese or overweight usually have a lot of the risk of disease, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Before you go on a diet and exercise, consult with your doctor. Check your blood pressure, blood cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar levels, so the doctor can give you some hints and diabetes management. If you have a history of heart disease among family or other problems, be sure to ask the doctor. Determine the target achievement Determine the target-based diet tips below: -Write the target of achieving a specific diet and concrete. For example you target for dropped two pounds in two weeks -Do it gradually. Setting targets to little so that it can be easier to do -Focus on health. Each target weight reduction must remain a focus for medical attention. For example by observing the consumption of healthier foods, which can lower the cholesterol the body, or by adding a daily exercise activity. -Be aware of the setback. When undergoing the program, be alert to activities that could lead you to achievement setbacks diet, such as a banquet or feast. Continue to motivate to remain obedient to the rules of diet Determine the activity of a diet based on the following tips: -Schedule a sports activity. As with other activities, time must be set aside to run this activity. While you're busy with work, remains on the commitment to exercise, such as training with cardio, about 10-15 minutes. -Use a pedometer. Note how many achievements have been obtained, and the projected increase in the weeks that followed. -Sports outside the gym. Olahrga activity can also be done outside the gym, for example in the office. Walking distance to the location of the printer for example, or park the car farther from the location of the office, and others. Determine the consumption of healthy foods based on tips below: -Consumption in high-density foods, but low calorie. Mass by filling half of a lunch plate with vegetables, seperempatdengan proteins, carbohydrates and a quarter again. -Ignore the list of taboos. Instead of completely stopping to eat your favorite foods, try to negotiate. If you like hamburgers and fries, try to switch to turkey burgers or grilled sweet potato.