After a love affair with the singer, John Meyer, appetite series Friends star is soaring. No wonder, if her weight rises. "When happy, eat my hobby. John is a friend and a nice meal, "says Aniston, who admitted several months related to the severity Meyer jumped almost 7 kg. But Aniston was never worried about the waist and hips will be stretched. SHe had a prescription weight loss that has been practiced in recent years. Brad Pitt's ex-wife is doing a diet program called The Zone. This diet program was developed by dr. Barry Sears. The core of this diet program is the pattern of food to 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent protein and 30 percent unsaturated fat each sajinya. According to Aniston, the composition of these foods, other than the body can store it as energy, insulin levels in the blood was still controlled. When she did this regularly diet, weight can be decreased up to 3 kg for a week. However, Aniston also warned, so you're not too obsessive counting and cutting back on food. Importantly, just follow the dietary rules of this zone.