Sea salt has long been
known to be beneficial for skin
beauty and body. Even Cleopatra,
the famous Egyptian queen beauty
was often a ritual bath salts, other
than milk and honey bath. So, what
are you waiting? Immediately a
shower of salt and feel your skin
smooth again.
High mineral content that makes
grain sea salt widely used for body
care products. Evaporated seawater
that has the scientific name of
sodium chloride (NaCl) contains
calcium, potassium, magnesium,
sulfate, and iodine.
These minerals have the ability to
detoxify or get rid of toxins. Salt that
seeped through the pores of the
skin will dissolve fats and toxins in
the body. Blood flow even more
Grain of salt that is used to scrub
will shed a layer of dead skin,
making skin feel soft and supple. If
the routine is done, bath salts can
prevent wrinkles and premature
In addition to smoothing the skin
nutritious, salt crystals can flex the
muscles are tense after a weary
move. No wonder, after bath salts,
you will feel more relaxed and
But the salt bath treatment is not
recommended for people with heart
disease, hypertension, and diabetes
because it can increase blood
Tips bath salts:
• Enter to taste sea salt crystals, then
dissolve it in a tub of warm water.
Stir until the salt dissolves evenly.
• Soak about 20-30 minutes. While
soaking, rub the salt granules to
erode the dead skin, especially on
the elbows, knees, ankles, and
heels. When rubbed salt could use a
hand or a loofah.
• In order to feel more comfortable
bath salts, mix the olive oil or
scented essential oils such as
jasmine, lavender, and so on.
Choose your favorite scent to the
calming effect of mood.
• We have also supplied products
colorful bath salts that are mixed
with essential oils.
• After soaking the body wash with
warm water.