Lady Gaga, 24, known for its eccentric style and stage action, proved to have a lifestyle that is not less unique. SHe was on a diet to maintain the slimness of her body. However, diet methods including bizarre and unusual, that is by consuming liquor, whiskey, and then proceed with a fitness to the gym regularly. Chanter 'Born This Way' is indeed known as rummy. Because for Gaga, by drinking lots of alcohol, creativity and the power she thought increased and honed. SHe admitted, are often exposed to negative effects from drinking too much alcohol. However Gaga always neutralize it with exercise. "I've been dieting with whiskey. Especially while at work, to spur creativity. But to make it healthier, I compensate by practicing body work every day. Yoga is one of them," she said when interviewed Sirius XM Radio, as quoted by Contact Music. However, extreme diet methods are reaping the controversy and protests from other dieters. Gaga Moreover, it is known was under the influence of alcohol while attending the Grammy Awards. According to the tour manager, David Ciemny, Lady Gaga is obsessed with destroying fats in the body. "sHe sometimes only eat once a week. I think she was very depressed for slim body. SHe had little experience of mental disorders are psychological and mental," he said.