Paris Hilton's health awareness was still low. UNCLE HUSSAIN woman is still difficult to separate from food wastes aka junk food. Her love of these foods makes it not stand to run fast the usual pre- Easter Christians have lived for 40 days. "I do not think I can go 40 days without anything. If I did, I might just bring the chocolate and McDonald. Aya never done before. I do not like diet. My weakness is cotton candy and french fries," says Paris like Femalefirst quoted from the magazine. Meanwhile, to celebrate Mother's Day, Paris regard as a day of celebration is very important because she is very close to her mother. Paris has always made it a special day for a woman who has given birth. "We usually Bergi to The Ivy Hollywood for dinner, it's her favorite restaurant, "said the heir to the Hilton Hotel this network. Women 28 years as plan it was preparing to celebrate Mother's Day, because she was always doing special things for her mother Kathy Hilton. Mother's Day in America was celebrated in the second week in May. "Mother's Day a few weeks, I plan what I would do. My mother likes of Chanel, I usually reward my mother," she said.