Successful weight loss with exercise? That's fair. But, if the day does not work out, you immediately feel anxious and guilty, for fear of fat, it is not fair. Could be, you are obsessed with exercise, not wanting his weight soared again! If you are not yet aware of the portion that you live too much exercise, these signs of excessive exercise dose. - The duration of exercise more than one hour per session (time), doing some kind of physical exercise a day (multiple exercise) For example, in one day, morning: jogging, afternoon: weight training, night: aerobics (intensity), and also underwent exercise for more than 5 days a week (frequency). - Panting breath when sport, it's hard to say. This test is called the talk test. If you are unable to speak clearly when undergoing physical exercise, it can signal you breathless. Dizziness, nausea, and pounding heart when doing physical exercise, can also be an indication of overtraining. Preferably, this condition should not be trivialized. Recognize the impact: Muscle injury. Muscles used during exercise, sometimes suffered minor injuries, which are not visible, and sometimes it is not felt. Well, these conditions need recovery time (recovery time), so that the muscles of minor injuries that are the remnants of oxidation can be transported back and neutralized, so that the next exercise, the muscles of the body is not susceptible to injury. Muscle injury that may occur, such as sprains, torn muscles, until fracture. Lowering the body's metabolism. Moreover, if excessive exercise is undertaken in conjunction with a diet program that indiscriminate, automated increasingly disturbed metabolism. Consequently, this condition will lead to insomnia, easily depressed, prolonged fatigue, and decreased appetite, until endurance is reduced. Making an irregular menstrual cycle. If exercise intensity is too high, causing a lot of fat in the body burned. In fact, fat in the body to function to produce estrogen. Thus, women who have too little fat, the body can not ovulate regularly, which would cause menstruation stops (amenorrhea). These conditions also lead to infertility. If ovulation does not occur in the reproductive organs, pregnancy will also be difficult. So, get rid of the concept is also pretty and slim misleading your mind. Exercise should be enjoyable and healthy! Thus, like diet, exercise must also acted in the proper portions. Normally, the frequency of exercise 3-4 times a week, who lived not in consecutive days. In terms of intensity, do one type of exercise a day. For example, if Monday, you do cardiovascular exercise such as jogging or aerobics, perhaps on the day Rabunya, you are undergoing weight training. Meanwhile, for the duration, within reasonable limits exercise performed for 20-60 minutes each session.