everyday diet is not
healthy to make the body into fat
and cholesterol. You are slim free
cholesterol was not necessarily that
invites disease.
Apply a healthy diet is not easy. You
certainly busy workers who have
little time to prepare healthy meals
and prefer to eat lunch outside. The
temptation to eat high-calorie snacks
were so great.
If it were so, you need to cleanse
the body with a detox diet. Detox
diet is very important to cleanse the
blood and all body systems from
the toxins that cause disease. The
result, circulation, organ of the body
work was going better. In addition,
the detox can boost immunity.
No need to detox diet is a hassle. In
just seven days, you can do it. If
you've been eating unhealthy food,
within a week you should only eat
fruits, vegetables, and low-calorie
When done correctly, you can drive
out the fat and cholesterol from the
body. Body felt fitter and lighter. Diet
is also no need to do forever.
Simply do 3-4 times a year. Want to
Day 1: 600 calories
Start a detox diet is definitely very
heavy. But you have to strengthen
the mental if you want to get
healthy body.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner: 1 cup
vegetable juice without sugar and
salt, 1 serving of fat-free plain
yogurt, drink mineral water or
herbal tea.
Day 2: 1200 calories
Breakfast: 1 portion of fresh sliced ​​
fruit (apples, pears, mangoes,
grapes, pineapple), 2 slices whole
wheat bread with fat-free fresh
cheese, 1 serving of fat-free yogurt,
1 small glass of skim milk, 1 cup of
herbal tea without sugar or milk.
Lunch: 1 kiwi fruit, 1 serving of salad
vegetables (lettuce, carrots, celery,
olive oil), 150 grams of steamed
vegetables (add a slice of pickled
garlic and olive oil), 1 cup of herbal
Dinner: 50 gramberi black 1 cup
orange juice, 1 prosi yogurt, 1 cup
of herbal tea.
Day-3: 1100 calories
Breakfast: As day-to-2
Lunch: 1 large mango, 150 grams of
salad vegetables (spinach, sprouts,
tomatoes, onions, mint leaves,
lemon juice, pepper, and olive oil,
vegetable juice.
Dinner: 1 serving fat-free yogurt
(mix with sliced ​​black raspberries
and a scoop of pure honey), wheat
bread and fat-free cheese, 1 cup of
herbal tea.
Day 4: 800 calories
Breakfast: 75 grams of rice, 125
grams of stew apples with honey,
eucalyptus and lemon juice.
Lunch: 75 grams of rice, steamed
vegetables (carrots, tomatoes,
spinach, broccoli, cabbage, and
Dinner: 75 grams of rice, steamed
Day-5: 1100 calories
Breakfast: As day-to-2.
Lunch: 1 apple, 1 pear, salad
vegetables (broccoli, carrots, red
lettuce, sauces, vinegar, olive oil),
herbal tea.
Dinner: yogurt, fruit salad (kiwi,
pineapple, oranges, grapes, black
raspberries, apples), herbal tea.
Day-6: 1300 calories
Breakfast: As day-to-2
Lunch: 1 banana, 150 grams of salad
vegetables (lettuce, tomato, olives,
carrots, cucumbers, garlic, pepper),
1 large potato, steamed with 75
grams of peas, serve with butter
sauce sunflower and olive oil ,
herbal teas.
Dinner: 75 grams of cereal with
lemon juice, one tablespoon of pure
honey, apple slices, 1 portion bebeas
fat yogurt, 1 slice whole wheat
bread with fat-free cheese or honey,
1 cup of herbal tea.
Day 7: 1200 calories
Breakfast: As day-to-2
Lunch: 150 grams of mixed salad
vegetables (spinach, lettuce, celery,
garlic, basil, tomatoes, Dijon
mustard, sunflower butter), 75
grams of roasted potatoes with
tomatoes, almonds, onion, olive oil
and sunflower butter.
Dinner: 1 grapefruit, 2 boiled eggs, 1
slice whole wheat bread, herbal tea.