Vacation is over. Gwyneth Paltro also feel what is commonly experienced by women after a good meal during the holidays. Body weight increases, Gwyneth fatten. Blonde actress was admitted to reduce excess weight. Detoxification so one option Gwyneth. In 2009, he wanted to do it several times. Spring 2008, the mother of Apple and Moses was already tried detox. Quoted from People, Tuesday, January 6, 2009, Gwyneth said, the process is not easy. He should consult with a physician, and specialist detox diet. Gwyneth do seven-day diet that helps detoxify the body. Usually they are diving this diet drink lemon juice. But Gwyneth intend to replace it. Wife vocalists 'Coldplay' Chris Martin was also consult with their doctor. Stars 'Iron Man' could be the solution. According to doctors, detoxification can be done easily and effectively. Start by reducing food portions and other materials that could interfere with the detoxification process. Types of food and beverage intake should be reduced include, milk, biki-grain, meat, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, pepper as well. In addition, confectionery, alcohol, caffeine or soda expressly forbidden. As a result, Gwyneth can only eat salads, fruit smoothies, chicken, and soup. Smoothie and juice serves as a liquid diet that helps increase the digestive system. Gwyneth wrote, "We're going to suffer for doing the diet. But welcoming the new year, let's do this together. Good luck!"