When the tiny baby in a sling, the feeling of happiness mixed with anxiety began creeping your heart. You are very happy that your little baby is born safely and healthy. But, panic no less than whack. What should he do about it? What if she cries? Should it be directly in the feed? What if milk does not come out? Finally, all the energy out to devote any attention to these tiny babies. Energy is depleted because of the birthing process needs to be collected again, because you need to nurture and care for your child. Try the following: - When your baby is sleeping, try to go to sleep, or at least relax so that you do not lack time to rest. Nor should you use to leave the house. - You are not a supermom. So find someone who can help you, at least to the problem of washing, ironing clothes, cooking and keeping the baby while you're doing other things. - Do not be obsessed with perfect conditions like clean the house before you had children. You may see a messy diapers, or coffee you have not yet appointed former husband. Biarkalah to occasionally, do not force yourself to always clean. - If you plan on dieting, wait at least two or three months after giving birth. Because these two months are needed to restore your body after childbirth, and that milk production is not disrupted. In addition, losing weight is also not be drastic. For again will disturb the smooth production of your milk. You are only allowed to lose weight 0.5 kg per week or no more than 2 kg per month. - When you feel bothered by the housekeeping and child, not just grumbling. Communicate the inconvenience to the husband. Because it is uncertain that your husband realize hassles. Disclose the specific, avoid words that are unclear or yan g be wished. For that, it helps make a list of chores to be done. So that the husband is committed to the task his part, let him choose the appropriate job interests. Another compromise is to schedule the task. For example if you are forced overtime, he may be asked to come faster.