Elizabeth Hurley is currently gearing-jealous look for information about healthy food, exercise, and look attractive. Beautiful artist's hard work to get the dream body. Elizabeth struggles to do what exactly? British actress was practicing food combination diet (food combining). Diet food combining is done by eating some particular food ingredients at the same time. Meanwhile, other foodstuffs consumed separately, or in a different time. The reason, each food group or take a different tract. Certain food types need different enzymes. The enzyme's function is to assist the digestive process, some of which are acidic and alkaline. When the acid and alkaline substances meet, they neutralize each other, and it can inhibit digestion. Elizabeth comply with the diet plan below, as much as herself. But, of course, a diet that involves rules pretty hard. Do not mix foods that have starch and protein while eating. Consumption of foods containing carbohydrates and proteins separately. Foods that contain proteins require acid medium for digestion. Separate foods containing starch and protein. Substance capable of neutralizing the acid alkaline substances, which are needed to digest food made from starch. When eating, preferably there is only one type of protein on your plate. Foods that contain protein and acid are separated as much as possible. Acid in the diet to prevent acid deposition that has been digested, which is needed to digest protein. Eat foods that contain protein and fat separately. Some foods, especially nuts containing 50% fat, which took many hours to digest. Protein, sugar, and fruit should not be consumed together. Do not eat melons with other fruits. Melons are not suitable in combination with other fruits. Do not eat, eat dessert after a big meal. Chew all food until liquid. Initially, follow the food combining diet will be difficult. But the gift that you can be worth it. Not only lose weight, but also you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Elizabeth is not only applying food combining diet, but also routinely practiced in the gym.