It's hard not to feel jealous of Halle Berry. Although she was already entering the number 42, black actresses still remains one of the sexiest women with a beautiful body. Still remember the movie Catwoman starring in 2004? Halle looks very sensual in her cat costume that shows belly mean. Likewise, when appearing as a character Storm in X-Men movies. Halle looks perfect curves in a sexy black jumpsuit. Her appearance on the outside of the movie was almost always a compliment for the right fashion choice. No wonder she has always been a target photographer if appearing on the red carpet. Early last year, Oscar-winner for the film Monster's Ball gave birth to daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry. The fruit of her love with her partner, supermodel Gabriel Aubry, ten years younger than her. As with other women, Halle is also having problems with her weight swelled. But now she is back with a fresh appearance and no less sexy than before to have a baby. SHe also was asked to be a cover of famous fashion magazines. One of Harper's Bazaar. At the photo shoot, Halle reveals that she is just a normal woman like other women. In an interview, as quoted from, Halle tells her new life. How do you keep up appearances after giving birth? Having a child is consuming a lot of things from you. It was a very extraordinary experience happy, but afterwards of course a lot of things to do. So, now I have a lot of exercise, choose a healthy diet, and eat lots of vitamins to maintain health. Do you restrict certain foods? I am a normal ordinary people. I also eat regular snacks are eaten by other people. I like Doritos (corn chips). I often watch the show The Biggest Loser while snacking Doritos. How about your outfit? I am not a woman who adores fashion too because I do not have a remarkable body. But if I want to look stylish for a particular event, I choose Roberto Cavalli. I also like the design of Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, and Calvin Klein. About your love life? I have a 33-year-old partner. It makes our passion alive. How now you stare at a career and family life? I used to work hard to pursue a dream because it's just my life. But what I learned today with the experience of having children, we can no longer carry it home affairs. I used to live filming of living alone, now things were different.