Grapefruit Diet has long been a favorite dietary patterns of many Hollywood celebrities. One of them, Kylie Minogue. So that her body is always sexy, singer of the song 'Spinning Around' is regularly consumed this fruit at every meal schedule. So Kylie has never forgotten to bring this fruit wherever she went. The problem is, lately many dieters get these bad effects. Reports from the Daily Sun, the content in these fruits can interact with medications. One of them, birth control pills. The effect can clog blood vessels that trigger heart attack or stroke. In addition, can also cause damage to organs. This warning stems from an article published in The Lancet medical journal, which interviewed a woman who almost lost her leg due to damaged blood vessels. Once traced, the conditions associated with the grapefruit diet lived. Slimming technique is indeed efficacious to burn fat quickly. But, according to the study, the content of the substance in grapefruit can inhibit the production of enzymes, which function to parse the drug. When drugs can not decompose resulting blockage of the arteries. The woman who almost lost her leg turned out regularly taking birth control pills, and just three days on a diet of grapefruit. Whereas, before, she rarely eat grapefruit. In the UK, consultant haematologis (blood specialist) Trevor Baglin, this case seems to reveal of grapefruit increased thrombotic effects of birth control pills. The message, extreme diets should be avoided, because there is always the possibility of unpredictable consequences. Then, if after learning the dangers of this diet, Kylie will change the pattern of her diet?