Have plans to
attend the wedding tonight?
As always, of course, there
will be a tempting buffet to
eat. Be careful, if you do not
carefully select the food,
might damage the diet
programs that are running.
Because the feast loaded with
fat, high cholesterol, and
calorie-rich. Like, fried rice,
rolade meat, or sweet and
sour snapper. Not to mention
fine dining huts, such as
various tempura, chicken
satay, lamb roll, syomai,
pempek, soup, even ice cream
was delicious and very
tempting. So, you can imagine
how many calories that go
along the party.
Indeed, in a state of
temptation is difficult to stand
on principle. So,
consciousness, are urgently
needed. Be smart set caloric
intake. Preferably, no more
than 700 calories. Meals are
served at the party of course
could not you know instantly
its nutrient content. To avoid
'accidents' are not desirable,
under this strategy:
1. Avoid standing near the
Busy yourself by talking with
other guests. But also vigilant.
It often happens, and talk,
hands and mouth are also
busy 'working' with snacks.
2. Choose foods low in calories
Although not directly
calculate, you can guess that
the high-calorie foods are
fatty foods and contain lots of
sugar. So, avoid or limit foods
that are rich in fats, such as
chicken satay, lamb roll, and
so on. Better to choose fruits
and vegetables are available,
such as salad vegetables or
pickles bride.
3. Think of meals as snacking
Do not assume the event
invitation as a main meal.
Better to take food in small
portions and enjoy the meal
slowly. It took 20 minutes to
feel full stomach. Eating
slowly will help you get the
signal that you are full.
4. Do not take any type of
Before you automatically
reach out to a bowl of plain
soup, ask yourself, "Is this
special food for me?" If not,
do not take. Take foods that
you really enjoy it. If it's a lot
of your favorite food,
everything tasted okay, but
not a lot.