Reducing calories for those of you who are dieting can be done with simple things. Here are three ways to succeed in your diet and reduced calories in the body.

1. decrease portion of your Most restaurants try to attract customers by offering lower-priced food menu with large portions, such as potatoes and bread. Standard dish at the restaurant, steak served with a basket of bread, baked potatoes and 16-ounce steak with vegetables. The portion was sufficient to feed two or even three people. If you remember that do not have to eat it all in one meal, you can begin to eat less and cut the calories you consume. When you order a steak, ask for food boxes to wrap half of your servings to be eaten later. You also can ask the waiter not to bring the bread basket and dessert to your table. It would be easier to avoid temptation when no food was not in front of you, even if it's just a picture menu.

2.Open your food Sauce is applied to look like a small portion compared to whole food, but the calorie content can be many. For example a serving of sauce for the salad that consists of two cups consisting of 15 calories, while two tablespoons of Italian dressing in the supermarket contains 110 calories. In this case, almost all food calories come from as little spoon sauce. Same also for sandwiches, pasta, and even your coffee in the morning. Cut calories by choosing a sauce or mustard, mayonnaise and choose the sauce over pasta marinara instead of alfredo sauce a criminalist, and sauces made from vodka. Creamer in your morning coffee contains 40 calories, butter is smeared on the bread contains 70 calories. Make conscious decisions about the food taste food that will differentiate you choose.

3. Replace high-calorie beverages with low-fat choices People who like to drink wine or cocktails during dinner, do not like hearing this fact, but alcohol contains a lot of calories. Over 140 calories per bottle of beer. Mayo Clinic confirms that not only alcohol that contains lots of calories, calories are also only have little or no nutritional benefit at all. If you limit the consumption of 1400 calories per day, one beer will spend one-tenth of your daily calorie allotment. When your body takes nutrients from food, you will continue to feel hungry until those needs are met. Replace high-calorie beer, wine and mixed drinks with ice tea, diet soda, or sparkling water, which has no calories at all. Use calorie-free sweetener in the ice you than sugar, which contains 16 calories per teaspoon.