Because of the stress while filming the movie, Drew Barrymore's body weight dropped drastically. Drew's body which was originally contained, now look slim. Drew Barrymore was involved in a new film titled 'Grey Gardens'. SHe was very nervous shooting the film. That makes her no appetite, so she had lost weight. "I'm skinny because I was very nervous. I am very nervous that I would not eat anything," Drew said as quoted by Showbizspy, Wednesday, April 29, 2009. Nerves that make Drew stress and not eating any food. As a result, her weight dropped as much as 10 pounds. Cute-faced star was very amazed with the weight reduction.

"I am very hard to lose weight as much as 10 pounds," she said pleased. Drew is very happy because her body was emaciated, but she could not linger to enjoy the thin body. SHe asked the film director "Grey Gardens" to immediately raise her weight to the original. "The director asked me to raise the weight as much as 10 pounds. But it's hard because I'm always nervous," she said.

Drew admitted in maintaining her weight, she never harsh diet. He ate as usual but the food portions are reduced. SHe felt comfortable running the diet. In addition, she is also diligent exercise in order to keep her fresh throughout the day. SHe did not want to look tired even though filming throughout the day.