Eva Mendez curves the envy of many women. But, thanks to sheer hard work of Eva. Eva follow diet and exercise routines that hard. Check out how the hard work of Eva form a slim body. 1. Rent a coach Gymnastics coach will guide you to know the right moves. A friend suggested Eva hire renowned trainer, Harley Pasternak. But, if your pockets are not enough to hire a personal trainer, try another alternative. Join a gym. There was a physical trainer who will guide you. Like, what kind of movement that is safe, and effective for you, and how often you should do it. 2. Know your body Boost your body part you most proud of. Many say ass Eva Mendez is the greatest asset the Latin artist. Eva knew it. SHe also worked hard to form more solid bottom. Enjoy feel with your body type! You just need to work hard to refine. 3. Make routine Make your exercise as a form of routine. If you are able to apply it regularly, slowly you can feel a change. The body is getting stronger and get used to the pattern of exercise routines. Coach Eva start with mild exercise, then the weight gradually. Each week personal trainer Eva added a repetition exercises. You will not get bored that way. The body was getting stronger. 4. Combine exercise Do a combination of cardio and strength training. Eva Mendes warmed up with a treadmill and elliptical exercise machine for five minutes. Furthermore, in combination with weight training, cardio exercise interspersed, such as jumping rope every one set. After that, lay your back in balance with the ball resting on the heel. 5. Eat healthy foods Consumption of healthy menus, as listed in the book 5-Factor Diet is applied Eva. Egg whites, fat-free cheese, salmon, and brown rice. Adjust the intake of food with calories your body. So, you can still enjoy the food while forming the body. 6. Healthy snacks Choose healthy snacks, so that you are satisfied throughout the day. Eva including women are fond of eating the snacks. But she was careful to choose healthy snacks, such as cereals.