The month of Ramadan arrives. Time to prepare physically and mentally to focus on worship. To maintain physical health, site has some clever ways. Let us consider the tips below. 1. Approaching dawn meal. It's tough to undergo a ritual meal in the morning. However, the meal will help you to stay energized. Meal approach the dawn of time will also prevent you through the morning salat. Advised to consume foods rich in complex carbohydrates, protein, as well as various vitamins. 2. Eat in moderation when breaking. Eat enough when breaking. Follow the Sunnah to break the fast with sweet dates and a cup of warm drinks. You can continue breaking event by eating foods low in calories after performing Maghrib prayer worship. Eating gradually will help your stomach, to adapt to digesting food again as usual after a day of hunger. 3. Reduce the consumption of coffee and tea. Avoid drinking beverages like coffee, tea, or soda, which can increase urine production and release of substances in the body the necessary minerals. 4. Perform light exercise. Despite the impression of weight, mild exercise during fasting can dispel the feeling lethargic, lazy, and sleepy. Exercise can change or energy reserves of fat in the body to become glucose. The result, the body will be fresh. To feel the effect, it is advisable to do a little exercise in the afternoon before sunset.