If during this diet that you live is always failure may yet involve your brain and your mind. Because the brain is key pentinda in determining success or failure of your diet. Judith S. Beck, PhD, a psychiatrist from the University of Pennsylvania and author of The Beck Diet Solution to say try to change your mindset. If you always think like someone who is overweight, now think if you have a skinny body and have to eat healthy. Healthy food such as fruit and vegetables, as well as set a balanced diet. Then while reducing weight, focus on the target numbers that are not too large. For example targeting could lose two pounds in two weeks, do not need to target a high rate. Focus on lowering the target range in these figures. If you've reached the target figures do not obsess to celebrate by eating foods high in fat or careless no longer exercise. Cultivate in yourself if you want a healthy slimmer and more energetic still have to be disciplined in dietary patterns that have been undertaken. When the diet is not going well, do not rush to give up. Starting was from the beginning and do not leave the diet program in the middle with no results. Do not just rely on diet but also exercise. Because the diet without exercise will be futile.