Bored with the sports movement that's it? You can try to shake 'hot' as it is done sexy actress Carmen Electra. Many Hollywood celebrities choose yoga or cardio exercise to maintain weight and body shape. But the sexy star Carmen Electra chose such hot rocking the stripper. According to the TV series Baywatch star, the rocker-style striptease dancers are very good for heart health. In addition, exercise more fun is guaranteed. "This is the most exciting way to exercise. We'll never be bored," says Carmen. SHe even launched a striptease aerobics DVD gymnastics that combines movement and style of striptease aerobics are 'hot'. "Dancing has become part of my life since I was five years old. It's not good when your body does not sway when I heard the music exciting," said movie stars, models, as well as 37-year-old singer. Her ability to dance is also increasingly honed when she joined the music group Pussycat Dolls. "I love the times we learn the sexy choreography. It makes me excited," she said. Carmen admitted, she had also found it difficult to maintain ideal body weight. Form a solid body has a tendency easily contain fat. "I often feel insecure when the mirror. My stomach looks very fatty. I do not even let my husband touches my stomach," she said. Although the profession demands a perfect appearance, Carmen did not want to be too strict a diet and exercise hard. "Do not be too hard on yourself. No need is too tight through sport. I could have drained us physically," said Carmen. According to her, the most important is the sense of enjoy while doing sports. Whatever the choice of the most effective exercise, if not done will enjoy the results useless.