no unsightly addition, overweight or obese can cause various health problems. In fact, many ways you can do to slim, though not everything can be applied safely. Brainwave technology in this case can help to reduce excess fat in your body. Experts have observed that the human brain has four categories of brain waves, known as brainwave. When we think hard, the brain condition to beta waves. In this condition the heart or the feeling of many plays. Second, alpha waves, which is when the brain and liver collaborate or cooperate. Third, theta waves, that is when you do not think, but still conscious, for example when the meditation Fourth, delta waves, ie, the condition while you are sleeping. Proven most effective diet program when your brain is in alpha waves. There are many ways into the alpha state. One of them through the senses of hearing, through brainwave audio technology. With the latest brainwave audio technology, is able to stimulate the body trim and a sound diet and unheard by the ears, but it was clear by the subconscious that is inserted when the brain is in alpha. Hormone stimulates the alpha waves that are suitable for balancing the body's system so you can easily burn the excess fat in the body naturally control appetite and enthusiasm for exercise. To be able to lose weight, many methods that can now be applied. One common practice is, the diet is done consistently. Trouble is, most obese people can not consistently do this program. Though they know exactly what kind of food is either consumed or not, or portion of a good exercise to lose weight. So what is blocking it? Some practitioners and doctors of nutrition reveals "what's in your heart determines your behavior more than what's in your head". So, when the head or mind but the heart want to trim or feeling like eating fatty foods and lazy to exercise, do you feel was the one who wins. Wherever possible, remove the sense of resistance, negative feelings or dislike of exercise and diet. How, by aligning the mind, heart and your goals for dieting.