Beyonce Diet Motivation Who would not want to have a sexy body like the singer Beyonce Knowles? Body plump wife of Jay Z is, of course, is not acquired with ease. SHe must undergo a rigorous exercise and dietary adjustments. To live it all, certainly needed a strong motivation. So what makes Beyonce could undergo a strict diet with a passion? It turns out that motivated her to get a slim body is by shopping. Surely shoping style different from usual. Beyonce always buy a shirt or pants that smaller body size. It's that she has reasonable cause to immediately lose weight. "I often buy clothes a size smaller than the size of my body, so I have reason to diet, which is to be able to wear it," said Beyonce is a case quoted by In addition, this 27-year-old singer revealed that her dream of getting an Oscar is one motivation for her to keep her fitness and form. Although he has managed to lose 6 kg body weight, for her role as Deena Jones in the movie Dreamgirls, Beyonce was uncomfortable. "I'm not too comfortable when they have a body like a model, because it does not look natural. I also do not feel sexy, because she felt that was not not me," says Beyonce.