In which she has reached 61 years, Hillary Clinton started her duties as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States. Office makes it must be ready to travel far in the state visit. Earlier, while participating as a candidate for the U.S. presidential campaign, Bill Clinton's wife must be traveled throughout the state. For a woman her age, it is not easy to always maintain physical endurance. "I was fortunate to have good stamina," Clinton said. "I tried to maintain my lifestyle very well." Because of her work, former U.S. First Lady is no longer claimed to be active as ever. But she was still keeping the habit of exercise walking to maintain cardiovascular health. SHe also tried to better maintain her diet. Clinton said, it is very difficult to maintain a healthy diet, especially when I had to make a visit. "Too much junk food when I had to make a visit," she said. In an interview, Clinton claimed the main secret of staying healthy is diligent in drinking water. "I drink water as much as I can. I also prefer tea, no longer much coffee. But really I stopped the diet drinks. Because I realized, that diet drinks can indeed give effect to the spirit, but not good if taken long term. " Chelsea Clinton's mother is also good personal hygiene by washing hands. "As much as possible I always wash your hands to stay clean," he said. With hand washing, at least the germs that can cause disease is reduced.