Beyonce Sexy Body Secrets Beyonce Knowles always look stunning with a beautiful body and sexy. Her style on the stage of the exotic always makes the audience spellbound and breathless. With the body count contains dense, Beyonce has always struggled to maintain her shape. Body type like hers is solid containing prone to obesity. Few forget to keep eating, big body. As an entertainer, Jay-Z's wife was prosecuted should always look sexy. But Beyonce did not regard it as a burden. Instead, she did as a form of self-pleasing. What makes a diet and fitness program it fun? Check out the tips. At work, during exercise Drinking water while diving. That's what made Beyonce in her daily life. SHe makes the moments of choreography as a time for fitness training. Her appearance on stage is very attractive requires high stamina. For that reason in every practice choreography, she had to do various exercises with exercise capacity. Exercise choreography that includes running, squad movements 100 times, and so on. Sports = Recreation Motion exercise to train the upper body often feels boring. But not for Beyonce. SHe could make it a workout that feels exciting. "I play my favorite songs and then do weight training during that song," says Beyonce. Can motivate yourself Sometimes the biggest obstacle during exercise is not a heavy training load, but rather the motivation of ourselves. When lack of motivation, exercise too exhausting. Beyonce had a unique way to motivate herself. When put through threadmil, she put a picture of an Oscar or a Grammy. SHe then ran as if pursuing a second cup. Consistent Ahead of the concert, every day, Beyonce practicing choreography for nine hours. And it did seven full days for a week without holidays. And all the exercises she does with high heels. Despite claims tortured, Beyonce did not complain. SHe fully understands the sacrifices that must be done to achieve that dream.