The diet is usually performed by
women especially for Wanta who
had just given birth, would be
bothered by a diet program that
takes a long time and it is very
difficult. But now not only among
women who want a beautiful body,
men also have their own way to
The problem is precisely Men are
even easier to fall bert body, it's
because of different eating patterns
and activity, but why men are even
faster in his diet, whereas men
more so than women.?
That's because the activity is
balanced by the input, and most
men do not snack / meal snacks,
versus the opposite with women
who mostly snack, let alone pick the
less healthy snacks, which contain
Tips to avoid when Diet
Avoid naps, better used for the
Avoid sleeping too late, in the diet,
the body will not keep him strong.
Reduce the portion of excessive
eating, because it can make a
person exposed to "mag".
Avoid dinner over at 18:00 pm.
Avoid energy drinks.
Stay away from instant food,
because many contain
preservatives, as it will stay longer
in the body, is also not good for
Many people who diet to reduce
food portions, even too much, it's
not good for the body, because a
person can be exposed to "mag",
even though we are good anti-
body, still not too excessive, which
usually eat two scoops of rice to be
half spoon rice, it is usually people
do not know.
Do exercise routine every day
morning and afternoon, with yoga
or other breathing much better, also
avoid evening exercise, because it is
not very good for our lungs, and
consumption of foods high in
cholesterol and low proteini,
multiply the drinking water ,
because they're good for the body
of impurities.
One thing that is most important in
the diet is to have a "Motivation" or
is your aim to go on a diet, it will
make you more energetic and
persevering, because the diet takes
two to three months.