New York: The changing composition of the location of food, like chocolate and crisps in the refrigerator is replaced with healthy foods, can help dieters. Because, unconsciously, you will take only foods that are easily visible and distinct when the food was covered. Another way to healthy living. Exactly, maintaining disciplined diet. "Actually we only eat what's in front of us, hungry or not," said Brian Wansink and from the American Psychological Association, as reported by the Telegraph pages. "So, do not provide a lot of unhealthy foods, like chips, candy, chocolate, and similar foods, when you're relaxing or working. Have fruit or juice for a replacement." However, Wansink said, if you still want to eat them, then try a small size. Serving food on smaller plates and eat in the kitchen or dining room, also can help reduce the amount of food consumed. Compare if the situation were reversed, eating at the plate is larger and located in front of the television. "Most of us have too much clutter. That's what set the emotion when you're eating. The focus on each bite. Then stop eating and ask yourself, would begin to feel full? So taste when eating. That's the key to healthy living," explains Wansink .