Having a slender body
is craving, but make no mistake
though you have to diet, health of
organs should still be maintained.
The brain for example, it is a vital
organ in which nutrient intake is
nutritious and healthy is always
needed. Therefore, the model of diet
that you do not carelessly.
Here are some tips you need to
know to stay healthy diet and the
brain can always intelligent:
1. Choose a powered
The brain that weighs a mere two
percent of the total weight of the
body consumes at least 20 percent
of calories your body needs.
Choosing foods that powered it
These types of foods that contain
carbohydrates such as high as
fruits, vegetables, grains and others.
In this type of food such as glucose
levels are high and sufficient to meet
the nutrition of the brain. Insufficient
supply of glucose to the brain can
cause a significant thing in the
process of memory.
Glucose is needed especially in the
forebrain (frontal cortex) which is
the motor for all orders and organ
activity. Frontal cortex is also known
as CEO of his brain.
This section is according to British
researchers, Leigh Gibson of
Roehampton University, is the most
sensitive to the presence of glucose.
"If the levels glukosamu down in
parts of the brain, it's just like you
who do not breathe," he said.
When you are short of glucose is
not advisable to drink lots of soda
(trigger force) to maintain optimum
brain to work. Because this will be a
contraction between the needs
glucose to function in the brain and
At glucose levels down and keep the
muscles triggered it works, this
could result in damage to muscle
cells throughout the body.
According to Marc Montminy, Salk
Institute of Biological Sciences Field
in California, the damage can also
occur including the section of the
brain itself.
2. Diligent eat
With a diet that does not mean you
should not eat. The brain requires
adequate food portions. The rule
should not be too much and also
not too little.
To optimize this way of eating, a
British scientist, Michael Green of
Aston University suggest one tactic
that is "more often but only a small
This idea, he says, can make our
brains work better. Proportion is
only by keeping glucose levels in the
blood can be 25 grams. "This
amount is equal to satubuah eating
bananas," says Gibson.
3. Eat foods low in GI
(Glycemic Index)
GI indicates the levels of glucose in
the blood. Pretzels or salty types of
cookies that can cause blood sugar
levels rise quickly so is said to have
a high GI index levels. Try to avoid.
JM Bourre from the French National
Medicine Academy in September
2006 wrote in The Journal of
Nutrition, Health and Aging that low-
GI foods are the best food. Type of
carbohydrate foods with high fiber
is including a low GI.
Combine these foods with fat or
protein type that will make it slow
absorbed by the body. For example,
bread wheat has a low GI index.
When mixed with meat or other
protein foods, it can slow the
absorption of glucose into the body.
This way is a key balance between
the incorporation of dietary
macronutrients such as
carbohydrates, fats and proteins in
order to be healthy eating.
4. Measure Your Fat
Although the ability to absorb low
levels of body fat, not all fats
sama.Trans fats or fats from
prepared foods remain categorized
as poor. For that choice away from
fatty foods are better for maintaining
good health.
Gibson reminded the increase of
stroke is one example of why fat
becomes an important note on the
diet program. Fat is also blamed as
the cause of damage to the
hippocampus (part of the brain that
play a role in memory process).