Diet Can Beautify Your Face

became every woman's desires. But you know, a diet is not only beneficial to maintain ideal body weight. Doing the diet, is now also used as an alternative way to maintain beauty. Dr Jaishree Manchanda dermatologists believe that true beauty comes from within. Therefore, he was confident that the food consumed by humans can affect the health and beauty of skin and body. "The secret to healthy skin light can not be hidden in your cosmetics," says dermatologist Dr Jaishree Manchanda. "Healthy skin, like any organ, is often a reflection of diet and lifestyle," he said as quoted by Times of India pages. If you keep the body from the inside, it was able to make a difference in the skin. However, the biggest mistake that is often done when the diet is to cut the essential fatty acids (EFAs). EFAs not only support cardiovascular health, provide immune, and reproductive and nervous systems healthy. EFAs are also able to stimulate the body to make new cells, repair damaged cells and get rid of toxins. A recent study also said that the EFA not only effective against dry skin but also important in helping you lose weight. New skin cells that continue to be formed to replace the old skin cells or damaged, but if we eliminate these nutrients in the daily diet, then it potentially makes the skin lose its ability to renew cells. EFA deficiency can also eliminate moisture and elasticity, which causes the skin dull and dry. "The best way to keep your skin soft and supple is to provide proper nutrition and then protect it with a protective lotion that is significantly to reduce the loss of natural oils and moisture," said Dr Mohan Thomas Senior beauty. For that, keep in mind, diet plays an important role in maintaining the health of your skin. Making nuts, grains, vegetables, fruits plus skim milk, vegetable oil, yogurt, honey and yeast as food daily diet, is also beneficial to maintain the natural beauty from within. Start doing a healthy diet these days, to look pretty young all time.

Do not Start Diet on Tuesday

London:Do not Start Diet on Tuesday Many say the diet can be done anytime. However, a unique
research revealed that today is also influencing the success of
your diet program. Media Newslite proclaim,
Tuesday (18/10), women who start counting calories on this
day will usually be immediately surrendered in less than a week. In fact, their weight actually be increased. It was based on a study of 2,000 people in Britain who do diet program since last year. The result, the average of them
revealed that they always fail on a diet on Tuesday. but when they started the diet again on different days, Saturday for example, weight loss proses
they actually succeed. In the meantime, if they are dieting on Monday, the average
of them will lose eight pounds or 28.8 kilograms for three weeks.
Then, if the Sunday dieting weight loss process seems to also be successful. They usually will experience what is called a diet "yo-yo" which makes the diet
work up to 88 percent.

One spokesperson from Tesco diet program says, "changing your eating habits can be a
tough challenge any day. However, psychologically, dieters are more motivated to initiate and continue the diet if they start again early in the week or on weekends."

Dried Fruit Great for Diet

New Delhi: Dried Fruit Great for Diet There is the thought that the dried fruit, maybe not as healthy as other fresh fruits. However, it seems such an assumption is no longer appropriate. A recent study led by Dr. Daniel D. Gallaher, of the University of Minnesota, United States, suggests that the traditional dried fruits, like dried apricots, dried apples, dates, dried figs, raisins and sultanas, prunes and worthy to be included in dietary recommendations, fruit and vegetables worldwide. That is because dried fruits contain a large source of soluble fiber that is needed when the diet. Just like fresh fruit, they also have a low glycemic index value, and can play an important role in preventing various aspects of metabolic diseases. In addition to fiber, dried fruit also contains high potassium good for your diet. Not only that, dried fruits contain many bioactive phenolic compounds, as well as vitamins and certain minerals that are unique to each fruit. Latest news, fruits are also suspected to contain high levels of various polyphenols, and is now being investigated further. (IAN / Zeenews)

Chocolate Lower Stroke Risk in Women

Stockholm: Who does not like chocolate. Almost all these sweet age. A Swedish study found the benefits of eating chocolate for women. Two bars of chocolate per week can reduce the risk of stroke by 20 percent. "Chocolate contains flavonoids , which are substances that have antioxidant properties that can suppress the oxidation of lipoproteins (bad cholesterol type) which can lead to heart disease such as stroke" said Susanna Larsson Professor in the Division of Nutritional Epidemiology at Karonlinska University, Stockholm, Sweden, Wednesday (12 / 10). sHe added that with pure chocolate mengomsumsi will reduce the risk of high blood pressure. This occurs because these foods can reduce levels of insuluin and prevent blood clots that harm the body. Although considered healthy, onsumsi chocolate in the daily diet should still be regulated. "Chocolate contains antioxidants that are good to our bodies. However, we should not trade with broccoli brown" says Dr.. Nieca Goldberg is a cardiologist and a Director of Joan H. Tisch Centar for Women's Health at NYU Langone Media Center, New York City, USA. The study, released by Larson did show a correlation between chocolate and a reduced risk of stroke in our bodies. However, there is no significant evidence showing the existence of cause and effect of the two. Correspondents than 33,000 women with age range 49-83 years following the study that began in 1997, showed that they had no indication of a stroke, heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. When analyzed, Larson added, "Women who ate about 65 grams of chocolate have a lower risk by 20 percent than those not eatng at all." Although only limited studies conducted in women, he hopes that the same result can occur in men. "Instead, we ate the dark chocolate. This is because, the type of chocolate has more flavonoids and low blood sugar" she said.

Women Obsessed Slim Coming Wedding

Any woman would want to look beautiful on her wedding day maximum. This makes a lot of obsessed to lose weight ahead of the wedding. But, the greater the bride wishes to lose weight, weight actually increase.
The team of researchers from Flinders University in Australia, found that 85 percent of women want to lose weight before the wedding took place.
Target weight loss they are also quite high, up to 9 pounds. The study, published in the journal Body Image, the analyzed 350 brides a month before the wedding and six months thereafter.
Known, half of the prospective bride can lose weight between one and two kilograms. However, the bride and groom who is obsessed to lose weight, long before the wedding, her weight rose by 2.14 pounds. "My understanding of this situation, that they restrict eating and exercising well before the wedding, after which it does not matter anymore. They are potentially creating a cycle of yo- yo dieting can trigger a sense of dissatisfaction with body condition in the long term," said chief researcher, Dr.. Ivanka Prichard, quoted by the Daily Mail. He also reveals that the pressure to lose weight ahead of the wedding did not come from ourselves. Precisely, because of environmental influences, such as family, friends, media and even tailors bridal fashion. "There is great pressure from the environment to lose weight ahead of the wedding," said Dr.. Ivanka. Ahead of the wedding process is very complicated, according to Ivanka is a combination of various viewpoints problems. Starting from the financial, technical, and can trigger feelings of mental health disorders. However, he stressed one thing on every bride. "It must be remembered that the couple marry you because he loves you. Not because you look slim with a wedding dress," said Dr. Ivanka.

Portion Control Eating

You not only have to
be careful with what you eat, but
also the portion of food daily.
Could be, weight gain caused
your meal that is not controlled.
The balance is so key to getting
the ideal body weight. That is,
the amount of food you
consume should be balanced
with physical activity. So, when
your meal is big enough and not
balanced with exercise, what
happens is overweight and
From now on, just control your
portions. In this way, the body
can stay slim while not undergo
a strict diet. The first thing you
should do is figure out the daily
nutritional needs. The following
daily nutritional guidelines for
adults, according to the United
States Department of Agriculture
(USDA), reported from
- Fruit: 1.5 to 2 cups
- Vegetables: 2.5 to 3 cups
- Grains (including rice): 5 to 8
- Dairy products: 3 cups
- Proteins (meat, eggs, nuts): 5 to
6.5 ounces and 8 ounces of
seafood each week
- Oil: no more than 5 to 7
Use a small plate
After knowing the daily needs,
you can begin to control the size
of the meal by using a smaller
plate than usual. The scientists
confirmed that the brain
require visual cues when you will
eat. By getting to use a small
plate, you can 'fool' the brain
related to satisfaction when
eating. So, immediately replace
your plate with a smaller size.
Hand size
Want to know the right size? No
need to measure food using
digital scales. Simply use just
your hands. Here's size.
- Two fingers = one serving of
- Palms open = one serving of
- A closed fist = one serving of
fruit or vegetables
- Hands cupped = one serving of
cereal or grains
- The tip of thumb = one serving
of margarine, oil, or salad

Want Happy and Slim? Wake up morning The key

London: Want to
be happy and slim? Wake up the
secret. Those who get up earlier
to have a leaner body, feeling
happier and healthier than those
who are awake during the day.
Thus the results of several
studies researcher at the
University of Roehampton,
London, England, recently.
According to the researchers,
they are built in accordance with
an alarm in the morning, will do
homework more quickly, to
prepare their children to school
early and are usually individuals
who thrive in the workplace. This
is caused by feelings of pleasure
and not in a hurry.
Although looking relaxed
activities in the morning, in fact if
it lasts more regular, then the
result can be maximized.
Conversely, those who sleep late,
have a higher chance to feel
depressed or stressed and

Women More Than Sex Attracted Slim

Many women have made ​​various efforts to have the slim body ideal. Some considered a weight problem more stressful than about romance. As quoted by Female First, a survey revealed 10 percent of women feel more guilty when breaking the rules of diet, than when lying to your partner. As many as 25 percent of those surveyed even openly said that the success of slimming diet is more important than romance. However, they did not deny that the reason the diet is more to the aesthetic factor to attract the opposite sex, not health. While 30 percent of other women more frequently admitted to master mind with food and diet program compared to their partner. In fact, half admitted more obsessed with food than sex. Nutritionist, Linda O'Bryne, said that the diet should be part of a healthy lifestyle for everyone. Not activities conducted solely to create the beauty of the body for a moment. Surveys in the UK was in line with the results of the Max Planck research Institute for Human Development in Berlin, Germany, for 24 years. That, more slender body gives life satisfaction compared to a harmonious relationship or romance.

Never Diet Again Fails

Never Diet Again Fails It's desperately diet, but the numbers on the scale as if reluctant to leave. Frustration? Do not, please! By changing a few lifestyle
could actually help you lose weight. It's easy, really. Starting from drinking before meals can reduce the weight of 2 kg, read the nutrition label of each food, to keep a snack from the eye. But, be careful. If you find that you chose the wrong friends for lunch, might actually jumped
back needle scales. The researchers believe that behavioral change is
more effective than a diet. "Better use of existing energy to think about how
you eat than just have the intention to restrain appetite," says psychologist Roy Baumeister, author of "willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human
Strength" as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Never Diet Again Fails Then, the behavior of what else can you do? Use a smaller plate Research from Cornell University, United States, found that when placed on a plate food portions are big, people will be eating serving fewer than average. Hence, the willingness to increase the size of the meal. Meanwhile, when the same portion is placed on a smaller plate, the food will look for more, so
they'll eat less. Use a spoon and fork to eat a larger There is a relationship
between the size of the silver with the amount of food consumed. Found
that people using spoons and forks that are smaller will eat more than those
who eat with a spoon and fork over big. Because
eating more meals with smaller tools, then there will be suggestions, ie a
longer feeling of fullness. Choose a man as a friend
to eat According to a psychologist, Meredith Young, a woman will eat
more little if they are accompanied by men.

"There is a possibility that the portion eat a little is the signal appeal, "he told The Atlantic. Do not eat in the company of friends If you eat with friends, it
could be that you will eat more than strangers. Researchers from the State
University of New York said that a friend unwittingly acting as a giver permission
and encouraged to eat more. Especially if it turns out your friend has a thin
body shape and have a big appetite. Someone will also more when watching
with a friend who lost weight with a larger appetite, than those who
sat next to a big-bodied people who eat more. Avoid ad By looking at the ads a
person will be encouraged to eat more than those who did not. Terstimulus
senses of sight because they see the visual display of food is very appetizing.

Biggest Enemy At Diet

Biggest Enemy At Diet you guess what the worst enemy in weight loss? Well, look in your pantry, fridge or cupboard or in the kitchen. No doubt, the biggest enemy is the sugar.
Sugar is a form of carbohydrate. These include natural forms such
as fructose (found in fruits) or lactose (found in milk) and subtle forms such as
sucrose (found in processed foods). In the present study, suggest that current
Indonesian people of all ages have consumed sugar during recent decades.
Roughly, on average they consume about 70kg of sugar annually.
And sugar typically found in soft drinks and packaged foods high in calories. As a
result of excessive sugar intake, it has a significant effect, namely sugar
prevents people from weight loss. How to reduce sugar

1. Try to eat foods low in sugar such as fresh fruit for a snack or for dessert,instead of candy, or cake. Low-sugar fruits are lemons, melons, kiwi fruit,
pineapple, oranges, cherries and strawberries.

2. Stop eating sugar, tea, coffee or cereal. Both the drink needs sugar. For
cereals, you can add fresh fruit and nuts to make a full breakfast and of
course durable.

3. Only drink low-sugar or sugar-free. Indonesia Most people consume 500 to
1000 calories a day in drinks such as sodas, milk shakes, fruit juices and some artificial energy drinks. You do not realize that beverages like it would make your weight go up drastically.

4. Get used to reading labels. By reading this Nutrition Facts on food or
drink, it helps you to reduce sugar consumption. One thing to note is the
words that end in 'ose'. Basically this is another way of saying "sugar".

5. Be careful with sugar- free products. These products are accompanied
by some sweeteners contain calories as much or more as a substitute for
real sugar. Do not be fooled their products! If you really need to eat sugar, it's better to eat real sugar rather than artificial sugars.