Slim Body Make Women Jealous Friend

A diet that you do successfully lose weight? Be careful, your friends
might get jealous, even you risk losing them. It may sound strange,
but that's a fact.

The woman turned out to be very jealous when his
friend managed to lose weight. This is the result of a survey on 1,000
adults conducted by BioAPP, a weight loss treatment.

 Known, one third of women admitted secretly envy and jealous of his friend who lost weight, and wished they were more obese than himself.

 Then, more than a fifth of women admitted they would be happier if his body is more slender than his friends. In some cases, envy is so strong can even
encourage your friends to look worse. One out of ten respondents
claimed to be telling lies to his friend that appear thinner. This is
to prevent his friend go on a diet.

 "Meanwhile, losing weight is a
success for you, it may remind others of their own insecurity," said
Krishna Soma, pharmacists from Chemist Direct, as quoted by the Daily

 From the survey results are also known to as many as 93 percent
of women thought it would have more friends if their body is more

 Then, more than 40 percent of girls aged 16 to 17 years
admitted going on a diet so as not to be seen as a 'fat friend'.

Decay method of fat

Having a slim body ideal into many people's dream. Not merely for the sake of aesthetics look, control the excess fat is also important for health.

 No wonder the number of beauty clinics and fitness centers compete to offer slimming programs. There are a variety of program options. Start a conventional manner with exercise and diet, liposuction, or liposuction, the fat until the decay method using high-tech tools.

 In the midst of a promising trend of liposuction weight loss in a short time, is now emerging new technology of fat burning using a device that relies on radio frekuesi vibration and ultrasound, the Exilis. "The principle use of this tool is to increase the temperature in the layer of fat that stimulates the metabolism and melt fat," said Dr. Enrina Diah from Ultimo clinic. "It can also serve to tighten the skin." Radio frequency vibrations contribute to heat the deeper layers of skin.

This heat will shrink the fat cells, and stimulates collagen production. "This method does not require incisions or general anesthesia," he said. Enrina said that the use of these tools have to go through a medical consultation.

Examination of kidney and liver conditions is important because the fat will be absorbed whole lymphatic system. "Prior to this method the condition of kidney and liver must be healthy."

Enrina said that the use of the tool is suitable for reducing the volume of fat and reshapes specific body areas with problems. For example, face, neck, or abdomen. The technology that was offered in the capital city is also popular in a number of clinics in foreign countries. "

This tool is a viable alternative for those who want to reduce fat and tighten skin in certain areas safely and without pain," said Robert Weiss,

Weight Loss for Kids

Question: I am very worried about a child's body who were aged 10 years. His weight reached 68 kg, with a height of 154 cm.

What kind of diet programs are suitable for your child? And what about sports? Answer: From the data above, we can conclude that
your child is overweight.

Implement a program of diet on children can
not be equated with a program for adults. In order for the growth process is not interrupted, programs for children are arranged so that not too drastically different from the previous diet. Choose a menu that meets the criteria of balanced nutrition patterns.

 Carbohydrates (staple food) should still be there, while the protein is selected in sufficient numbers, with a low fat content. For example, choose lean meat or chicken without skin. Reduce consumption of fat by modifying the daily cuisine.

 Avoid cooking by frying, coconut milk, and too much sugar. Meanwhile, multiply eat vegetables. Milk still be given, but choose low-fat milk (low or non-fat).

 Make a habit of regular breakfast, with a menu that does not contain too much fat. For
example, rice and side dishes, cereals and non-fat milk with fruit
juice without sugar, or a piece of bread with jam smeared with a thin
glass plus non- fat milk.

Do not forget to add vitamins and mineral supplements. Limit your meal portions, by reducing the 1 / 4 or 1 / 3 of daily habits.

You also need to monitor and reduce his snacking habits. Before dinner, give the first glass of non-fat milk with no sugar and fresh fruits that contain lots of water, such as oranges,
apples, pears, kiwi, and others.

 Do not provide desserts, except for fruits. Try dinner done 2 hours before bedtime. Increase exercise,
such as walking, cycling, or if possible, join a sports club.

Benefits Of Walking

Walking is the most cheap sport and the most easy to do. That makes a lot of walking among the favorites to make. Not only fun, it turns out that one activity also provides so many benefits for the body. Want to know what are the benefits of walking? Consider the explanation below.

1. Walk can lower levels of LDL cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) or commonly known as bad cholesterol. This activity can also increase the production of HDL cholesterol (high density lipoprotein).

2. Take a walk, including low-impact activity, will not burden the joints and does not affect or increase the risk of osteoarthritis like other sports activities.

3. Walking can reduce the risk of various health problems.

4. Lowering blood pressure, strengthen the cardiovascular system, reducing risk factors for progression, and improve the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

5. For those of you who are dieting or trying to maintain your weight, walking will help get your weight coveted.

6. Improve mood and physical strength through exercise muscles and reduce the chances of getting osteoporosis.

so many benefits of walking walking