Keeping the Kids Weight

Overweight and obesity is no longer a scary thing for adults, the problem also be a scary thing for children. Although in our society is still attached to the notion that a fat child is healthy, it is not true. Children should have an ideal body weight according to age and height. In early childhood, the disease 'parents' like heart disease, stroke, diabetes and so forth can also occur in children due to excess weight.

And how to keep the kids always have an ideal kids weight ? kids will imitate their parents, the key to success for a child to have an ideal body weight is your weight! A study published in the journal Obesity Newsmaxhealthmenunjukkan as reported by parents that weight loss is the most influential factor and a key to success so that children can lose weight and get healthy ideal weight.

"Parents are the most significant in a child's environment, they act as mentors first and most important for children," said Kerri Boutelle, one researcher from the University of California, San Diego. "Parents play an important role in any weight loss program children, and this study confirms the importance of parents' behavior in building a healthy diet and exercise discipline to their children,"

The research was conducted on 142 families with children aged 8 to 12 years who have the problem of overweight and obesity. Results showed that parents serve as an example that could make children easily gain weight in a healthier ideal. Parents are proven to be an inspiration and motivation for their own children, especially in the selection of menus and physical activities like sports.

If you have children who are overweight and want an ideal weight for kids, look at your weight first. In addition, another thing you should look to keep the child's weight is the influence of the school, the influence of child playmates, government policy, food production and ads that offer a variety of children's food high in calories.

Solution To Increase Body Height Child

Solution To Increase Body Height Child Children grow high into the dream of every parent. Unfortunately, most parents focus more weight problems than spur the child's height. As a result, correspondence between height and weight of children become unbalanced.

The parents need not worry if your child has a short body. Kurniati Miller, a nutritionist from Nutrifood Research Center describes some solutions to the high growth of children can be encouraged.

"For height, the golden age of girls at that age grade 5 to grade 2 SMP. Thereafter, height growth will be slower. In contrast to the boys started a little late, that since junior high to high school, but will continue to grow in height even up to college, "he explained.

According to him, there are some things that need to be taken to ensure that the child's body can grow taller, namely:

enough sleep
Although often underestimated, it turns out that adequate sleep can help the growth of the child's height. "Growth hormone will produce more when we sleep," said Simpson Kurniati in educational provisioning event by Nutrifood Health Agent Award on Wednesday (23/5).

Miller also recommends that children get adequate rest periods, minimum of 10-11 hours of sleep a day. "Take a nap every so often overlooked, yet contribute to the acceleration of height growth of children," he added.

They say, playing basketball, swimming, or other physical activity can make a high? Well, it turns out this statement is true loh. Not just to make the body healthy, regular exercise also helps to optimize height growth.

"Exercise also helps increase growth hormone production, so that children can more quickly in high," added Miller.

Nutritional needs can not be ignored. Milk is rich in calcium can be a relief for parents who do not want their children to grow small.

slim body make women happy

Many things can make a woman happy. A research has shown, the shape of a slim body women that can make women feel most happy.

The study was done in Germany for 24 years. Since 1984 to 2008, researchers tried to observe the cause of the feeling of happiness to hundreds of women who become the object of research.

From their observations prove, that the body slim most makes women happy. By Dr Pam Spurr, a psychologist who was quoted by the Daily Mail, her body weight can affect all aspects of life, including the spirit of her love life as well.

"The shape of the body greatly affects the thinking woman. That's because the social environment we always see someone from the shape of the body and one's level of interest alone," said Spurr.

Furthermore Spurr said, many are also arising in the public stigma about people who are overweight. Those who are overweight, often regarded as being lazy, too dumb less interesting.

Spurr also explained that most women prefer to not have a partner, rather than overweight. The women were considered, although they are still single, but physically, keep it interesting. So hope still got a great mate.

diets for men

diets for men Density of the work schedule, will greatly affect your physical condition. Office workers who sit all day in front of the computer desk will have little opportunity for movement or activity. PEGI let alone have time for gym, time to eat too much sometimes, so that not a few workers who eat at your desk, as a result of fat deposits in the body that are not realized. Most men who feel disentil with the words fat, fat, etc., must be answered with the same answer the core, which is busy.

Surely the men who worked with the density schedule until there is no specific time for the sport are those who still do not have time to anticipate how busy they are to lead a healthy life so that the condition of the body to keep fit, proportional and, most importantly avoid health problems. Here are some tips for your diet is super busy. diets for men

1. Reduce your portions. Based on the experience of some men when taking food on the table ready to eat foods are available, they are not aware that the dish has always provided a fairly large size. Ask the waiter or waiters in the restaurant or food court where you eat to provide a medium-sized plates. Because, with the size of the plate, you'll automatically pick up the food portions are not excessive. And indirectly in that way, you have reduced your meal. You apply it every meal.

2. Consumption of fibrous foods and fruits. Fibrous foods and fruits are very much beneficial for your body. Therefore, eat fibrous foods such as vegetables and fruits when you eat (breakfast, lunch and dinner). If you do not like or do not want to consume fruits directly, then you can siasati to be made juice. But you should know also that fruit juice be made nutrisis fruit Decreases levels of up to 3% due pamanasan process that occurs when blended.

3. Drinking water 8 glasses a day. No other drink the most healthy and good for the body other than mineral water. Many people think if you drink energy drinks or soft drinks, it is considered to have a drink and will increase the energy in the body, this assumption is not entirely true, because this would be add to the number of calories in your body. Why is that? Since only water putihlah that do not contain sugar and other compositions. So drink at least 8 glasses of mineral water in a day.

4. Use the stairs instead of elevator emergency. If you use the elevator at the office, make sure you use the emergency stairs. Because, you use the fire escape, automatic leg muscles you use to support your body when the road up the stairs, your body fat will be burned. Use the opportunity to go up and down the stairs at least 2 times a day, when new entrants can work to and from work. It will feel tired at first, but you will feel the benefits for your body, especially in your heart.

5. Regular life. The point is you should never change your lifestyle in extrema. For example, today you are eating only 2 times a day, but you usually eat three meals a day, you can simply reduce the portion only. Discipline yourself to your body as well. Because you can be healthy if you can discipline your lifestyle. diets for men

To be thin is not as difficult as you might think, but to be healthy will be more difficult. Find out how a healthy diet with the concept of balanced nutrition and regular life. use your time to lead a healthy life both at work and at home.

Eggs, Healthy Diet for Heart?

Want to know which foods can maintain health, especially heart?
Canadian nutrition expert, Dr Peter Jones said that the key to a
healthy diet is to eat eggs. "Eggs are one of nature's most nutritious
foods. Eggs are a source of high quality protein and contain 14
essential nutrients," he said. Eggs contain nutrients that are good
for health, including vitamin A, B12 and E. Eggs are also one of the
few foods that naturally contain vitamin D, essential for healthy
bones and teeth. Some people avoid the intake of eggs because of
concerns about cholesterol. However, scientific studies found that
cholesterol is called dietary cholesterol in eggs is a very small
effect on cholesterol in the blood - known as cholesterol. All you
need dikahwatirkan, Jones said, as quoted CanadaNews is the number of
saturated and trans fats you eat. "Eating too much fat is unhealthy
because it can increase the cholesterol in your blood, increasing the
risk of heart disease and stroke. While eggs have saturated and trans
fats low," he said. Meanwhile, Health Canada also recommends eggs as
part of a balanced diet and take two servings of eggs is aternatif
than one serving of meat.

alcohol weight gain for women

alcohol weight gain for women O women, raise your glass, a study has concluded that women who drank one or two sips of alcoholic drinks per day makes the body slows down the rate of 30 percent compared to female non-drinkers.
Study leader dr. Lu Wang, an infectious disease specialist in "Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston was asking for more than 19 200 women aged 39 and the United States above the normal body weight, to sort his drinking and they gain weight in the last 13 years.
Although women generally to weight gain with age, but the weight of those who do not drink alcohol faster than women drinkers.
The study found the fact that being overweight was reduced when alcohol consumption is rising.
There are some who can explain this, including differences in how women metabolize alcohol than men, said Wang.
"Among women who consume alcohol level of mild to moderate, usually has a low energy source of alcohol intake, especially carbohydrates," Wang said in his study published in the last issue of "Archives of Internal Medicine."
"In contrast, alcohol intake tends to affect the increase in energy expenditure exceeds the energy content of women consumed alcohol. If everything is calculated, regular alcohol consumption in mild to moderate levels, causing a loss of energy."
Evidence that the health benefits of alcohol for various, some studies have shown that men dam the women who drank alcohol in moderate levels, less likely to develop heart disease, but studies in other states of moderate alcohol drinking may increase risk of breast cancer, kidney, and other cancers in women.
The researchers said they could not conclude for heavy drinkers not assessed this study and because women tend to smoke, then they have a lifestyle that is very berebda of other women who were surveyed.
Commenting on the results of the study, Marianne Grant, an expert on diet and health educators in the "Coastal Bend Health Education Center" in Texas Health Science Center, said women do not care about this study and remain faithful to his diet.
"Typically, the message always enjoy a little alcohol. Do not practice this method as a weight loss. Key tips for healthy nutrition remains as before," said Grant warned.

Same with smoking dangers of sugar

The cause of the disease in the modern era lies not only in
cholesterol, salt intake, and animal fats, but also sugar. In fact, as
reported by the mirrors, the dangers of sugar is worse than
cigarettes. Until now, there has been no news about the efficacy or
benefits of smoking. Posed many dangers of smoking, such as prostate
cancer, lung cancer and bladder cancer is not common knowledge. But,
according to the study, the dangers of sugar consumption is equal to
the toxins in cigarette consumption. According to a professor
endokrologi and metabolism, the dangers of sugar equal to smoking that
can lead to death. Nearly 35 percent of deaths in the world are caused
by sugar. Sugar is not a foreign food in the diet. Almost all foods
and drinks containing sugar in it. In fact, belong to the food with
the logo "diet". High sugar intake increases the amount of insulin.
Insulin not only serves to control the sugar in the blood pressure,
but also trigger cancer risk. High amounts of sugar will lead to
obesity, heart health by contributing to drive the rate of cholesterol
and diabetes, not to mention the problems that exist in the liver.

12 Food Weight Loss

If you intend
to undergo a diet program
to get into shape,
preparing meals is a
challenge. It takes foresight
to balance the food
consumed and the body's
nutritional needs, as well as
the effects produced in
order to move down the
scale numbers. Some of
these foods can support
the success of your diet, as
quoted by iVillage.
- Legumes
Legumes can be eaten
without adding spice
flavorings. As many as 25
percent of calories
contained in nuts is derived
from glucose that stabilizes
the protein. For daily
consumption as much as
you can take a dose cup, or
add it to stir fries for
- Ginger
The results of Florida
University of Miami study
states that the
consumption of a teaspoon
of fresh ginger before
meals can accelerate satiety
for up to two times when
you eat. This may seem
strange to you, how could
we eat fresh ginger with a
spicy, warm flavor. But the
content of the ginger,
gingerol and zingbain
which otherwise can
suppress appetite. Ginger is
also efficacious as an anti-
inflammatory and
overcome pain. Try adding
ginger slices on a salad of
broccoli or fried rice for a
more delicious flavor.
- Plum
This sweet fruit works to
reduce appetite due to a
glut of fruit fiber during
the process of digestion.
According to research at
Yale, the consumption of
prunes every day can
reduce the size of the meal
by 20 percent. Plum also
contains chlorogenic acid
and neochlorogenic, and
antioxidants that nourish
the eye tissues and help
prevent macular
degeneration (the leading
cause of blindness), a study
in the Journal of
Ophthalmology Korea.
- Shiitake Mushrooms
Brilliant idea if you add the
shiitake mushrooms in a
stew, stews, and others.
According to a study from
the National Institutes of
Health, the type of fungus
is rich in selenium, a
mineral substance which
has the ability to help burn
fat. "This would work to
change the toxin to
increase metabolism," said
Larrian Gillespie, MD,
author of You're Not Crazy,
It's Your Hormones.
- Leaves onion
Many do not like because
of the sharp scent, but if
you have the desire to lose
weight, there is no harm in
taking this scallions. Simply
add to any dish at home.
These leaves contain sulfur
which will help the
pancreas to burn
carbohydrates, according to
research from Stanford
University. Sulfur is in it
also protects the digestive
tract from damage caused
by the bacteria.
- Spinach
Dr. Gillespie, a nutritionist
suggested that we begin to
idolize spinach. Spinach
contains lipoic acid, an
antioxidant that works
transports blood sugar and
fatty acids into cells to be
burned into energy.
- Eggplant
In France, the eggplant is
used as a main ingredient
one of the favorites menu,
ratatoullie. The fruit is also
used as a meat substitute
that produces 20 calories in
each cup measure. In
addition, low sugar and
strengthen the muscles
because protein and
- Japanese Cucumber
Cucumber types are widely
used as a garnish on a dish,
such as salad and muffins,
or just added to processed
vegetables. Of research at
the University of Sydney,
Australia, said that the
Japanese cucumber has a
fiber content and high
water and may suppress
appetite. Maybe you
should change the rules of
eating, enjoying the
zucchini first, then eat the
main meal.
- Peppermint
Effects of cold, fit to be
added to salads or drinks
during hot weather. But,
not only limited to the
summer course you can
enjoy it. A research
conducted by Chicago's
Smell and Taste Treatment
and Research Foundation,
suggests adding a
tablespoon peppermint
leaf slices in each dish. "The
effect is extraordinary, you
can reduce food intake to
100 calories. The smell of
mint is sending satiety
signals to the brain, "said
Alan R. Hirsch, MD.
- Greens
A loss for those who can
not enjoy this green
vegetables. Bok choy,
cabbage, and Chinese
cabbage, cabbage family
may help achieve weight
loss goals more quickly.
Green vegetables are
loaded with chlorophyll
gives energy to the body
and increase the ability of
the organ for fat burning
- Guava
When running a diet
program, tuck guava as a
daily menu. Each fruit has
112 calories and fiber that
suppresses appetite by up
to 40 percent. Another
bonus you get from guava
consumption is increasing
the body's immune system
because of vitamin C in
guava is very much, even
compared to oranges
though. So also with
vitamin A to nourish the
skin cancer prevention.
- Bananas
Need a snack, healthy?
Bananas became the best
recommendations for you.
This banana can launch
your metabolism, it also
contains about 100 calories
in each fruit. You can
oatmea l with a bowl or
cereal, and sandwiches.
Potassium and nutrients in
it will regulate blood sugar
and increased vitamin B is
needed, it also gives extra

Easy Ways to Live Healthy

Turned out to lead a healthy life is very simple, no need for calorie
counting and sorting through food. During this time there is often a
misconception that healthy living can only be obtained through diet
and weight should eat foods that do not like. You may eat at will and
remain healthy rely solely on a diet. A regular diet would keep the
intake of nutrients into the body as needed. Arrange your diet as
follows: A. Food Color into account Do not just count the number of
calories you eat, based on the color of any food that you can
determine the proper foods eaten or not. Such as vegetables, for
example, when it is wilted and not fresh of course somewhat less good
for health. 2. Food Interludes Get a snack between the three meals,
morning, afternoon and evening. Snack is usually served at about 10 am
or 4 pm, this is to avoid the stomach is too empty and hungry.
Ignoring this, you will look at mealtime hunger comes, and you'll eat
anything presented. 3. Expand Fiber Breakfast Foods Adequate dietary
fiber at breakfast will mebuat you can last until lunch time. You can
try brown bread and butter for example, or milk agar, and much more.
4. Silencing hungry food Not everyone can withstand hunger. Surely
this can be overcome by eating fruits such as apples, oranges, bananas
or other fruit that you like. 5. Self control In the end only
themselves completely alone be decisive when to eat breakfast, lunch
or dinner. Without self-control that is full, you only live to eat and
not eat to live

Tips Care Breast Before Breastfeeding

breast care during pregnancy is important to note in preparation for
later feeding. Because the best food for babies is breast milk (ASI).
During pregnancy, your breasts will enlarge the area around the nipple
will be darker and more sensitive. Prospective mothers should be ready
to give milk to the baby to be borne. Take care of the breast as early
as possible before making a noble task. At the age of three months of
pregnancy, check the nipple to see if the nipple is flat or goes into
ways to massage the nipple base slowly. Normal nipple that will stand
out. If your nipples remain flat or go back to the breast, since 3
months of pregnancy should be improved in order to stand out. Also
consult with your doctor. The trick is to use both the index finger or
thumb, the area around the nipple sorted in the opposite direction to
the base of the breast until the breast area. Twice a day for 6
minutes. Then at the age of six to nine months of pregnancy start to
do the treatment. Wet your palms with oil or olive oil. To compress
the nipple areola (area around the nipple with a darker color) for 2-3
minutes. The aim is to shed dirt or crust attached to the nipple. Do
not clean with alcohol because it can cause sore nipples. Furthermore
both the nipple and then held stretched, rotated inwards and outwards
(anti- clockwise). Base of the breast is held with both hands, and
then sorted toward the nipple as much as 30 times a day. Then massage
the areola to get out 1-2 hatching. After that, clean your nipples
with a clean dry towel. Breast using clean water, then massage using
oil. Massage done with both hands, round breasts sorted rotate
clockwise then anti-clockwise turn. After that do the ordering from
the bottom toward the nipple, but the nipple itself does not need a
massage because berkelenjar. After that, knock-knock breast using
fingertips or the tip knuckle. In addition to earlier treatments, we
encourage you to also exercise regularly. That is the standing
position, right hand holding the left forearm near the elbow, left
hand holding the opposite right forearm (like bersedakep). Then press
it firmly to the chest with a powerful way to strengthen the grip, so
that was pull on the muscles at the base of the breast. Next relax
your back. Do it again and again to 30 times. Second, Hold both ends
of the shoulder with his hand and elbow rotated forward so that the
inner arm massage (massage) breast upward. Continued upward movement
of the hand can return back to its original position. Do this exercise
20 times a round. We recommend the use of bra should also be
considered. Wear a bra with two measures on which we used to wear when
breasts begin to swell. Wear a fit, do not wear tight or too loose so
it can support the breasts as well.

Can Breast Implants Breastfeeding Baby

Beautify the shape and size with plastic surgery it is common for
women who dare to do great. The problem is, if they can still give
milk to her baby normally? As quoted from page Methods of Healing, the
owner of breast implants can still breastfeed normally. Only, in the
presence of silicone breast layer will affect the level of sensitivity
of the breast while nursing. For example, can not feel the flow of
breast milk into baby's mouth. In general, breast implants do not
affect the ability to breastfeed. Silicone and saline are usually
embedded in the lining of the breast is still quite safe for
breastfeeding. Only, some experts still have to worry that the implant
fluid would infiltrate and contaminate the milk. Of course, if this
happens to be very dangerous for infants. The issue is still being
debated. Some experts believe that plastic surgery will not happen
because the molecules in silicone implants are too large to infiltrate
and contaminate the milk. The worst possibility remains that the risk
of breast impan owner can not breastfeed her baby. However, this
depends on choice of plastic surgery. Ideally, the injection should be
carried out in implant under the breast or under the armpits to
minimize the worst effects. To be sure, behind the body's ability to
instantly improve appearance, plastic surgery still keep a dangerous
risk. For that think and learn in detail the benefits and risks,
before deciding to do so. Do not let regret after surgery.

Facts Behind the beauty ofthe Breast

Breast is an 'asset' for women. Not just an aesthetic function and
sensuality, but also fulfill its function as a feeding organ. However,
only a few women who really know their own breasts. No harm in
increasing knowledge about breast cancer, as quoted by Methods of
Healing: Larger left breast No woman has perfect breasts and
symmetrical between the left and right. Usually the left breast is
slightly larger than the right. Sometimes the size difference can be
seen with the naked eye. The form may be slightly different. But,
until now no one knows what causes it. Breasts enlarged with age. At
the age of 20 years, the breast is made up of fat, milk glands and
collagen. At that age, the breast feels firm and elastic. When the get
older, glands and collagen starts to disappear, and be governed with
the fat. That is why breasts sag due to aging. Breast weight
Normal-sized breasts weighs about 500 grams. Each of the breast
accounts for about 4-5 percent of total body fat and accounted for
about 1 percent of total body weight. Breast stimulation Like the male
genital organs, breasts also tightened when he gets the stimulation.
Breasts are very sensitive to sexual stimulation. According to
studies, conditions that make the size of the breasts enlarged about
25% during sex. This occurs because of hormonal changes. Hair grows
Many women have little hairs around the areola. This is very normal,
because in those areas terdapa hair follicles. If disturbed, it can be
revoked without any risk. Milk production A woman's breasts produce
milk that tastes sweeter than cow's milk. Breast milk contains lots of
vitamin E, iron, and fatty acids.

Breastfeeding Tips Without the Pain

Breastfeeding is the happiest moment for a mother. Not only can form a
strong bond between mother and infant, but also can provide adequate
nutrition for the baby. Therefore, it is important for you to prepare
yourself for breastfeeding before giving birth so you are not
surprised and did not feel pain when breastfeeding. These items should
you prepare for breastfeeding according to the website launched by
Yahoo! Shine is a lotion to cure blisters on the nipple, nursing bra
for breast augmentation that can support and can instantly give milk
to the infant, facilitate breastfeeding clothes without having to look
vulgar in public, bearing in bra to keep breasts dry and prevent
leakage undesirable, as well as baby sling or cloth that can help you
support your baby while nursing. Once you know which items should be
prepared, you also must know the techniques of breastfeeding, namely:
A. Feeding position The position is usually done by nursing mothers is
a 'cradle' in which the baby's head facing directly on one breast and
the baby's feet facing the other breast, while the mother holds the
breast from the inside to ensure the release of ASI. Other
cross-cradle position where the baby's position as the cradle but the
mother holding the breast from the outside, breastfeeding in a lying
position in bed, and the clutch or football in which the position of
the feet facing the mother's armpit and breast of the mother holding
the inside. Apart from lying down, you can breastfeed in bed or chair
while sitting. Use a pillow to support your baby. You can also use a
pillow to support your back so you sit down with the correct position
and to avoid back pain. 2. How to position your baby's lips right on
the nipple The correct position will give satisfaction to the mother
and baby breastfeeding. However, if the position is incorrect, would
lead to difficulties in providing adequate intake of breast milk for
your baby. Breastfeeding should be as comfortable as possible even
though it will feel uncomfortable at first experience of
breastfeeding. Seize your breast with one hand, and brush your nipple
on your baby's lips to entice him to open his mouth wide. Navigate
your baby on the nipple and make sure he gets most of the areola, the
dark area around the nipple, on the mouth. Unplug your baby if you
feel the wrong position, then repeat until you get the correct
position. 3. Frequency and duration of breastfeeding Newborn babies
need milk every 2 hours throughout the day and every 3 hours during
the night. So, your baby will get milk much as 8 to 12 times per day.
Do not let your baby go without feeding for more than 3 hours. Watch
for signs that your baby when hungry increases the activity, thumb
sucking, and searched for the nipple. The average time at each feeding
varies, but normally-fed infants within 20 to 30 minutes or as long as
your baby feel full. Highly recommended for immediate breastfeeding
your baby shortly after her birth, and breastfeeding for at least 6
months ekseklusif. On average a baby will breastfeed for 2 year.

Jessica Simpson: I'm Ready Slim Again

Jessica Simpson will soon be a mother. Now she was expecting her first
child. Although delighted to feel the times of pregnancy, but now he
began to think how to restore the shape of her body such as the time
before pregnancy. "I had a great pregnancy," says Jessica on Hello! Ok
Magazine as quoted page! Magazine. "Pregnant really nice, do not have
to worry about eating too much," she said. During the process of
pregnancy, she was even more likely to relax and enjoy more time off.
"Taking a break from work would be nice," she added. "But I'm ready to
end the period. I'm ready for my body back to normal". Jessica Simpson
admitted, her body weight during pregnancy is increased dramatically
to reach 18 pounds. SHe was ready if it should lose weight and get rid
of the habit of casually during pregnancy, eating lots and lots of
rest. SHe was impatient, waiting for the day would come. Together with
her ​​fiance, Eric Johnson, they've revealed are expecting a baby
girl. Jessica Simpson has also been predicted to give birth next
month. "Eric will be a great dad," he said. "I can not wait to see

Weight loss with three unique tricks

Drink the oil? Breakfast of chocolate cake? There was a very strange
thing to do to get a slim body. But, it could not hurt to try a unique
way to lose weight. Moreover, if the diet you do not go so far
succeeded. The following three tricks, as reported from Shape, known
to be effective enough to do to get their ideal body weight. A.
Drinking olive oil Seth Roberts, the originator of Shangri-La Diet,
which is also a psychologist, said the principle of flavorless
calories, to lose weight. Many do not believe in these ideas. But, a
few years later this idea proved to be effective to suppress appetite.
Shangri-La diet recommends to eat one to two tablespoons of olive oil
extra-light type, two times daily between meals. According to Roberts,
this trick can reduce the desire to eat and lose weight naturally. He
theorized, if you eat foods with a familiar taste, rich flavor, then
the brain will continue to stimulate hunger and trigger weight gain.
Intake by eating unfamiliar, it's not too bad, the desire to eat can
be suppressed. Worth a try, right? 2. Eating sugary foods when eating
You are among those who like to cook? Lest they always taste the food,
nnaik weight uncontrollably. Some experts suggested to suppress the
desire to consume excessive tasting mint candy while cooking. You can
also eat cinnamon powder or sour foods. The trick is that you do not
always include a variety of food into the mouth while cooking. 3.
Breakfast chocolate cake Trick this one, you should also try. Make a
sweet chocolate cake, for breakfast. The team of researchers from
Israel found that a piece of chocolate cake breakfast which is
equivalent to 600 calories and contains protein and carbohydrates, can
help reduce weight. The key was located on the body's metabolic
processes in the morning. By morning, the metabolic processes are most
active period and the ability to process calories, too much either.
"Eating a sweet dessert in the morning, can control your appetite for
the rest of the day," said Professor Daniela Jakubowicz, a researcher
from Tel Aviv University.

How To Relieve Impaired Natural Stomach

Most of us must have experienced abdominal bloating, pain and burning
sensation to constipation problems. Caused discomfort can certainly
disrupt daily activities. Before trying prescription drugs, you could
try a natural remedy to relieve and even eliminate interference with
the digestive system. Here are some of them, as quoted iVillage: A sip
of apple cider vinegar Abdominal pain, heartburn or indigestion could
have been prevented with malic and tartaric acids in apple cider
vinegar. Two acid digestion so that it helps strengthen the stomach to
empty quickly. The trick, dissolve one tablespoon of apple cider
vinegar in 2 cups of water and drink before meals. Improvement of
digestion will begin within 24 hours. Relax While Eating Those who
spend dinner time 30 minutes 32 percent less likely to experience
indigestion and abdominal pain than those who ate less than 10
minutes, according to research at the University of South Carolina
Charleston. Gary Gitnick, MD, from UCLA School of Medicine said that
eating a leisurely reducing heartburn, and bloating. Chewing Gum
British researchers at St Thomas's Hospital revealed, chewing gum
prevents heartburn due to doubling the flow of saliva into the
esophagus, which neutralize stomach acid. A sugar-free gum can relieve
stomach upsets immediately. Drinking a glass of Peppermint Tea A cup
of tea has 40 natural compounds that are good for digestion. Three
cups of tea a day can prevent dyspepsia in women by 75 percent within
48 hours. Intake of 8 ounces before a meal can prevent bloated for
hours. Warm Water Soaking Soak in warm water to reduce bloating in 72
hours, according to researchers at the University Logan Utah. A warm
bath to calm the entire central nervous system, and make people
calmer. When relaxed, the air we swallow 67 percent less than when
under stress that affects the intestines ability to absorb food.
Chewing Candied Ginger Two pieces of candied ginger candy or to reduce
bloating and discomfort up to 88 percent within 30 minutes, say
researchers at the University Hospital in Cleveland. Interestingly,
the sweet spicy taste of ginger to reduce nausea and heat in the
stomach without causing drowsiness. Eat Wheat Bread Constipation in
women more than men. And, whole wheat bread is more effective than
laxatives, while improving the digestive system. Fruits and Vegetables
Ripe The most common gastrointestinal problems in women are irritable
bowel syndrome (IBS). This disorder is experienced by one in five
women. As a result of IBS, patients prone to heartburn, constipation,
diarrhea and other symptoms. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables are
cooked ripe helps reduce digestive disorders in 60 percent of women
within a week. "Comfort Zone" After Eating If you are prone to
abdominal pain, bloating or discomfort symptoms, try to relax for a
while after meals for 5 minutes. Relax while imagining positive things
to help up to 89 percent of women in a week to relieve indigestion.
Yoga Stress is one cause of gastrointestinal disorders. To prevent and
reduce them, spend time practicing yoga for 20 minutes. This will
reduce digestive disorders by 70 percent in one week.

Three Way to Prevent Acne on Forehead

Forehead filled with acne, but you're doing facials. The cause could
be a pony. Contact with the skin on the forehead the hair is very easy
to trigger acne. Impurities from the skin of the head, carried away by
the sweat that flowed through the hair and then stick on the forehead.
Can also cause hair styling products on the fringe of contact with
skin. To overcome the acne on the forehead for bangs, it's worth
trying this trick three. A. Minimize skin contact with the hair It is
very difficult, especially for those who have flat bangs. But during
sleep, try to grip the hair or wear a Headscarf. When exercising, do
not forget to wear a headband and a shower cap while performing
deep-conditioning treatment. Try to minimize hair contact with the
skin, especially when sweating. 2. Clean regularly Before bed, as a
consequence have bangs, always thoroughly clean the forehead. You can
do the scrubbing with a soft fabric formula twice a week. Then, apply
a serum at night to help exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Make
sure your forehead is completely clean before bed. 3. Ceramic
application of styling products For those of you who like to use
hairspray or other styling products made ​​ from chemicals, avoid
spraying directly on the hair. Spray apply first to the new comb in
the hair.

10 Reasons Women Reject Sex Calls

All women
may never experience this
moment with your partner.
When your passion is at a
low point, while your
partner wants to cuddle
and have sex.
To say no to sex, many
women make excuses then.
The latest study, from
MyVoucherCodes found
that the words "tired" and
"a headache" is a classic
reason that tops the
diumbar woman to refuse
sex when a partner.
Study of 1213 women in
the UK is performed to
find the reason most often
expressed when not excited
in an intimate session.
Around 61 percent of
women claimed to make
excuses for not having sex.
Here are 10 reasons most
often revealed by a
A. Too tired: 69 percent
2. Have to get up early: 61
3. Dizziness: 57 percent
4. Feeling fat: 54 percent
5. Do not have time: 48
6. Not in the mood: 47
7. Feeling sick: 39 percent
8. Pretended to be asleep:
33 percent
9. Satiety after meals: 28
10.Belum shave / wax: 27
More than half of the
respondents, 53 percent
who said the pair created a
false reason to feel but to
accept their lies.
Meanwhile, two-fifths feel
guilty making excuses when
the couple refused.
Mark Pearson, Chairman
MyVoucherCodes said,
"Being in a relationship,
especially long-term
relationship, can lead to
feelings of bland in a
romantic relationship. How
to spice it up is out of date
and spend the night
together without any
disruption," he told Female

5 Identify the style of Sex, What's Your Type?

Whether you are a pretty "hot" during sex, or having to go through the
duration of time during intercourse? Tracey Cox, author of Supersex
For Life - The Great Sex Guide For Long- term Lovers also questioned
it. He said the key to developing a healthy sex life with a partner is
to identify your own sexual style. That way you can get a deal
together with a partner for mutual gratification. Here are five
typical sexual style, written in his book. A. Energizers If you have
high confidence with the style of sex, be able to seduce and amaze
your partner, and have the enthusiasm that is difficult to control,
you are included in the class energizer. Typically this is usually
more selfish and desperate to control the sex activity. Usually, they
often hold a new experiment by watching erotic movies or play around
with sex toys, so sometimes unconsciously do that may be peculiar
style of making love to her partner. Sexual orientation is high in
itself, makes he puts sex as a means of connecting to a closer
relationship. Their strengths are, always able to satisfy their
partner. For matters of sex techniques, people with this type has a
very wide variety of styles, but be good if the spouse does not
include a passive type. Most of the energizer is just not happy to
discuss the topic of sex with friends or other groups, they tend to be
closed. 2. Stabilizers In this type, they feel satisfaction over time
can provide a good service to their partners. They are also not much
to ask her partner to do things she likes. The upside of this type is
an attitude of service that should get the prize. Even people who are
willing to do foreplay such as oral, in a long time for the partner
without complaining about pain, pain in the neck, or the other. If you
have a partner so, help them to learn to express what they really want
so they also get satisfaction. This should be done to get the sex is
good for both parties. Let them enjoy the style of what makes him feel
comfortable. 3. Conector The conector consider sexual activity with a
partner is a means to express feelings and express their love. For
them it is more important than mere physical gratification. Usually
they are less interested in sexual performance due to better focus on
feelings, the purpose of sex is intimacy, not orgasm. This type is
more happy or satisfied with just hugged each other intimately, they
should get a good mood to make love. For example, support for a
romantic atmosphere. In domestic life, they are a forgiving and loving
partner to always be sincere, but not always pleasant to be
biologically. Worse yet, if they lose the romance, they will not be
able to enjoy sexual activity and be a cool person. To enable it, try
doing a spontaneous sexual activity when you're alone, you can tease a
little style menakhlukan them. 4. Worriers These are people who are
very concerned about sex, but it does not mean they can not enjoy it.
This is because they have less sexual references, or also raised in an
environment that is very closed to matters of sex, or also have
experienced sexual trauma. They often feel depressed when asked their
partner to have sex, this type of sex was not able to perform well
when in bed. In fact, often seem to avoid the chance of making love.
Your job is to help couples to be able to get her libido back. Try to
eliminate sexual past by giving extra comfort so that they can enjoy.
Or can also visit a marriage counselor to find a solution to this
problem. 5. Controller If you feel threatened by a new style of
playing partner, this is an indication of the controller class. This
type can enjoy a more intimate relationship if he can control their
partner emotionally and lovemaking techniques. They will be very easy
to get the climax. You have to get out of the comfort zone to build
your sexual confidence. Jiak you feel more comfortable with a logical
approach, akn you can find new things in sex. Dilakuakn in a balanced
relationship with a partner would be to get satisfaction.

Identify Sperm Determinants of Health

you are planning a pregnancy and have not been successful? Went to the
doctor is the most appropriate solution, not only you but also your
partner. This is because fertilization success is also determined by a
healthy sperm. If you and your partner fertility-related medical
examination, the sperm will be analyzed in a medical partner. The
result, to find out whether the sperm are healthy or not, who will be
seen from the following three factors, as quoted from
A. Quantity Sperm can be said to be in good health and a man is
fertile if included in the category in a single ejaculate producing
more than 39 million sperm. 2. Quality In terms of quality, ie if more
than four percent of sperm that are produced have a normal shape and
structure. Form of normal sperm is one that has the oval head with a
long tail, so it can move quickly. Sperm are small, with a tapered
head shape, curved or curly, with a double tail, less likely to
fertilize an egg. 3. Motility To be able to reach the egg, sperm must
be able to move quickly. This movement is known as motility. Sperm is
said to be healthier if more than 40 percent of which are produced can
move quickly. In addition, it is important for you and your partner
know what a negative impact on sperm health. That's because, decrease
in sperm quality could reduce the chances of conception. Smoking and
drinking alcoholic beverages, as reported by WebMD, should be avoided
when starting to plan a pregnancy. Known toxins in cigarettes have a
negative impact on sperm motility. Meanwhile, alcohol consumption
significantly reduces sperm production. Avoid using too-tight pants
and a habit of soaking in warm water. Both are also known to reduce
sperm production. Highly recommended to eat foods rich in vitamin E
and C to improve the quality of sperm, as well as regular exercise and
maintain weight.

Medical Experts Reveal Mystery of the G-Spot

Dr Adam Ostrzenski, gynecologists Institute of Gynecology at St.
Petersburg, Florida, seeking to end the debate surrounding the G-spot.
In the midst of speculation and is not, he claimed had found the
anatomy of this sensitive area. Ostrzenski ensure the G- spot is real.
Structure resembles a bag in the perineal membrane. Amounted to only
half the size of a fingernail, with a length of 8.1 millimeters and
3.6 millimeters wide. "Our study has confirmed the anatomy of the
G-spot, which may help to understand and study the female sexual
function better," said Ostrzenski, who published their study in the
Journal of Sexual Medicine, was quoted by the Telegraph. Understanding
of the G- spot stems from the discovery of Ernst Gravenberg (G), a
German gynecologist, in 1950. Be a point in the female sex organs
which have exceeded the sensitivity of the clitoris stimulation, so
that they can deliver a peak experience of pleasure or orgasm. Many
women claim to have found this sensitive area. However, not a few who
find it difficult to pretend that forced orgasm during intercourse
with a partner. This condition is even believed to override the 53.9
percent of women who had sexual intercourse. The high percentage of
women who have never orgasm that then provoke debate about the
existence of the G-spot. Many consider this sensitive area is only
fantasy and imagination which later became the term of the therapist's
sexuality in the media. Professor Kevan Wylie, consultant in sexual
medicine Sheffield and editor of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, said
the findings Ostrzenski not the final answer. Still need to set aside
100 studies supporting previous studies which failed to prove the
existence of the G-spot.

Reason Men Enjoy Sex Commercial Services

More than just want to have sex with a female, the male philanderer
turns out to have a lot of the motivation behind the action. A recent
study said, the acceptance of prostitution as a justification for
making men more easily obtain their services. But in some men, the
risk of illegal relationship is the most challenging. "One of the
motivations behind men seeking prostitutes is there anything
interesting or risky. Illicit nature makes it more interesting," said
Martin Monto, a sociologist at the University of Portland who
conducted the study. Monto found a reason for that was quite
surprising. One of three men who visit sex workers claimed to want to
learn more about sex than sex with their regular partners. "They want
more sex, or sexual activity is different from the intimate activity
with their regular partners," he said. Added, some men who use the
services of sex workers are those who are lonely, feel socially
isolated or experience problems in relationships. Monto said,
examining the men who use prostitutes are often quite difficult. Most
of them are very closed, a natural tendency for illegal sexual habits.
The study focused on supply side of prostitution and sex workers
interviewed to understand how women can get into this business.
Quoting Live Science, the results showed 16 percent of men in the
population never hire sex for life. While other studies reveal 2-4
percent of U.S. men visit prostitutes in the past year. Commercial Sex
and Happiness The study, published in the journal Violence Against
Women in 2004 found an interesting fact that he never used the
services of commercial sex. Men who had used the services of sex, or
sex tourists tend to undergo a marriage when the marriage was unhappy.
Not surprisingly, the men tend to regard these johns prostitution is a
lifestyle. They are also more sexually free than men who rarely buy
sexual services. "Men who come into contact with sex workers have
sexual partners and sexual activity more often. Marriage they were
also less happy and more liberal than that rarely or never hire the
services of sex."

Cause of Pain at women when do sex

Sex is an important part in this activity because the relationship
becomes one of the keys to the couple harmony. If a man can easily
enjoy sex, unlike the case with women who often do not enjoy because
of the emergence of pain during penetration. Cause, could be due to
the sex organs of health factors that are temporary, until the advent
of gynecologic disorders. Here are five causes of pain in women during
intercourse, or dyspareunia as quoted by A. Lack of
passion If not in the mood to have sex, vaginal muscles will tighten
and dry. The condition causes penetration is difficult, so that the
vagina will be sore. Sometimes these problems arise from the anxiety
in your mind. Try to relax and tell your partner to help you create a
safe and comfortable conditions. 2. Give birth Pain in the sex organs
often come after the birth of children, either through natural birth
or Caesarean procedure. "Painful birth process can leave both physical
and mental injuries," said Denis Knowles, a sex therapist. According
to him, a woman who had just given birth may have felt their vagina
was injured. "It can make them feel sexy, and they do not feel the
same sensation that they are supposed to feel during intercourse." Try
to express feelings in an intimate partner and did activities slowly
according to convenience. Studies show that the pain will be gone
within a year at least. 3. Vaginismus Vaginismus is an uncontrollable
tightening of the vaginal muscles, making penetration difficult and
trigger pain in the vagina. Passion is still emerging, but often not
present. Generally, the vaginal muscles will relax again when the
penetration process ends. The cause of vaginismus is not certain.
Generally, this condition is associated with psychological conditions
related to traumatic sexual experiences. "Any trauma associated with
sex organs have a psychological impact. To overcome this problem, you
need a good partner and understanding. Giving personal enjoyment can
also help because you will learn what makes you anxious in the
relationship," he said. 4. Vulvar vestibulitis Common symptoms that
often occur in this condition is a burning, stinging, and pain. The
pain is usually constant appear and can last for years. This condition
is more likely to occur in women aged 40 years or more. This disorder
is treated with drugs that alter the way nerve endings send a stimulus
to the spine. 5. Vaginal Infections Some infections such as
irritation, chlamydia, and herpes sores can make during sex.
Irritation can be treated with drugs that are sold in pharmacies.
Meanwhile, chlamydia and herpes, including sexually transmitted
disease that can cause painful and even bleed during sex. Both of
these conditions can be treated with prescription drugs.

Four Reasons Pamper yourself with Masturbation

masturbation sexual activity is often associated with male sexual
activity. But, who says women should not masturbate? Therefore, it
gives the benefits of moderate masturbation. Unlike men who tend to be
open to sexual activity masturbation with friends, many women regard
this as a taboo. In fact, many advantages to be gained, not only for
themselves, but also the continuity of relationship with a partner.
Here are four benefits of moderate masturbation in women, as quoted
Yourtango: A. Help identify the body and mind Through masturbation,
women will learn how to evoke something, such as sexual arousal.
Mentally, you can play many kinds of fantasies. This is useful so that
you will understand better what are the things you must do to gain
satisfaction. In some women who have problems with arousal or orgasm,
masturbation is beneficial to love yourself and know your body better.
You can do this using a tool. It is quite possible you could enjoy it
with your partner. 2. Health benefits Just like men, masturbation in
women is also capable of releasing tension or stress, especially for
your insomnia. This proves that there are compounds released during
orgasm and may also be able to cure you of depression. A study showed
that women who have masturbated will focus on sexual health by
visiting a gynecologist more often. 3. Pamper yourself makes you more
sexy There is a mistaken belief that women are sexually active do not
need masturbation. In fact, sexual activity such as masturbation with
a partner is also a fun thing. Occasionally perform this activity with
a partner will help increase sexual desire and self-confidence of
women. You will feel more sexy in her eyes. 4. Masturbation with a
partner Masturbation with a partner who enjoyed helping couples
recognize each other with each other, well you know what each other
likes and dislikes.

Effective Ways to Prevent Animal Diseases

The World Health Organization (WHO) roll out the concept of one health
to deal with the spread of infectious diseases that could spread to
many countries. It is also become the basis of cooperation between the
Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UGM with
University of Minnesota, and Tufsts University, United States, to
develop one application of health through knowledge and experience
exchange, research collaboration and exchange of faculty and students.
Among one of the infectious diseases of animal instance of swine flu
outbreak in Mexico. Generally the disease is the result of interaction
between humans and animals and humans and their environment. So to do
by handling and multi- sectoral collaboration among mutlidisiplin
through the concept of one health. Microbiology expert Faculty, dr.
Abu Tholib M.Sc, Ph.D, Sp.MK, said the concept of one health is needed
in Indonesia. Because Indonesia is part of the Southeast Asia region
is considered to be the largest endemic emergence of new infectious
diseases. Among the bird flu disease, malaria, dengue, tuberculosis,
rabies, and so on, which now continues to experience growth and
changes caused by genetic mutations. "If it is not anticipated, a new
disease can spread from Indonesia to the world in one week," said Abu
Tholib Faculty of Medicine in Yogyakarta, Tuesday, May 8, 2012.
Through the concept of one health, he continued, diseases of zoonotic
infections can be treated early and intensively. But the necessary
education and training involving researchers from various disciplines
to share include physicians, veterinarians, nutritionists, nurses,
ecologists and social scientists. Faculty matching zoonosis expert,
Prof. Dr. drh. Tunas Artama Wayan, insists zoonotic disease management
can not be overcome through human medical treatment, but also need the
involvement of doctors animals. "The spread of the disease transferred
from animals to humans and vice versa. So need treatment more
intensive animal diseases, "he said. Recognized Wayan, diseases of
animals are not separated from the effects of human habits and
behavior as a result of interaction with animals. Inevitably, these
interactions as a transmission medium. Researchers from the University
of Minnesota, Linda Olson Keller said the spread of disease
surveillance and control must involve many researchers from various
fields of science. In the United States found an average of one new
type of disease that occur each year. Although it arguably does not
really new, because diantaraya result of the change and the
development of previously existing disease. "At least we found a new
disease every year," he said. Women are often asked by the health
department said the United States this type of influenza illness is
still in the spotlight and receive intensive supervision of the U.S.
Department of Health. Swine flu in Mexico and the West Nile Virus
(West Nile Virus) from the Middle East continue to be monitored so as
not to endemic to the United States.

Recognize Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Global Burden of Cancer noted the ratio of breast cancer cases in
Indonesia reached 26 per 100,000 women. This figure shows the high
risks that threaten women in Indonesia. Data from the Ministry of
Health in 2008 even refers to this type of cancer in the first of 10
of cancer in patients hospitalized in the hospital during the period
2004-2007. Breast cancer is generally caused by abnormal cell growth
in breast tissue. Yet, ironically, 80 percent of people do not know
the importance of early breast examination, based on survey results
Jakarta Breast Health Foundation in 2005. Sonar Sonny Panigoro doctor
calls on all women have symptoms of swelling wary if all or part of
the breast, skin irritation, breast or nipple pain, nipple to get
into, nipple or breast skin is reddish, noisy or thickening, nipple
discharge other than breast milk, and lump in the armpit area.
"Immediately consult. Although not all lumps are cancerous but have to
watch out for," he said when met in the "Campaign of Eight (Detect
Your Breast Periodical) Increase Breast Cancer Awareness" at the
Pondok Indah Hospital. Women tend to have higher risk of breast cancer
than men due to hormonal changes in estrogen and progesterone. High
risk also belongs to those who have a lineage with cancer, and hormone
therapy after menopause in the long term. Therapeutic radiation
exposure while in the chest area at a young age, pregnant at older
ages, not feeding the child, use birth control pills for a long time,
unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and lack of
physical activity also triggers a similar risk. The American Cancer
Society (ACS) recommends women who are over age 20 to perform breast
self- examination every month. Ultrasound, mammography and other tests
that are diagnostic suggested at least once a year. While women over
the age of 40 years and have a history of breast cancer in close
family, have a higher risk of breast cancer so it is advised to
consult regularly every six months. While those aged over 40 years and
never had breast cancer, it must be checked out regularly in
accordance with doctor's instructions.

Dangers of Energy Drinks For Dental Health

Sipping sports drinks or energy drinks after exercising or when busy
in a lot of options to maintain fitness. This drink is considered
better than soft drinks. In fact, energy drinks also contribute to
health problems, especially dental health. A new report published in
the latest issue reveals General Denstistry energy drinks contain
acids that cause tooth decay to two- fold. "Many patients are
surprised to learn that energy drinks make the mouth more acidic,"
says lead study author Poonam Jain. After five days of acid exposure
to energy drinks, will begin to erode tooth enamel and cause damage
difficult to repair. Without the protection of tooth enamel, the teeth
become sensitive, more likely to have cavities as well as vulnerable
to damage. According to the study, 50 percent of American teens drink
at least one can of energy drink every day. More than 60 percent also
regularly consume sports drinks. Sports drinks are also a source of
hidden sugars that cause chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes,
and heart problems. In addition to sugar, energy drinks also contain
high levels of caffeine and other substances that are not regulated
regulatory agencies. To that end, researchers recommend that parents
and teachers supervise its use in children. After drinking an energy
drink, drink water or chew sugarless gum afterward. "Two ways this
increased saliva that naturally help restore normal levels of acidity
in the mouth," he said as quoted Shine. The doctors do not recommend
to brush your teeth immediately after drinking an energy drink or
sports drink. Therefore, brushing your teeth can spread the acid to
the tooth surface and increase erosion of tooth enamel.

The Best Exercise To Reduce Your Fat

Living a healthy diet and regular exercise to slim down without
hurting the primary key of the body. In the middle range of sports
options, swimming could be the best choice for maximum calorie burn. A
study in the United States said that the round of relaxing in the pool
can burn 476 calories per hour. In order to get maximum results, here
are some tips, as quoted by page A. Fast rhythm This does
not mean you have to drag all the sports. Combine rhythm, for example,
a quick round of pool, then a leisurely round, two round dials, and
two subsequent rounds of pool relaxing. You can also divide the
exercises into four to six parts with a single fast lap at the end of
the segment. 2. Set the stage For your rounds into several segments
which consist of one round, two rounds, four rounds, six rounds, four
rounds, two rounds, and one round. Give a rest pause for no more than
30 seconds in between each segment. 3. A little break Do not be too
often rest on every single lap session. Try to just relax for about 10
seconds per session, before continuing the next round. If tired,
better still swim with a relaxed rhythm. 4. The tools Use toys such as
swim boards, hand pedal, or a float. Besides burning calories,
swimming with these tools also can help to build muscles in your arms
and legs. 5. Keep your heart rate To keep the heart rate, stopping
every ten or 15 rounds and check your pulse for six seconds. In this
way, women weighing 74 pounds can burn 680 calories per hour.

Atkins Diet New Style, More Flexible

Atkins Diet is known by his work makeove instant r by limiting sugar
and carbohydrates. Diet in only takes two weeks to sculpt your body
well. But in the old methods of the Atkins diet, some adverse effects
also accompany. You will feel tired. Lack of carbohydrates and sugars
also affect the emotional instability that makes you become irritable.
Problems in the system is unstable pencernan also cause bad breath is
not pleasant. IVillage recently ran an article about the Atkins diet
with a new, more effective methods and minimal adverse effects.
Although the diet is fixed by limiting the intake of carbohydrates and
sugar, but you can still enter the chocolate and bread every day. So
also with caffeine, caffeine-containing beverages in moderation is
very effective in decreasing body weight and a lifesaver when we are
in a phase of decline in energy. Atkins Diet is divided into 4 phases,
namely phase induction, ongoing weight loss (OWL), post treatment diet
, and the maintenance diet for the long-term results. In the first
phase, ie, induction, will last about two weeks, depending on how much
you will lose weight. Consumption of carbohydrates is required is 20
grams per day. Expand Fiber In addition, dieters are advised also
increase the consumption of fiber. Raw foods contain lots of fiber
does not affect the increase in blood sugar and help reduce appetite,
provide for vitamins and minerals. You can increase the consumption of
carbohydrates such as fruit, brown rice, pasta and bread every day to
gradually replace other foods. This new diet including a flexible diet
because you can still consume protein sources like meat, but still
with a note to keep up with the intake of fiber and carbohydrates are
recommended. In the old diet methods that limit the variety of foods,
making our bodies actually are undernourished and vitamins needed so
often arise problems of headache, fatigue, and constipation. Although
the rules in this diet is more free, but still takes care of
consistency in the results to keep eating more fiber-containing
carbohydrates and minerals.

Already Diet But Not Slim? This trigger

Frustrated with the various weight loss slimming diet program that
always fail? You may have made mistakes in the diet makes the body fat
are reluctant to shed. There is some understanding of the actual diet
is no longer suitable in practice. Slimming diet program in order not
to fail, avoid the following mistakes, as quoted by the Times of
India. A. Six small meals per day The idea of ​​eating small meals six
times to reduce hunger is a trap. Leady Heather, Ph.D., assistant
professor of nutritional physiology at the University of Missouri,
said, "We do not say eat three times a day it is the best way.
However, eating small meals is no longer useful for appetite control.
" How to fix it: Make a list of foods to eat and do not stray from
your plan before. 2. Dressing over salad People often add their plates
with salad dressing, mayonnaise, cheese powder, dairy, red meat, and
lots of salt. In the end, you eat more fat than the healthy content of
the vegetables. How to fix it: If you look less attractive salad, you
can decorate it with brightly colored peppers. The use of low-fat
dressing may help, because they have less salt and sugar. In addition,
you can add the balsamic vinegar. 3. Too many nutritional replacement
Some fitness trainers and nutritionists recommend that to avoid energy
snacks and protein shakes. Despite the lure of instant energy boost,
these foods actually have high levels of concentration are high in
sugar and carbohydrates. How to fix it: You can eat natural foods such
as almonds, carrots, oranges and other fruits to satisfy hunger and
provide the right energy. 4. Eating a diet drink Research shows that
diet beverages will not do much for weight loss. You may find that you
save calories, but experts believe diet drinks can make a higher
desire to eat. A study also found that diet soda is too much for a
week can lead to obesity, stroke, and heart problems. How to fix it:
Replace these drinks with green tea rich in antioxidants and
phytonutrients. Do not forget, vegetable juice or a glass of cold milk
are low in fat. 5. Unrealistic targets Many are obsessed with losing
weight as quickly as possible in extreme ways. In fact, losing weight
has to go through the process. Safe weight loss is about 0.5 pounds
per week. That is, the maximum month fell about two pounds. How to fix
it: Give yourself time to not do the things that weigh and eat food
without losing sight of the body's nutritional needs.

6 Chronic Disease Lurking Young People

poor lifestyle lowers the quality of healthcare. Not only increases
the risk of certain diseases, but also makes the body vulnerable to
disease so easily at an early age. A number of diseases that primarily
affects a person in the elderly, young people began to descend. "This
is because many young people think a healthy tomorrow, so it tends to
apply a bad lifestyle," said Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director
of the American Public Health Association. Here are some diseases that
began to threaten the community at an early age, as quoted by Fox
News. Stroke Typical age: 65 years and over Began to threaten: 20s and
30s Stroke is associated with numerous risk factors such as high blood
pressure, diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol. The one way is to
improve the lifestyle to set a healthy diet and regular exercise. Dr
Shazam Hussain, head of the Cleveland Clinic Stroke Program,
recommends not smoking, reducing salt, trans fat intake, eat fish
twice a week, and exercise. "Walking 30 minutes a day is a good
effect," he said. Diabetes Type 2 Typical age: 40's and 50's year
Began to threaten: the children Make the best of food intake as a
drug. "Diet and lifestyle play an important role in increasing the
number of young people with type 2 diabetes," said Dr. Michelle F.
Magee, director of the MedStar Diabetes Institute. The majority of
those who terdiagnosisi overweight, especially with the concentration
of fat around the waist. Therefore, be sure to avoid foods with high
glycemic load, and low in fiber. Also avoid foods berpengawet.
Osteoporosis Typical age: 65 years and over Began to threaten: 50s age
"It is important to bone health as early as possible with a supplement
of vitamin D and calcium intake. Do not wait!" said Dr. Kathryn
Diemer, clinical director of the bone health program Washington
University School of Medicine. Perform regular exercise that helps
build muscle and strengthen bones such as jogging, walking or climbing
stairs. Improve your lifestyle too. "Smoking, alcohol and soft drinks
actually toxic to the bone," said Diemer. Breast Cancer Typical age:
45 years and over Began to threaten: teen Dr. Ann Partridge, director
of the program young women with breast cancer at the Dana-Farber
Cancer Institute, said that regular exercise, maintaining ideal body
weight, and limiting alcohol intake to help reduce the risk of this
disease. Alzheimer's Typical age: 65 years and over Began to threaten:
since the 40's year Dr. Gustavo Alva from the American Board of
Psychiatry, says that we can train your body and mind to reduce the
risk of experiencing these problems at an early age. Activate the
brain that is rarely used. Learning a new language or playing a
musical instrument quite helpful against cognitive decline. "Keeping
cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and physical fitness are also
important because of what is good for the heart is also good for the
brain," Alva said. Melanoma Typical age: 50s and over Began to
threaten: teens and early 20s before In the report the journal Cancer
Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, a number of medical experts
warn teenagers and adults to not do the tanning without the knowledge
of good. Tanning procedure can increase three-fold risk of having this
disease. In addition, it is important to always use sunscreen,
especially if traveling outside the home. "As much as possible to
reduce the intensity of being in the sun between 10 am until the
afternoon," said Dr. Thomas S Kupper, professor of dermatology at
Harvard Medical School.

Important Health Tests Based on Age

Added age affect the level of health. Therefore, need the best care to
maintain the stability of health at all age levels. That the quality
of life maintained until old age, doing routine medical tests as early
prevention dangerous diseases. This is what you should do, is quoted 20s A. Complete medical tests Should be done
every five years since entering the age of 21 years up to age 40
years. These checks include blood sugar, cholesterol, thyroid
function, liver function, kidney function, vitamin B12, and vitamin D.
2. Pap smear It is important to detect early signs of cervical cancer.
Early detection is important to increase the odds of cure in patients
who are diagnosed. This test should be performed every year since age
20. If up to the age of 30 years the result is always good, the test
can be done every three years until the age of 65. 3. STD Tests STD or
sexually transmitted diseases sexually transmitted disease is a
disorder that commonly found in patients aged 15-24 years. Delay in
diagnosis can lead to fatal conditions. The annual test should be
performed include the possibility of HIV, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea.
This is important, especially those who are already sexually active or
those who like the couple mutually. 4. Check the Skin Melanoma is the
leading cause of cancer death among women ages 25-29. Incidence among
young women and even increased by 50 percent over the last 30 years.
Largely due to beauty procedures such as tanning beds. If you have a
family history of skin cancer, you should do checks every six months.
30s Five. HPV Test HPV is the main cause of cervical cancer. At age
30, women become more vulnerable to infection because the immune
system begins to decline. Perform tests at least every three years. 6.
Test blood sugar It is important to prevent a potentially fatal
condition, especially those who have a history of diabetes. By knowing
the blood sugar levels regularly, we can perform the control or
prevention. Those who have not been diagnosed with diabetes, perform
this test at least every three years until the age of 50 years. Age
40s 7. Test cholesterol Especially if you smoke or have a history of
high blood pressure, diabetes or have a family with heart disease. Age
50s 8. Mammogram It saw an increased risk of breast cancer in women
aged between 50 and 59. At that age, one out of every 42 women were
diagnosed positive. And at the age of 60-69 years, the chances
increase to one out of every 29 women. Early detection will help
prevent the spread of disease and increase the chances of recovery. Do
it once every two years. 9. Colonoscopy Start doing these tests when
entering the age of 50 years, seeing the risk of colorectal cancer,
which is the second leading killer in the United States. Aged 50 years
and above are considered the most vulnerable developing the disease.

Sitting Too Long Increases Risk of Diabetes

How long do you spend time sitting in front of an office desk in a
day? A UK study showed that women who have a habit of sitting for
hours without a break at high risk for type 2 diabetes. Based on these
studies, women who have long sat intensity increased diabetes risk
factors. The longer it sits, the higher the risk factors such as
insulin resistance and chronic inflammation. Interestingly, the
results were more directed at female respondents. In fact, even in
healthy women who have a healthy diet and exercise order. While the
male respondents, the increase in the risk factor is not too
prominent. Thomas Yates, of the University of Leicester, UK, analyzed
information from approximately 500 respondents who attended a
diabetes-checking program. In this program, all respondents reported
how much time they spend sitting in the last seven days. In addition
to collecting blood samples to test for diabetes risk factors. Female
respondents on average spend five hours a day to sit down. While he
spends six hours a day to sit down. In women, sitting intensity
associated with insulin resistance and high levels of markers of
inflammation symptoms, such as c-reactive protein (CRP) and
interleukin-6 (IL-6). "Spend less time sitting is an important factor
in preventing chronic disease," said the researchers in the American
Journal of Preventive Medicine, Health Today quoted. Although this
study is less accurate because it ignores a number of other diabetes
risk factors, but a number of previous studies also revealed adverse
effects of sitting too long. In addition to diabetes, also increase
the risk of heart disease and even premature death.

Anne Hathaway Falls 7 Kg

actress Anne Hathaway in a new movie, very shocking. His body looked
thin while performing in sets of the film adaptation of Les Miserables
with Hugh Jackman. In the film, Hathaway plays a woman dying
prostitute, Fantine. He did not want to play half-hearted play.
Explore for the sake of his role, he reported earlier this year on a
strict diet to lose weight. As quoted by page Daily Mail, Friday,
April 20, 2012, photographs of Hathaway scenes footage in the film was
outstanding. The photos were taken while he was filming in London. See
her new look, the actress is 29 years old is completely different. For
lean, he is only eating 500 calories a day, ideally when the
recommended dietary food intake of 2000 calories per day. In the photo
footage of the scene, Hathaway looks pale purple short-sleeved dress
standing on the balcony with Jackman. During the strict diet, Hathaway
lost weight up to 7 pounds in three weeks. Again for the role, he also
cut out a long brown hair. This is all he did, for a role as a
prostitute who hunger and dying. "Anne plays a serious role as a woman
the night of the poor factory workers," said the source told the Daily
Mirror. "Unfortunately, he only had a 15 to 20 days to lose weight as
much as possible. It's not ideal but, because the film is produced
with a high budget, there are strict time constraints." For the sake
of making a thin Hathaway, the film producer has appointed a personal
trainer for him. He was also asked to eat no more than a few apples a
day, and some protein. Selaian Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman, the
film also involves Russell Crowe and Eddie Redmayne. Taking the
background story of the life of 19th-century France, Les Miserables
tells a compelling story about dreams and unrequited love, passion,
sacrifice and redemption-lasting evidence for the survival of the
human spirit. Directed by Tom Hooper, Les Miserables is scheduled to
release on December 7, 2012.

Jennifer Hudson Powerful Diet

with a slim body into the desire of all women. What about your diet?
Is it recorded a score satisfactory? Just look at the body of Jennifer
Hudson now has a perfect curve. The actress graduated from American
Idol is to share tips about his motivation to get into shape.
According to Hudson, the motivation is the key to the success of his
diet. This story of Hudson. "Whenever people ask me how I can reduce
my weight by 80 pounds, the first thing I say is, the reason the
diet." Do: Make a list that contains 10 or more reasons why you should
lose weight. At least this record will motivate to do with a
consistent diet until the desired number. The relationship between the
mind and is very strong motivation to be successful. "Although many
experts recommend that you do not weigh every day, but this is what I
do to measure the progress of the diet. When weighing, I really do not
use any outfit to make sure the number on the scale only shows weight.
If I only see minor changes I can think of a more fruitful. " Do:
Follow the way of Hudson, the number on the scale indicates how hard
your efforts. If still not, you can add it by rearranging the diet
program. "I feel, losing weight is my responsibility to myself, and I
really want to do it. Therefore, I also have to be accountable." Do:
Place a paper that said "excuse diet" on the wall that you frequently
pass. When you are flagging diet determination, this paper is very
helpful. "The only way to get the results after the diet is a
permanent body, creating a way of thinking, way of acting, and a new
way of being." Do: change behavior, including changing the diet and
health habits should continue to run. Take the time to make
corrections, about what habits can change the size of the body becomes
more slender. If you've found it, go on it as a habit. For example,
watching TV without a snack, clean the house before work, or the
other. "I feel my past with excess body weight had no impact on
health. After a diet, I am more fit to the energy and good stamina."
Do: Rather than focus only think of how many numbers you decline, you
better think about the benefits that would accompany such a weight
loss of confidence, energy and excellence. This feeling of success
when you can skip the stairs without fatigue and wear loose clothing
that feels now.

8 Easy Ways to Get a Flat Stomach

If you always thought that flatten the tummy requires effort and cost
prohibitive, you are wrong. To get a flat stomach, surely you must
have the intention and consistency in performing a variety of ways. Do
not need liposuction, extra strict diet or go to the gym every day.
You just need to make 8 easy steps. A. Eating a bowl of raspberry
Raspberries are rich in fiber, so it is great for healthy Your
digestion. No need to worry about eating lots of raspberry, since this
fruit can help you avoid constipation that often makes the center of
the belly bulge. 2. Drink plenty of water The myth says that eating
lots of water make belly fat, in fact, water makes the stomach look
flatter. Not only calorie-free, water also speeds up the metabolism
process. The more you drink, the more calories and fat is also burned
into the source of energy. 3. Avoid alcoholic beverages Alcoholic
beverages may be free of fat, but contain high calorie. In addition,
alcohol can increase the production of cortisol, which makes the fat
deposits on the belly. 4. Sit up The sitting position also affects the
beauty of the stomach. From now on, you have to train yourself to sit
in an upright position. If you too are sitting with a bent position,
the stomach will look great, your posture will change. It also can
make the fat accumulated in the abdomen. To stay trim, make sure you
always have the ideal posture by sitting upright habit. 5. Gardening
Who knew gardening could make your stomach flat. You can fill the
holidays with this fun activity. Movement of bending, lifting, and
turning will burn 350 calories per hour. 6. Hula hoop One of the
exercises are effective and fun to do you play with a hula hoop.
Movement that focused on the waist is very effective for burning
calories and exercising the muscles of the waist. 7. Playing golf This
sport can be arguably one of the casual sports. However, walking down
the hill and hit the golf ball can tighten your abdominal muscles. So,
leave the golf cart that used to take you around! 8. Sit up To obtain
the form of a flat stomach, do a simple exercise every morning. Lie on
the floor and place your feet on the bed or chair, then gently lift
the head, shoulders, and back off the floor. Hold and repeat this
movement until the count of ten. Perform two to three times a week for
maximum results. If you are diligent in doing so, you are guaranteed
to be flat stomach without the need go to the gym.

Diabetes-free Thanks to Stem Cell Therapy

The development of advanced science and technology is highly
beneficial to humans. As with the benefits of stem cells or stem
cells. This technology is capable of treating serious diseases such as
diabetes and burns. Diabetes Diabetes is a serious health disorder
that is associated with high levels of glucose in the blood. Stem cell
therapy as an alternative therapy for the treatment of diabetes in the
future. In a study being conducted by experts Faculty of Medicine,
University of Indonesia (Faculty), stem cells can treat people with
diabetes type 1 and 2 chronic blood glucose levels can no longer be
controlled with diet therapy, exercise, and medication. Stem cell for
this disease is done by selecting stem cells to be isolated, or
modified conditions are optimized, and then be transplanted into the
patient, to be able to produce the hormone insulin to absorb sugar
cell. However, the use of stem cells in the treatment of diabetes
today, still in the stage of further research. Burns (Skin
Replacement) Stem cells can be used to treat damaged parts of the
body, eg skin areas. "About 50 per cent, we have managed to get the
keratinocyte isolation method that can be derived. Identification of
skin stem cell or keratinocyte stem cell is made" synthetic leather
"the material from the patient's own body, so that did not experience
rejection," said plastic surgeon, Dr. Ni Made, Swantari, MBIOMED,
SpBP. Skin replacement can be performed on two types of injuries.
Acute injuries are the first new injuries occur and generally through
the phases of normal wound healing, so the skin will be closed again.
Second, chronic wounds are wounds that are not covered with skin for
more than three weeks. Acute wounds that require skin stem cells is
extensive acute injury, such as extensive burns within, or death of
the skin due to traffic accidents, while the injured are in need of
stem cell chronic skin wounds such as diabetes, blood pressure of
time, injury due to radiation, and other injuries healed long. Until
now, stem cell replacement skin is still in the stage of
identification and concentration. Researchers are still going to test
it with some other antibody method.

Regulate food Coming Wedding

Has become a ritual every bride seems to undergo a diet ahead of the
wedding day. But this diet is usually completed with the end of the
wedding, but it never hurts to continue a healthy lifestyle is even on
the wedding day even while maintaining the intake of food and
beverages. Here are ahead of the wedding food and wedding food you
should avoid. High carbohydrate. Avoid high-carbohydrate foods like
white bread, pasta, corn and potatoes ahead of the wedding day.
Replace it with wheat bread and other foods rich in fiber. Caffeine
found in coffee, black tea, and soft drinks. Caffeine not only makes
it difficult to sleep, but also cause dehydration. Avoid consuming
milk, cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products on the wedding day.
Especially if you have allergies to milk products may make abdominal
pain or other complaints. Avoid sugary foods on the wedding day.
Sugary foods do provide energy but will not last long even make you
weak. Soda and carbonated drinks can make a full belly bulge and gas.
You certainly do not want to look on the wedding day is sloppy is not
it? Spicy foods do not only need to avoid before the wedding but also
on the wedding day. Spicy foods may trigger abdominal pain that
disrupts your health. Ahead of the wedding and the wedding day you
should avoid any alcohol consumption. These drinks can cause
dehydration, headaches, bad breath and the worst case, get drunk.
Keeping ahead of the wedding food was wont to do. But it's good to
keep the marriage and not just any food to eat health and stamina in
your special day remains good.

8 Tricks Avoid Dinner When Diet

One of the easiest ways to shrink body fat is to limit the intake of
food at night. According to nutritionists, to avoid a heavy meal at
18.00 or after a maximum of three hours before bedtime can accelerate
fat burning. However, almost everyone knows to avoid dinner is a very
difficult thing. Especially during busy or forced to spend the day
skipping lunch. Dinner can become a means of revenge and overeating.
But there are simple and useful way to trick your appetite at night or
during cold weather with frenzied appetite. A. Eating soup berkaldu
Eat the soup in the evening, including the soup broth. These foods
will quickly fill your stomach and prevent overeating. Broth in the
soup the next delaying the onset of starvation for a long time. But,
do not put sharp or spicy seasoning in soups, because they induce
appetite. 2. Eat a light snack such as fruit Eat yogurt or applesauce.
When eating an apple, be sure to eat all the seeds. Seeds of an apple
contains iodine the body needs in a day. Iodine is used for reducing
the urge to eat. 3. Drink before bed A glass of warm water with a
slice of lemon or tomato juice will satisfy the hunger for several
hours. 4. Compote of figs and plums Compote of figs and plums are
beneficial for health and outwit your appetite. Pour the three liters
of water with half a pound of prunes or figs and boil up to 2.5
liters. Cup compote quite the stomach for at least one hour. 5. Eating
Milk Powder Hunger is unbearable? A small spoonful of powdered nonfat
dry milk will save you hungry in the middle of the night. 6. Green
Beans and Potatoes Satiety can be maintained for a long time with the
intake of a cup of pureed green beans or two medium-sized potatoes are
eaten with the skin. 7. Take a Warm Water Hot water bath to give a
sense of relaxation, making a quick feeling sleepy at the same time
suppress the appetite. Better yet if you put a few drops of essential
oil in the bath. Essential oils of orange, lemon, and fruit to help
fool the stomach is hungry. 8. Physical activity suppresses appetite
Walk or exercise before bed can suppress hunger very well.

Six Variety of Tea Offer Wonders for the Body

Tea is a kind of popular beverage in the world. Not only useful as a
release thirst, a dish of tea also save health benefits. At least the
following six types of tea, was quoted by Fox News. • Black Tea Is the
most common varieties with penetration reaching 75 percent of global
tea market. Made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis plant, which is
usually rolled, fermented, then dried and crushed. It was a little
bitter with the highest caffeine content than other types. Compared to
40 milligrams of caffeine-containing coffee between 50-100 migram.
Health Benefits: Research shows people who drank three cups of black
tea or more per day reduced their risk of stroke by 21 percent. Has a
sufficiently high concentration of antioxidants, known as theaflavins
and thearubigins. "This compound has a good effect to lower blood
cholesterol levels," said Rebecca Baer, ​​a dietitian in New York
City. • Green tea Have a more delicate taste than black tea. Once
picked, the tea leaves are dried and heated immediately to stop the
fermentation process. Contains about 25 milligrams of caffeine per
cup. Health benefits: A study found that consumption of green tea per
day lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease by 10 percent. Green tea
is rich in antioxidants called catechins. "Active compounds to prevent
cancer and all diseases related to heart," said Karen Collins,
dietitian and nutrition consultant at the American Institute for
Cancer Research, Washington. • Oolong Tea Similar to black tea. The
difference is in the process of fermentation that lasted shorter. A
bunch of richer flavor, this tea contains about 30 milligrams of
caffeine per cup. Health benefits: A study shows the benefits of this
type of tea to weight loss. Women who diligently tended to drink
oolong tea can burn more calories than those who drank only water.
"Oolong activate the enzyme responsible for dissolving triglycerides,
a form of dietary fat stored in fat cells," said Baer. • White Tea
Derived from tea leaves that are picked while still very easy, thus
offering a much milder flavor than other types. Each cup has only
about 15 milligrams of caffeine content. And the process was too long,
the type of tea is capable of storing the highest antioxidant content
than other types. Health benefits: A number of studies have shown the
good type of tea for diabetics. Clinical trials of experimental
animals also showed the benefits improved glucose tolerance and lowers
bad cholesterol. Experts believe the same effect on humans. "White tea
is beneficial to protect the system against potential cardiovascular
and cancer," said Joe Simrany, president of the Tea Association of the
United States. • Tea berarona Usually in the form of black tea, green
tea or white tea in the process of compounding has the addition of
aromatics such as cinnamon, orange peel, or lavender, Health benefits:
nutritional compounds depending on the type of tea used. Because
basically, the addition will not reduce the aromatic content of
antioxidants or other important compounds. "But the levels of
antioxidants can be added if blended with fruit such as blueberries
super- harbor," said Lisa Boalt Richardson, tea expert from Atlanta
who wrote 'The World in Your Teacup'. • Herbal teas Technically, this
type is not derived from real tea leaves. Rather than mixing types of
plants which usually consists of dried fruit, some flowers, and herbs.
Caffeine-free content. Health benefits: The study, published in the
Journal of Nutrition found that drinking three cups of herbal tea
(hibiscus) every day to help lower blood pressure in hypertensive
patients. There is also evidence to suggest that chamomile tea served
to increase the quality of sleep, or peppermint tea to soothe the
stomach. All you need to be vigilant when consuming herbal tea is a
weight that may contain harmful laxatives.

Choose Nuts to Diet

The family of beans is a healthy food that is required of your diet.
Every single bite of beans resemble a heart- healthy fats include
protein, vitamins and fats. However, some types of nuts contain high
calories and fat so you have to be smart to choose what kind of nut
that you can consume in large quantities and which can only be
consumed in small amounts. Keep in mind also, though nuts are healthy
food choices, beans can also be unhealthy if paired with sugar or
salt. The best nuts to your diet: Almond, Cashew, Pistachio Almost all
the pulses have the same caloric content. And the number is, all nuts
are healthy foods to your diet. "Nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids,
protein, and fiber that may help you feel full and suppress your
appetite," said Judy Caplain, RD, a spokeswoman for the Academy of
Nutrition and Dietetics, reported by the Huffington Post. However, of
all types of nuts, beans are low in calories of almonds (23 nuts
contains 6 grams of protein and 14 grams of fat), nuts (16 to 18 nuts
contain 5 grams of protein and 13 grams of fat), and pistachios (49
nuts contains 6 grams of protein and 13 grams of fat). However, avoid
packing peanuts and nuts that have been fried in oil. Possible, choose
raw nuts, or roasted. The worst for diet nuts: Macadamia and pecan
every ounce of his having a high calorie, about 200 calories, while a
little amount of protein. In every 10 to 12 macademia nuts contained 2
grams of protein and 21 grams of fat, while in every 18 to 20 grains
contained pecans 3 grams protein and 20 grams of fat. Although it
contains a high fat content, does not necessarily make the two types
of beans are dangerous. What is important is how to regulate the
amount of beans to avoid excessive intake.