Tips Slim Back After Childbirth

Most women are confused to choose the right steps to shrink their waistline after childbirth. Quite often they go on a diet that could endanger health. After giving birth and breastfeeding, mothers are required to keep the intake of nutrients for the health of mother and baby.

"Many surveys have shown that women who maintain their weight after pregnancy it will make them fatter. Enterprises also has health risks, such as diabetes or heart disease," says Prof. Raul Artal, MD, chairman of the Field of Obstetrics Gynecology and Women's Health at Saint Louis University Medical School.

Actually there are healthy ways that can make you go back svelte after giving birth. Interestingly, it should always be done with exercise or diet, but by the following methods cited by the Times of India.

A. Breastfeeding
Many myths say, mothers who breastfeed will make the breast down or leave streaks sign. But this is not true, breastfeeding is easy and healthy way to lose weight.

"Breastfeeding is not only beneficial for newborns, but also for the mother. Women who are breastfeeding can burn about 600 calories per day, "said Dr. Raul Artal. Same number of calories is reduced only if you ride for an hour.

2. Drink Plenty of Water Mineral
Water is good for health trustworthy. In addition to refreshing, water can remove toxins from the body. If your urine is yellow, you're out of water consumed. Therefore, drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water per day. Water also helps you lose weight because it makes the stomach feel full so that the desire to eat more controlled.

3. Fruit and Vegetable Consumption
You are a mother who just gave birth and took a high nutrient intake for breastfeeding. Therefore, Ceramic your diet with many vegetables and fruits are also healthy for your child. Set a balanced diet, like meat that contains no fat, fish, and foods low in fat.

4. Men with Baby
This is a fun way. You can burn calories by playing with the baby. Encourage your baby walk around with a stroller in the morning and evening, or carrying your baby when the morning while drying so that the baby is also healthy.

5. Eating Enough
Remember, you are breastfeeding and need lots of nutrition for infants. It is better to eat three times a day with a balanced diet rather than eating once a day, but with a sweet food or less healthy, such as chocolate, chips or fries.

6. Classes follow the Post-Delivery Care
Find out where to place a hold classes postnatal treatment around your home. Is a good way to lose fat in the body. In addition, you can share stories with other moms about diet after giving birth and others who can help you take care of the child.

If you can not join in the postnatal treatment because of the distance from the residence or not authorized by the husband, you can make the sport as an alternative. Walk or bike ride every morning at least an hour a day. Then, it could be a discussion with your friends who have never done body care after childbirth.

Raw Food Diet and Slim Body Make Fresh

Leaves and raw food is already familiar to the tongue of Indonesia. Ranging from vegetables to fruit salad and fresh raw vegetables. Raw food diet or raw food diet is so kinipun trend. What are the benefits?

In the raw food diet, all processed food without cooking it first. If you really need to be cooked, the temperature should not be more than 45 C. Foods consumed include nuts, dried fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables, juices, organic food, seaweed. For those who eat meat, it can still eat a raw meat and fish.

The advantages of raw food diet was first proposed by a Swiss physicist, Max Bircher-Benner in the 18th century. With eating raw food diet is believed to maximize the nutrients from food ingredients. The cooking process, especially with the high temperature could eliminate the content of enzymes and natural nutrients they contain.

Raw food diet is believed to lose weight and keep it an ideal, it can also make the skin healthier. By not eating cooked food, the body will also feel more fit and capable of lowering cholesterol levels.

For those who are accustomed to eating cooked food, raw food diet looks boring. But now, it has many delicious recipes that do not require cooking. Ranging from smoothies, salads, to pizza and a variety of cakes that can be encountered in a number of recipe sites.

To process raw foods, it takes some kind of kitchen appliance such as blender, thermometer, juicer, food processor, also spiral slicer. To process the nuts and hard food, can soak them first until tender.

Still, there are pros and cons to this diet. Raw food diet is claimed to be very inconvenient because it requires more time and energy to process food. Without the cooking process, worried and content of harmful pesticides on fruits and vegetables can not be lost. In addition, it takes a strong will to survive with the diet is doing. Want to try?

For foods that should be consumed Sports Maximum Results

What you eat before and after exercise can provide an enormous impact on the practice run. Eating the right foods, exercise can maximize and accelerate the body's recovery after exercise. What foods should be consumed before, during and after exercise? Nutritionist Cynthia Sass, M.P.H., R.D. provide recommendations, as quoted from the Huffington Post.

Before Sport
Choose foods or snacks that are easily digested and will not make your stomach bloated or sick. If the food you eat is not digested immediately before or during exercise, energy will be trapped in the belly of the muscle and can not be used. In fact, the body requires more energy to burn fat and calories with the optimal exercise time. Undigested food can cause cramping and lethargic body.

To that end, consume foods that are low in protein, fat and well as before exercising. Protein, fat and fiber is a substance that makes you full longer. Three nutrients are good for those who sit all day at the office desk, but not good if you're going to do high-intensity activity. The best food is a bowl of whole grain cereal (corn flakes without sugar, rice crispy) with skim or soy milk and one small banana, one hour before exercise.

When Sports
It's important to cover your body with fluids either before, during or after exercise. If you tend to sweat a lot or exercise more than 60 minutes, drink sports drinks or isotonic drinks to keep the water content and energy, also replace electrolytes lost through sweat. But if you just work out less than an hour, just enough water consumption.

After Sports
After the exercise session, you have found time to eat 'food recovery' within 30 minutes (after exercise) if possible. During exercise, your body uses a lot of nutrients, and foods that are consumed should be able to restore the lost nutrients, necessary for the repair and restoration.

Food consumed should be rich in protein (for muscle recovery), complex carbohydrates (to restore carbohydrate reserves in muscle tissue), healthy fats and of course, fluid. You can eat the dish contains sauteed chicken, shrimp or edamame, brown rice or whole wheat and colorful vegetables.

Easy Ways To Fat Not Accumulate in the Body

Overweight and obesity can increase the variety of diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

Only by simple changes in daily routine, your metabolism will be able to run properly, so the fat does not accumulate. About how to optimize your metabolism so that fat does not accumulate?

Here are 9 ways to optimize your metabolism so that fat does not accumulate as quoted from Fitbie, Monday (2/20/2012), among others:

A. Eating eggs for breakfast
A study in Nutrition Research found that people who ate eggs for breakfast, have fewer total daily calories.

2. Many stand
Increase the standing in their daily activities, such as stand up every time I read or take a phone call at work to optimize metabolism. Standing a half times more calories burned than sitting.

3. Do not eat in front of the TV
According to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Massachusetts, people who eat in front of the TV mostly take 300 calories more.

4. Weighing once a week
Weighing once a week is an attempt to control weight. Based on a study published in the American College of Sports Medicine Health & Fitness Journal, dieters may succeed due to weighing once a week.

5. Eating an apple
Preferably at lunch, eating an apple, but not apple juice. Chewing triggers satiety, so maybe it will consume nearly 15 percent more calories a bit. It is based on notes taken from the journal Appetite.

6. Increase the consumption of protein and reduce carbohydrates
"Consuming 55 grams of whey protein per day for 23 weeks can reduce 4 kg of body weight than if they get the calories from carbohydrates," said USDA scientists.

7. Own homework
"People who live without a maid or often do their own homework, like cleaning the house, thus has a higher physical activity," said the researchers from Indiana University.

8. Add beans to soup
Stir half a cup of beans into a pot of soup, it was a tactic to fight the flab 6 grams more.

9. Drink skim milk
"By drinking 2 1/2 cup skim milk during the day equivalent to the juice is low in calories and can reduce calorie consumption by 8.5 percent," say researchers from Australia.

Easy Weight Loss for Women Over Up When Dating

For women who are in a love affair, it seems to be diligent in checking the weight of at least once a month. A study revealed that 90 percent of women to weight gain after they were dating or having a long-term romance.

Weight average woman rose as much as 7.3 kg, and the majority (approximately 56 percent) weight began to increase from four to six months after dating. Based on a poll of 1,000 British women, four or six months is the age of courtship when they already feel comfortable with their partner. So, what does the courtship with the weight gain?

Polling conducted by the firm LighterLife weight control showed that more than a third of respondents thought that often go out at night with a lover to be one cause of their weight up. One in five women said, feeling comfortable with your partner makes them less concerned about body shape. While one in ten respondents admitted they gain weight because of the frequent dinner with a loved one.

"I've heard many women say that their weight up a few months after a love affair," said Mandy Cassidy, a psychotherapist for LighterLife, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Cassidy adds, "When single or still in the early stages of dating, you want to look my best. Keeping your body slim in the main agenda. But when the relationship began to grow serious, many women realize that they will continue to partner with him, no matter how they look right now. "

That assumption, which, according to Cassidy trigger women to change his lifestyle and adjust their eating portions lover. Men of course have to eat larger portions than women, and behaviors contribute to weight gain.

From this research, created the term "Love Stone" used to describe the addition of a few pounds of weight gain in women who influenced the level of comfort in a relationship. Than 90 percent of women who claim their weight gained after a long courtship, the two-thirds have increased the weight of one to two pounds, or about 0.9 kg.

"There is nothing wrong eating good food and very important to feel comfortable with your own body shape. But the amount of food that is too much or unhealthy of course, will bring harm to the long term," said health practitioners and TV presenter Dr Hilary Jones.

Hilary added, women need 500 calories less than men. But when food is served along with, women tend to adjust portions to eat semejanya friends.

"Although only a few extra calories consumed, is enough to make a person's weight increases every time. This survey demonstrated that," said Hilary.

Make High-Protein Diet Slim In 8 Weeks

A good diet should be a lifestyle. However, we often get bored easily if you have to set up an ideal food for the body. If so, you should try a diet rich in protein which has been proven to make slimmer in 8 weeks!

Researchers from the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health, Aberdeen University in Scotland conducted a study to launch a diet product. 'Simply Fuller Longer'. This product consists of 40 types of menu dinner, lunch, and sandwiches and salads. This product is sold in Marks & Spencer, a British department store.

In the research trial, a total of 20 men and 22 women to come to the Human Nutrition Unit 2 weeks to get food and to record the weight. After 4 weeks, participants who ate only 1,000 calories per day on average weight loss of 4.72 kg.

Further studies were carried out for 8 weeks. The result, 12 participants with excess body weight successfully reduce weight by 6.5 kg. Shrink their waistlines, the average 6-94 cm. Fat content was decreased from 36.8% to 34%. Similarly, cholesterol levels that can be trimmed seperdelapannya.

The menu is their consumption of these 'Lochmuir Hot Smoked Salmon' and 'Chargrilled Chicken and Tomato Risotto'. However, that does not mean high-protein dish is entirely eliminate carbohydrates. "Many diets fail because people feel hungry, so they quickly give up and go back to old habits," says nutritionist for Marks & Spencer, Claire Hughes, told the Daily Mail.

Based on the news reported by The Daily Telegraph, the participants did not feel hungry while cutting calorie intake by 40%. Popular diet programs that adapt the principles of which Atkins Diet Diet and occupation.

Dr. Alex Johnstone, a senior researcher, recommends that you run a high-protein diet until the desired weight is reached. Furthermore, you can keep your weight through exercise.

8 Habits of Healthy Weight Loss for a success

Motivation and desire are not enough to help you lose weight and get the ideal body shape. You need a strategy that smart, wise and mature to realize a desirable body shape. One of them by running certain habits consistently. Here are eight healthy habits for successful weight loss program more effective, as reported by the Health Me Up.

A. Focus on Target
If you have a pair of jeans or a shift dress you always dreamed of one day be able to wear them, hang them in a highly visible place, such as behind a door or the front of the cabinet. This method can be a motivation for you, so whenever tempted to eat fried foods and snacks high in fat and sugar, remember that you hang clothes, if you need to save the picture in the phone as a reminder that your own resolution to lose weight come back strong.

2. Do not Eat Snacks Direct from packaging
Consuming food or a snack straight from the packaging, will make you tempted to continue to chew it off. To anticipate, pour as much food as you want into the plate and save some of which still remains in the box in the closet. Eat only available on the plate. Once finished, resist the urge to pour onto a plate of food again. Visual control is recommended when you want to lose weight. Keep snacks in a place that you can not see at any time.

3. Do not Forget Breakfast
Every morning, your body needs sufficient food intake to increase metabolism. Breakfast one of the biggest advantages is that it can help stabilize hormones and resist the desire to eat excessively.

4. Cooking with careful
In one day make a nutritious food that is cooked with the full calculation. Find ways to make the change gradually by eating more fruits and vegetables. This is an ideal way to lose weight. But when you shop, choose fruits and vegetables are fresh. And avoid fruit that has a black stain, dent, too soft or clipped.

5. Eat Carbs
In addition to fiber, good carbs are also rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Foods with complex carbohydrates have a glycemic level indexrendah, which is useful in regulating blood sugar levels and insulin production. It also provides the energy to maximize health benefits. Foods including complex carbohydrates are whole grain products, fruits, potatoes, brown rice, nuts and seeds.

6. Banana consumption
Bananas are part of a healthy diet, but that does not mean you should just eat a banana. No single food can lose weight by itself. However, some of which can burn more calories than other foods that are consumed in one day. Banana is a nutrient-dense foods, rich in carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and energy. 100 grams of banana contains about 90 calories.

7. Portion Control Eating
Control your food portions, means controlling the amount of food you consume. Because the more you eat, so the more calories a day should be counted in that. To maintain a healthy weight, controlling portion sizes are very important.

8. Make Exercise As a Priority
Most people make the sports schedule on back order in the list of priority activities to be performed routinely. In fact, the exercise can help manage your weight and provide a healthier lifestyle. So enter the exercise in your routine every day. Simply take an hour earlier when you wake up every morning or at night before bed to jogging, brisk walking or cycling.

Eat at 5 Place It Make You Fat Added

Not only fatty foods, high-calorie or a large portion that can make fat. The place where we eat, potentially also add extra calories in the body. Eating while on the road or doing something else, will unconsciously make you eat more food. Therefore, avoid eating these foods in five places, as reported by Fit Sugar.

A. In the Car
Eating on the street is not a good idea if you want to control your weight. When eating while driving, usually we often put food into the mouth as soon as possible to keep the hand still holding the steering wheel. You are also too busy to focus on the road so it does not pay attention to how much food you have consumed. If you had to eat in the car because the rush of time, bring healthy snacks and foods that you know exactly how many calories.

2. Kitchen
The kitchen is the place where the food and the ingredients come together. So do not be surprised if you will eat more food while in the kitchen. Worse, if you eat while standing in front of the refrigerator or pantry that is open - especially if in it there is plenty of food. If your stomach feels hungry at night, prepare meals with moderation in the bowl or plate and enjoy in the dining room table, not standing in the kitchen.

3. At Home TV
Not a TV show that was the problem, but its ads. Advertising, in particular food or drink advertising on television can increase your desire to eat. In any event, must not be separated from food-themed ads such as pizza, instant noodles, candies or cookies. The mind is filled with food, will encourage you to go to the kitchen or the refrigerator and return to the front of the TV with a big bag of potato chips, a bowl of ice cream bars and chocolate-trunked.

4. Work table
Eating at your desk, as dangerous as eating in front of the TV or car. You are too busy focusing on something that does not pay attention to what you eat. Before you know it, you had already spent a plate of food in minutes. When to eat quickly and do not see every bite of food, the brain does not send a signal of how much food has been consumed. You will feel hungry and continue to reap as much food. If possible, be sure to allow 15 minutes to get away from the table and eat in the pantry.

5. Bed
Eating in bed is a bad habit and unhealthy, whether due to illness or are too lazy to go to the dinner table. This activity encourages you to eat without thinking and make a bed full of dirt and germs. Never store stocks snacks in the bedroom. Eat your fill of food at dinner and eat a small bowl of fresh fruit before bed, to avoid stomach growling in the middle of the night.

New Diet Lose Weight, Alkaline Diet!

To get the ideal body shape, there are different types of diets that can be done. Maybe we already know the occupation of diet and diet based on blood type. However, there is one more method that became famous diet, the alkaline diet.

Alkaline diet or alkaline diet is a dietary adjustments to balance the pH in the body. Also known as the 'pH Diet' or 'Acid-Alkaline Diet' is practiced by several celebrities like Kirsten Dunst, Anna Faris, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Basic theory of the alkaline diet is the body becomes an easy target if the disease is acidic. Therefore, we need alkaline foods (slightly alkaline) pH balance to maintain in the blood.

The nature of 'acid' is obtained if the pH is less than 7, while the 'base' means containing a pH greater than 7. "Ideal for the body's pH levels are 7:35 to 7:45, which is slightly alkaline," says nutritionist Dr. Zeinab Sayed told the Times of India.

The workings of this diet program is to balance the pH to the optimum level, and build cells and tissues, so that the body be healthy. With this diet, it means also been detoxing (eliminating toxins from the body), so the body's cells to function properly.

Alkaline diet has several benefits, including increased energy, improved digestion, weight loss, and reduce pain. Not only that, high blood pressure and blood sugar levels can also be solved by this method.

With the alkaline diet, you will gain a better immune. The aging process can be slowed. Moreover, the alkaline foods are believed to make the teeth and gums become healthier. However, all these benefits have not been scientifically proven.

However, do not go overboard doing this diet. Acidic foods are necessary, such as certain fats and oils contain essential fatty acids. Because it can maintain healthy immune and body cells. Dr. Zainab suggested composition of 80:20 for the alkaline foods acidic foods appeal.

What are the foods that are acidic, and which is alkaline? Actually there is a misunderstanding in the general public. During this time, food was considered to be acid forming effects of acid in the body anyway. "But the question is the effect of food after swallowing (not on the tongue, ed.)," Says clinical nutritionist, Dr. Nupur Krishnan.

Foods 'sour' add hydrogen ions into the body, so the body more acidic. In contrast, alkaline foods would remove hydrogen ions so as to reduce the acid levels in the body.

This is a list of acid and alkaline foods:

Corn, lentils, olives, potatoes, animal fats, vegetable oils, oat, rice, wheat, beef, chicken, lamb, oysters, lobster, milk, butter, cheese, ice cream, margarine, sugar, bottled salad dressings, artificial sweeteners , and vinegar cooking.

Broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, eggplant, garlic, tomatoes, asparagus, spinach, coconut, apples, apricots, avocados, bananas, blackberries, grapefruit, grapes, lemons, limes, muskmelon, orange, almond, white water , herbal tea and green tea, olive oil, flax seed oil, balsamic vinegar, molasses, spices, maple syrup and organic honey.

It sports only 3 Minutes to Burn Fat

Many people are willing to spend hours and hours every day in the gym to burn off excess fat. But according to a recent study, only takes a practice no more than three hours a week to help you lose weight.

The secret, namely the intense sporting activity, or commonly known as high-intensity interval training (HIT). Based on numerous studies conducted by scientists at several universities in Birmingham and Nottingham, high-intensity exercise once a week to give a much more effective at shedding fat than regular exercise per day.

Times of India quoted by the Daily Express, HIT may promote the release of hormones that function to burn fat, so it helps get rid of fat deposits that make up the meat like bumps on the body. High-intensity interval exercise also move glucose from blood to muscle tissue, which then burned into energy - not to be allowed to accumulate fat.

In addition, intense physical activity can reduce the desire to eat. In contrast to exercise with moderate or low intensity that actually increase your appetite after exercise. This means, people who want to lose weight would be less likely to be tempted to snack foods are not healthy if you choose to exercise brisk workout in the gym instead.

What are the sports that are included in the category of HIT? Any form of activity that triggers all the members of the body moves and the rapid movement per second, some of them running, jogging, cycling and brisk walking.

"HIT is great for improving circulation of glucose to the muscles in a very short time," said Professor James Timmons, who led the research at Birmingham.

He also added, "With a very intense workout, you can release hormones that help break down fats. So after a gym session is complete, hormones will continue to work to burn fat. We also conclude that HIT can reduce the desire to eat, while the traditional sport (fitness) will stimulate the desire to eat. "

But for the last point, James admits that they do not know exactly the truth. Theory of James and his colleagues, still continues to be re-examined and further research is being conducted to ensure the answer.

Slim Secrets Beyonce After Childbirth

Beyonce's new look after giving birth to her first baby, Blue Ivy Carter, January 7 and make a lot of people by surprise. Beyonce reportedly lost weight to 18 pounds within a month.

Jay-Z's wife is the singer said she has worked hard to restore ideal body shape. Every day, he sports for two hours. He is also willing strict diet by simply eating six small meals a day high in protein.

As quoted by page Hollyscoop, a source said, Beyonce is willing to do anything to regain slim body, as before pregnancy. For four weeks, he was hard work shed fat in the body.

A source tells Star magazine, the singer song 'The Best You Never Had' it took the trainer Marco Borges to provide guidance on the techniques of sport in his home. He practices every day intense.

"Twice a day he was doing sports. He woke up at 5:00 in the morning to exercise two hours, and they do it again at 05.00 pm," he said. "They do a technical mixture of cardio, pilates, plyometrics, yoga and, of course, dance."

Not only that, in addition to intense exercise, it is also only eat high protein foods such as egg white omelet, pineapple chunks, and drink plenty of water ice.

Despite hard work, the results are beginning to be felt by Beyonce. He had seen his progress. He wished weight can reach 58 pounds, beginning in March. Beyonce's weight during pregnancy is reported to reach 77 pounds.

"He's tired but he's really trying," the source said. "Beyonce has vowed to have a better body than ever before."

Write, can make Slim Waist?

Washington DC: Adult women always crave the ideal body. Various measures they take for slim waist. Diet and drugs became the choice of most women in making this happen. But, do you know? It turned out to just write 15 minutes on a regular basis, you will slim waist.

As reported by Zee News, Saturday (7/1), the results showed that women who write about things important and memorable for her to lose weight and tighten their belt during the next few months. The study was conducted on 45 women with a high enough weight.

They are asked to always write whatever's important to him regularly. Four months later, their weight was measured again and the results showed that weight loss and toning on their waist.

According to Christine Logel scientists from the University of Waterloo, wrote it was very useful. "Besides being able to confide, writing can also reduce the fat in your body," he said, adding: "When we face problems such as arguing with a friend, we need to write it." He also hopes to findings published in the journal of psychology, can bermamfaat for women.

Healthy Diet After Childbirth

Many mothers who want to still look slim after giving birth. Diet a way that is often taken. Still, a few mothers who do not know if the diet will affect the growth and development of children who are in need of breast milk.

So what kind of diet is right for mother's expectations achieved without disturbing the baby's development? The following foods can be consumed, as reported by pages, not long ago.

A. Brown rice. Diet can make the process of energy production and fewer mothers breast milk. Therefore, the consumption of brown rice could be an option. Mampi substance content of energy products continues to increase. So as to supply the calories your body needs to produce milk.

2. Dairy products. Cheese and milk are the foods rich in calcium and the best sources of vitamin B, D, and protein. Hence, for mothers who want to implement the program postpartum diet, dairy products like yogurt you can try. Premises a substance milk will make your baby the bones grow more leverage.

3. Nuts. Peanut is a nutritional "powerhouse", which contains vitamin E, folic acid, copper, magnesium and the amino acid arginine, each of which plays an important role in preventing heart disease. In addition, the nut can also prevent cholesterol, diabetes, cancer to lose weight. This is because nuts contain plant sterols, which is a kind of substances that are regularly added to margarine to reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the body.

4. Eggs. These foods can supply the body's daily protein requirement. Egg whites are good protein while the yolk contains vitamin D which contributes to bone health of babies.

5. Green leafy vegetables. Such as spinach, broccoli, bok choi or vegetables rich katuk contain calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and antioxidants that are good for new mothers.

6. Salmon. This type is equipped with a fatty fish that DHA may contribute to the growth of the nervous system of infants, as well as play a role in preventing depression after childbirth (postpartum).

By considering the type of food consumed on your important programs, can make all the plans go well. You can go back and look sexy baby, to grow flowers that can be reassuring.

High Calorie foods Reduce Memory

Researchers in the United States found a link between memory loss with high-calorie foods. They investigated mild cognitive impairment (MCI) which is one of the early symptoms of dementia. Indonesia as reported by the BBC on Monday (13/2).

A study published in the conference stated that a high calorie diet is associated with increased risk of MCI is doubled, compared with low-calorie diet.

Institute for Alzheimer's Research UK researchers say a healthy lifestyle is known to protect the brain from dementia attacks. Mild cognitive impairment is becoming increasingly attractive to researchers because it can help predict whether the disorder can progress to dementia or Alzheimer's.

The team at the Mayo Clinic, USA investigated the effectiveness of the diet in 1233 people aged between 70 and 89 years. No one is suffering from dementia, but the 163 people diagnosed with MCI.

Patients were divided into low-calorie group (between 600 to 1526 calories per day) and high in calories (2145 to 6000). The researchers compared the incidence of mild memory impairment between the two groups.

The results were presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology. There were no differences between groups of mild and moderate calories, but mild memory disorders has doubled in the group with high calories.

Researcher Dr Yonas Geda said, "We made ​​some observations on the dose response pattern, which means the higher the number of calories consumed each day, the higher the risk of MCI."

The study could not conclude that high-calorie diets cause MCI, and that memory disorders may be caused by excessive consumption of food or because of other factors that create increased risk.

However, Dr. Geda said there are potential therapeutic method, "Cut calories and eat healthy foods can be a simple way to prevent memory loss."

Diet Soda fans Prone to Heart Attack

Diet soda may be beneficial to streamline the waist, but those who drink it every day tend to be at high risk of heart attack and stroke. Similarly, a recent study in the United States.

The research appears in the "Journal of General Internal Medicine", found that adults who were older and drinking diet soda every day, 44 percent more likely to suffer a heart attack, the study does not prove that it's just sugar-free drinks are the only cause.

Maybe there are other things about diet soda lovers who can explain the relationship, said lead researcher Hannah Gardener and his team, from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

"What we see is a relationship. These people may tend to have unhealthy habits," he said on Monday (20/2).

Hannah and his colleagues tried to explain about it, they stated that people who drink diet sodas per day tend to be more obese and more likely to have cardiovascular risk factors like high blood pressure, diabetes, and unhealthy cholesterol levels.

Hannah and her team studied 2564 adults aged 69 years and over in New York City at the start of the study. A decade later, 591 men and women had a heart attack, stroke or died of cardiovascular causes - including 31 percent of the 163 people who drink diet soda every day at the beginning of the study.

Overall, consumption of diet soda per day was associated with a 44 percent higher chance of heart attack or stroke, compared with 22 percent in people who rarely or never drink diet soda but had a heart attack or stroke.

Hannah said that although the diet soda itself to contribute to health risks, it is not clear how.

Several studies in rats have shown that artificial sweeteners can increase food intake and body weight, but whether these results can be translated into the human body is unknown.

Breakfast Chocolate Can Lose Weight

Eating chocolate or a sweet thought to make up weight. Such food usually is the most avoided man who diet. However, the study would suggest entering from Israel chocolate as the breakfast menu.

Research University of Tel Aviv, Israel, found that if the other sweet foods to eat chocolate for breakfast can lose weight. For foods that contain lots of carbohydrates and protein content to be converted into energy for activity throughout the day.

Based on a study of 193 people, the researchers divided the women with two kelomok, people who are obese and non-diabetics. The first group choose low-calorie breakfast with 300 calories. While the second group would prefer a breakfast with 600 calories, including a cake or chocolate for dessert.

Results in the study for 32 minutes was found when both groups had lost weight by 15 kilograms. However, after 16 weeks later, a group that reducing calories at breakfast, actually gained weight up to 10 pounds. While the group who ate chocolate or sugary foods at breakfast to lose weight by 7 kg.

Apparently astronauts Dieting Required

Not only are women who like to go on a diet on a regular basis, it is also an astronaut. Diets do when they are sent to Mars. The difference, astronauts are required to maintain a diet for yourself while on the planet Mars.

Mission to Mars could take up to two to three years. The main challenge faced by astronauts on missions to the outer orbit is not eating enough calories. Most likely the astronauts do not get fresh fruit or vegetables. The lack of variety in the diet can cause depression or other psychological problems.

Recent research by the University of Hawaii and Cornell, United States, is looking for people to adapt in place as a simulated Mars. For four months, the volunteers will go on a diet strictly.

The volunteers will wear spacesuits when out of the emergency. They also have only limited contact with the world and survive only on food that has been taken. The goal is to make the experiment as realistic as possible.

Lychee, Fruit Favors Heart Protector Act as protective nutrients the body against disease and cell damage

Heart disease is often considered a silent killer. Many people realize too late that symptoms trigger fatal attacks. Therefore important to do preventive measures to control food intake.

David Grotto, author of '101 Foods That Could Save Your Life! 'recommends the consumption of foods containing polyphenols to protect heart health.

The antioxidant properties of polyphenols reduce the risk of heart disease and blood vessels. "Polyphenols act as a bulwark that protects the body against disease and cell damage," he said in a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, was quoted as saying

A number of studies refer to as the red wine polyphenol content of fruit with the best. However, the new study in France revealed that the lychee has a polyphenol content of 15 percent higher than red wine.

Natural polyphenol content is high enough to have kardioproteksi effect, inhibiting platelet aggregrasi, as well as having the effect vasorelaksasi. Also protects vascular endothelial cells from oxidative stress.

5 Mistakes in Dieting

Reducing portions and choosing foods often do you do for dieting. Does not work with this program, slimming drug alternatives. Maybe your weight is going down, but what about side effects.

Here is a 5 error on beridiet and how
how to overcome them:

A. Often eat small portions tetepi
Maybe you think eating small portions will reduce hunger, and not fattening. This habit will make you stop eating, because the feeling of satiety in the stomach is also only temporary. Indirectly to increase your portions.
The fix: Make a chart or diary list. Write down the time and what kind of food that must be consumed. For the body still needs nutrition.

2. Overdressing salad
A plate of green vegetables will not gain weight. But most people eat a salad with a variety of combinations. Cheese, steaks, pasta, and not to mention the added with mayonnaise sauce. The result accumulate fat and unhealthy.
The fix: If a plate of green vegetables are not attractive. Do not add red meat, but replace it with sliced ​​peppers. Use balsamic sauce or low-fat sauce.

3. Teralu many nutrients
Nutrition is very important in the diet. Many nutritionists recommend, we can get the fuel through a shake instantly.
The fix: Eat foods that contain natural nutrients. Such as almonds, carrots, oranges and other fruits.

4. Diet soda
According to the study, diet drinks will not affect your weight. Maybe we think this will save you calories beverages,
This drink can also create a desire to eat junk food more
a lot. Besides diet soda can lead to stroke and obesity.
How to fix it: Replace sodas with green tea rich in antioxidants. Green vegetable juice and low fat milk can be an alternative.

5. Thinking realistically
Many people who want to lose weight in a short time. Quite often too much to try an extreme diet with drugs, or may not eat all day and only drink water. Remember losing weight takes effort and it takes the process.
The fix: Give yourself time to be able to do things that can safely control your weight. Such as exercise, healthy diet and eat regularly.

The Mediterranean diet is also included in the flexitarian

Vegetarian is the term to refer to someone who has the eating behaviors menghidarkan vegetables and meat products for consumption.

What about people who eat vegetables, but also still enjoy the meat in a certain time?

Felxitarian also known as semi-vegetarian. Not all the meat they consume. They are very red meat. Although they can enjoy the white meat, but they can not enjoy it every day, there remains a certain limit.

According to nutritionist and lifestyle consultant, Naini Setalvad, there are many different interpretansi between part-time vegetarian. "Sometimes they just run in 2 weeks or a month, not forever, and whether it helps?".

Some people do it to lose weight and control calories in the body. In addition, vegetarian diet also lowers blood pressure, blood sugar, and contain the antioxidant.

Weird Diet, Just Drinking Water and Beer

Inspired from the life of the priests Bavaria in the 16th century who consume beer only during fasting, Paul Fierro, owner of the bar in El Paso Texas to do the same. He only drinks beer and water for two weeks without eating at all.

But strangely, he was not drunk at all. This limit only because Fierro drank three glasses of beer every day and drink water in large quantities.

"I started seeing it as a personal challenge and personal process as I can clear my mind and body," Fierro explained as quoted by FoxNews.

With a friend, Albert Salinas, Fierro started the diet with low-calorie beer one time each at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every day during the diet, heart rate and blood pressure checked both a nursing student.

"The first few days you will feel very sick in the stomach. After the third day the pain stop, but you still have a passion and always thinking about food," said Salinas.

On the seventh day diet Salinas had to stop due to the flu, but managed to lose 13 pounds of body weight. While the weight of nine pounds Fierro has been reduced.

"Some days I wake up with a lot of energy and not feel hungry," said Fierro. It was felt from the day-to-8 diet.

A physician, Dr. Marc Siegel, said the diet is absolutely medically useless. "There is no way to know the fundamental problem of the body. You do not know whether your body filter out and what will happen," said Siegel.

Siegel added that the beer did not have the nutrients, protein, and fat. "If they are desperate to do an extreme diet, I suggest to at least mengasup liquid electrolyte, not just water," says Dr. Siegel.

After several days of special diet, they claim to have a keener sense of smell. "You will eat the food given to you and realize that you have to appreciate it."