Enemies for Breasts

is the desire of every woman. Avoid the following things to keep your breasts are still beautiful.

Drastic Weight Down

Slim in an instant is so many women's dream. But do you know if we drop the weight quickly the effects of sagging skin around the breast to be seen. Therefore, to go on a diet, do it a healthy, balanced diet, so the weight loss process was done gradually. Plus diet and regular exercise will make your breasts remain tight despite the weight lost.

Choose One Bra

Choosing the right underwear is essential. Choose a comfortable bra. Adjust the size of the breast cup. When breast position on a comfortable bra, the blood flow in the breast will go smoothly. Choose a bra that is not too small and too large.

Hot Water

Shower with hot water was also able to make the breasts sag. Hot water temperature can reduce the production of collagen in the skin cells so the skin becomes less elastic. After the breast exposed to hot water, splashing cold water afterwards to ternetralisir of the heat the water.

Body position

Our posture not only affects the development of our skeletal structure but also the effect on the breast. Make sure you are right position when sitting, walking and standing. Breast in order to remain strong, diligent exercise can improve bone strength, muscle and breast. Sunlight

Using a sunscreen with an SPF not only in the face alone. Breasts are also important sunblock is protected because of the effects of sunlight can make the skin wrinkles.

Slim Fast Without Exercise?

Losing weight is generally done by keeping food and exercise, but this one is way cheaper and easier to work.

The scourge of its own weight for the modern active women. Waist circumference increased only slightly, the instantaneous stress levels rise, and dress designer to be less fit when worn.

Do not worry, because you can lose weight while sleeping though. By adding an hour of sleep schedule so you can reduce your weight by 14 pounds per year. Recent data from the University of Michigan suggests that you may eat six percent less if you replace 60 minutes of time while awake (you might have a snack) with closed eyes.

Another study from Harvard to approximately 68 000 women, stating that those who sleep only five hours a day, or much less get a good night's rest, has a 32 percent greater chance to gain weight than women who had seven or eight hours of sleep.

But you should keep in mind that not eating close to bedtime, because it might happen otherwise. Try to eat five hours before bedtime so that the intestines can digest your food better. And try as much as possible on the hour seven nights, if it's appetite, eat fruit..........

quick slim reviews fast

Get a slim body with tight skin takes a long time unless you take a shortcut through liposuction. But actually there is another way that can be taken to get slim and beautiful body.

Other shortcuts that we do not mean that the newfound beauty of technology, but rather a natural way to exercise. Here are four tricks that you can do to keep materialized body slimming process faster than ever before.

Combination Exercise
To burn calories more quickly, required a combination of exercise time in the gym. Examples of exercises that can be combined is squats with shoulder presses. Stand holding a dumbbell with both hands parallel to the ears and feet spread shoulder width apart and then slowly squat. After that, lift your torso back to standing position, then lift both arms straight up into the air. Then return to starting position.

Weightlifting = Warming
Usually do cardio to warm up before exercise begins. But if you change the order, it turns out it can burn more calories as the recognition of Ken Fitzgerald, owner of Lift Gym in New York. This is because when you do cardio on a bike for 30 minutes, the fat burning occurs only in the last 15 minutes only. While the initial 15 minutes, the body is only just warming up. But if you lift weights first, then the body will be hot and ready to burn fat while you do cardio.

Lower Speed
Javanese proverb says Alon-Alon kelakon origin seems to apply to get a slim body. Many people who do the reps (repetitions) quickly. In fact, if done slowly and with setting the correct breathing, the muscles will be pumped to the maximum. The result, the more calories you burn.

Exercise for Becoming Two
For those of you who have enough time to exercise, divide your workout into two in one day could be a solutions accelerate melangingkan body. Do cardio in the morning and lift weights at night or vice versa. That way, you do increase your metabolism up to two times instead of doing cardio and lifting weights in a single session only. Great value to speed up the slimming process.

Youth With Abdominal Exercises

When you experience stress means there is an increase in the hormone cortisol in the body. It turned out that the hormone is partly responsible for weight gain. Researchers also say that the more a person is angry and the more often you are angry, the more fat in the abdomen.

Maximize Time
Actually not a lot of the time required to form a flat stomach is wonderful. It has been proved by Jennifer Aniston.

"I trained Jennifer Aniston about three days a week, and we do no more than five minutes to train the belly," says Kathy Kaehler, a Personal Trainer who used to deal with celebrities. Kathy stressed to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Rest and Recovery
Stomach needs a break like other body parts. In the recovery phase, that's when the muscles are formed. Avoid excessive exercise. Abdominal muscles just three to four days a week.

Do not Forget Cardio
Too focused on the abdominal muscles not only to train other body parts are also not good. Good cardio to burn fat around the abdomen. 30 minutes of cardio is better than 30 minutes doing crunches because by doing cardio you can remove the fat behind the muscle.

Get more results
Get maximum results with the slow movement while train your abdominal muscles. Hold for a count of four and four counts while on the way down. This movement is either to maximize abdominal exercises. Doing crunches as much as 10 times slower, much better than 20 times quickly.

Add Expenses
Abdominal muscles like the biceps muscle. You do not need to add reps to tighten. All you need is an additional burden. Hold a dumbbell while doing crunches.

Tuberose scent Food Make Success Diet

The smell of butter and vanilla, we are so hungry stomach. Although not hungry, we would be tempted to taste it. However, a study shows just the fact that a strong smell of it makes people eat less.

Food and Nutrition Institute in The Netherlands studied 10 men aged 26-50 years. Vanilla custard channeled into their mouths with a pump. Simultaneously, the intensity of flavor that varies is sprayed into the back of the nose and throat. They do it 30 times.

Participants can control how much 'spray' by pressing a button. That way, researchers can calculate how many times they 'feed' custard.

Apparently, the stronger the scent, the less suapannya. 5-10% of participants eating less strong when the smell of food wafted. Conversely, if the smell does not ketara, they will eat more.

"The body has an automatic adjustment mechanism. We eat less to avoid the sensation is too strong, "explained Dr. Rene de Wijk, author of the study, told TIME Healthland. In addition, unconsciously, a strong aroma will make you think the food is rich in calories and more viscous, making it more filling.

If a study published in the journal Flavour can be applied in all the food, the strong scent of votes can help dieters. High-calorie dishes can be made more flavorful that we eat a little bit. In this way, we will be full faster, so the amount of food we will eat less. Weight badanpun be better controlled.

5 Important Facts About Water For Health Body

You have to drink enough water today? Many people are lazy excuse to drink water with it's bland, boring and for some people to feel sick. Though not denying, the body needs sufficient water is very important for health.

Water helps increase your metabolism which will affect the way our body handles energy production and fat storage. In addition, there are many other great benefits of water. Sheela Krishnaswarmy, diet and health consultant revealed five health facts about water, as reported by the Health Me Up.

A. Understand the Ideal Number Must Drink Water Every Day
There is no measure of 'ideal' or a fixed size that is appropriate for the amount of water consumed by all people every day. In fact, people's need for water is not always the same. Generally, many people recommend drinking at least eight glasses per day. But it could be less or even excessive. As a benchmark, 30 ml of water per kilogram of body weight will provide for normal healthy adults. Another factor affecting the amount of water intake is the climate, disease, age, thirst, physical activity, and so forth. For example, athletes need more water consumption than non-athletes.

2. Comprehensive Care
Water is part of the cell body and must be kept for adequacy. In contrast to the thirst for cold drinks are useful regulate body temperature, drinking water will help us to throw out toxins and waste product of the kidneys, keeping mucous membranes moist, aids in digestion, lubricates joints, keeping the blood viscosity and moisturize the skin.

3. Water Can Prevent Diseases
Water can help prevent constipation (constipation) by making stools softer so it's easy to be excreted from the intestines. Water is also useful for preventing urinary tract infections, prevent wrinkles by making the skin moist and prevent infection. Water is also useful to prevent allergies by keeping the mucous membranes, throat, nose and eyes moist. Adequate water intake to prevent dehydration and the resulting adverse effects.

4. Meeting the Needs The Importance of Water Intake Through Food
You can combine water with other substances to meet the needs of body fluids. For example, fresh lime juice, natural fruit juices, coconut water, fresh milk and clear soup. Some types of fruit and vegetables are also rich in water content that will help you increase the hydration of the body, especially in the dry summer. Some foods that can merehidrasi body is cucumber, melon, watermelon, tomatoes and celery.

5. Water and Weight Loss
Drinking water before meals to suppress your appetite, so you'll eat less. However, this indirect effect on weight loss. Losing weight requires effort coupled with balanced food intake and physical activity. Moreover, water has no calories and can create a sense of satiety that directly influence the process of your diet.

5 things which build Diet Failed

Many women are on a diet. But the ideal body shape does not go, even getting worse. Why is that? That means you're running the wrong diet. The wrong diet can be caused from lack of proper diet. Patterns such as the desire to eat what makes you so out of control?

A. Let Stomach Hunger

Eating when hungry is not recommended by nutritionists. They were advised to eat it before the hungry. Eat when hungry will trigger you to eat food to excess. In this situation, people tend to eat far more than the limit stomach. This is the reason why the diet is too strict is recommended, which even lead to obesity.

2. Easy to Achieve Food

If you put just a snack on the table, all foods can be gone in a flash. Note, if you keep enough food in the drawer and not be seen, the food will take longer end. So make sure you do not put food that can be easily affordable.

3. Eating in Large Plates

If you eat a large plate, chances are you will pick up food in large portions as well. Piles of food in the dish must be spent by you. Actually this is only an illusion of the eye. If you eat a small dish, you'll quickly feel full because the food looks a lot to fill the plate.

4. Eating with the Quick

Eating slowly makes you feel full faster than fast food. This is evidenced by a study. Revealed that when eating slowly, the brain has more time to deliver a sense of fullness and tell you to stop eating. In order to control, chew the food as much as 15 to 20 times. Pauses before bribing food again.

5. While Eating for Men

Eating while doing the activity makes you not focus on the food presented. So without knowing you continue to eat it. Therefore, avoid eating, especially eating snacks while watching TV, working at the computer or reading a book.

Pros and Cons of Acai Berry Supplements For Body Slimming

In recent years, Acai Berry is very popular among dieters as a body slimming and supposedly can make more youthful. A number of celebrities and even help fuel the popularity of this fruit, call it Oprah Winfrey, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Matthew McConaughey.

These pieces of excellence in weight loss has even been recognized by some health experts. Dr. Nicholas Perricone, MD, a Professor of Medicine at Michigan State University, which deal with diet, supplements, and skin, said that the Acai Berry became the number one fruit to lose weight.

Still, a few also who still doubt the power of Acai Berry for burning fat. There are still pros and cons behind-gembornya gembar Acai Berry benefits. Before discussing whether or not effective or safe for the Acai Berry diet, it helps if you know first, what is the actual fruit?

What is Acai Berry?

Excerpted from Every Diet, Acai Berry is a tiny fruit is round, with a reddish purple color. This fruit comes from a high tree, a type of palm tree from Central and South America. The fruit is similar to the blueberry, cranberry, and other dark purple fruits. Acai Berry tree itself has been used traditionally in Brazil.

Acai Berry for Diet

Research has shown that eating foods rich in antioxidants will help your diet program. In the body, antioxidants help neutralize free radicals that can damage cells and cause health problems. The body's antioxidant needs to get input on an ongoing basis. To be replaced by an antioxidant that is lost quickly, it is advisable to consume lots of fruits that are rich in this substance.

What about the levels of antioxidants in the Acai Berry? The experts that this fruit has a combination of fatty acids, amino acids and phytosterols which can help increase metabolism, aid digestion and reduce appetite. In addition, the fruit also has other benefits, such as cleaning the toxins in the body, boost immunity, heart healthy, educating the brain, reducing insomnia, and as a youth. Acai Berry biasakanya packed capsules, powders, or it could be used as a juice.

Pros and Cons

Although many studies that say that the fruit is good for health, Berry fruit still raises the pros and cons in the public sphere. The following causes of Acai Berry into something that is still controversial.

A. Some scientific researchers explained that Acai Berry is good for health.
2. Content of antioxidants in it can reduce the risk of disease, such as heart disease or cancer.
3. This fruit antioxidants can neutralize free radicals produced during the last diet program.
4. For women are tang diet will decrease appetite and become more energized after eating the fruit of Acai Berry.

A. A lot of fraud committed by the various websites that sell products for the name Acai Berry diet, but has not proved its authenticity.
2. Do not make dieters to change their diet to be healthier, because it relies only advantage Acai Berry.
3. Suggestion that body fat can slim quickly just by eating this fruit.

In conclusion, Acai Berry is well taken for health, especially the women who is implementing a slimming program. However, you should not rely solely on Acai Berry the only diet to lose weight. Stay combine with vegetables, low-fat foods and fresh fruit as food intake.

If dieters lost weight after eating this fruit, it means the effect of overall dietary pattern that you are doing, not the special effects that occur because of Acai Berry. This fruit should only be used as a supplement that helps the body's health. But can not be relied upon as the only good fruit while dieting.

Emergent effects of Drastic Weight Loss

Today many people who want to lose weight in a short time, when you lose weight in a short time can cause some of the risks and adverse effects to health. What is it?

Rapid weight loss usually occurs in abnormal and alarming because within a short time about 1-2 weeks. Most people do this before an important event like a wedding.

But unfortunately, lose weight quickly is not the best way to diet because there are some serious consequences that can occur in the person's health, regardless of whether the target is reached or not.

Here are some health problems that may arise, as quoted from Lifemojo, Wednesday (03/21/2012), namely:

A. Reduce the metabolic rate
Body naturally has a way to protect the system against excessive weight pernurunan. If the number of calories a sudden drop, the body compensates by reducing the body's metabolic rate.

2. Loss of muscle mass
The body will go into the process of ketosis (burning muscle for energy) to reduce hunger, but this way is not safe and healthy. If the fat content is reduced, then the body will lose some of its muscle mass.

3. Malnutrition
When this diet will severely limit the intake of food is consumed that is not often the amount of nutrients in the recommended age and malnourished. If allowed to continue could have a serious risk to health. Malnutrition also causes reduced intake of vitamins and minerals that can weaken the hair follicles and makes it brittle and fall out.

4. Skin Problems
Studies show when weight is lost quickly, the skin does not get enough time to shrink the size of the new age thus causing stretch marks. There was also the possibility of having flabby skin.

5. Insomnia
Generally difficult to get time to sleep and good night's rest when the stomach is empty or hungry, these conditions lead to sleep disorders over time could be insomnia.

6. Diarrhea
This condition can also cause severe diarrhea, sometimes accompanied by constipation. This condition can certainly help you lose weight, but at a certain period can lead to dehydration and even life-threatening.

7. Eating disorders
Eating disorders are known to cause various health problems such as malnutrition, loss of electrolytes, minerals, anemia, hypertension, hormonal imbalances, infertility, osteoporosis, fatigue and organ disorders.

8. Heart disease
Rapid weight loss can depress the heart and makes it more stressful, this condition could be one factor in the risk of heart disease so people who go on a diet 'yo-yo' at greater risk of cardiovascular illness.

Hula Hoop Making Body Weights Down 65 Kg

Losing weight can be the hardest thing for people who are overweight or obese, so it was willing to do a variety of ways. Ways in which a woman may be you try, because she managed to lower the 65 kg weight with regular exercise hula hoop.
Early weight Jen Moore (31 years) is 130.6 kg before she knew the hula hoop. But thanks to regular exercise and a high willingness, his weight is now down to 65.7 kg.
Because it has managed to lose about 65 kg of weight, Moore was now required to work as an instructor for a company that helps you lose weight.
Women who have high 165.1 cm tells how his experiences in learning to hula hoop and can lose weight about 18 pounds in three months. Needless to instructor, she just enjoys the instructional DVD from Hooopnotica.
Moore first want to lose weight in 2008, after she was asked to step down from the game at the fair because the safety bar could not cover her stomach.
Ate addiction Moore and her husband, Keith, making them a partner 'heavyweight'. The couple eat without thinking, or just to relieve the boredom. Lazy lifestyle also makes it less movement.
"We had been trying to diet. I am the 'queen' of yo-yo dieting. It's just that it does not work," said Moore, as quoted Dailymail, Tuesday (03/20/2012).
But after the humiliation at the night market, Moore is determined to lose weight and give a better example for her baby daughter in the future.
"That day, I vowed to return to the park with my son. I'll be the mother of a healthy, slim and hot mama," he explained.
Moore began to familiarize themselves with the hula hoop, wrapped around his waist and keep moving. It took more than two weeks to be able to make the hoop stay around his waist.
But from day one, he could already feel a big difference in the abdomen and waist. Hula hoop made him confident and energetic,
Hula hoop exercise eventually also make it change the way the diet. Who initially liked snacking snack while reading or watching TV, are now resorting to eating healthy foods.
"We eat healthy now and make sure their kids do it too. We used the kids love healthy food. We do not want kids to be obese and suffer like that happened to us," she concluded.

Diligent exercise, Weight Loss Not Go Down Also? this reason

You've diligently exercising in the gym, eating anything is set in such a way as to keep calories in balance. But still not getting the ideal body shape, or weight loss remains excessive.
What is wrong? It could be, how you exercise less precise. Excerpted from The Nest, there are four most common mistakes in fitness that actually makes you gain weight.

1. Sports in the Morning Without BreakfastYou go to the gym in the morning without breakfast first, hoping to burn more calories. This method is clearly wrong. Exercise before eating makes the stomach feel more hungry and cause you to eat more food later. As a result, not the calories you burn fat but actually accumulating.
According to research, your problem is not actually exercising in the morning, afternoon or evening. There are people who prefer to exercise in the morning, but there is also a more comfortable workout during the afternoon after the home office. The key to fitness is consistency, so the benefits for fitness and health will obtain the maximum provided you are disciplined in the gym. If you are used to gym in the afternoon, continue to define as such.
Also make sure your stomach is filled 30 minutes before exercise, minimal consumption of bananas or apples. Your body is like a car, needs fuel in order to run efficiently. If the stomach is empty, your body can not work up to burn calories.

2. More than 2 hours spent in the GymIn order to get maximum results in burning calories, you spend two to three hours in the gym. Fitness to burn calories and get the ideal body shape is not dependent on how long you exercise, but how hard you exercise. You may be just a minute workout at the gym, but make sure you do quality training. You can easily burn calories in 30 minutes, with increasing exercise intensity.
Exercises with focus and intensity for 20 minutes would be more effective than the minimal motion exercises for an hour. Plus, with a high intensity workout, your body will continue to burn calories several hours after the training session.

3. Doing the Same Exercise MovementIf you are doing the same exercise in the period is too long, your body will adapt to the movement. As a result, exercise is no longer the most out of your body than at the beginning of training first. Exercise movements performed in the gym is usually only useful in the short term.
For example, weight training is useful to form the arms and chest muscles. If the arms and chest have been formed, then weight training should not do anymore.
To get maximum results from exercise, is to give a 'new challenge' for the body to try this type of exercise that is different. Change in constant motion, at least two weeks. Changes need not be large. For example, replace the dumbbell squat with a barbell squat, kettlebell or dumbbell exchanged.

4. Against the envy of Celebrity Beautiful Body ShapeIf you think the celebrities are born with an almost perfect body, so it does not spur you to exercise, you are wrong. According to some experts who have worked with several celebrities, most of the celebrities trying hard to get the body beautiful as it is now. Call it the Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez. Their bodies are sexy obtained as diligent exercise, maintain a diet, even some celebrities have a trainer, nutritionist and personal chef.
You do not need to replicate that at face value what they do. But the passion and effort to imitate them, make them as motivation. Without effort you will not get the ideal body shape.