6 week diet

Abdominal fat is more dangerous than otherwise other fats in the body. These fats increase blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increase the risk of diabetes, dementia and even some cancers.

How do I remove it? You can change your lifestyle such as diet and exercise. One of the most recent step is to implement the diet plan a couple of Dr. Eades and Dr. Mary and Michael Eades. A diet which is designed physician from the United States is based on the experience of managing obesity clinic for 20 years.

Triggers fat
Fat is caused by a combination of factors, including poor diet, hormonal changes and certain drugs.

Bad diet can lead to a condition known as fatty liver (fatty liver). Although the exact cause is unclear, this disorder is believed to be triggered by excess sugar consumption and omega-6 fatty acids (polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in vegetable oils).

This impairs the ability of the liver fatty liver in detoxifying the main task, break down harmful toxic components such as drugs, pollutants from the environment and hormones.

On the other hand, the body is also getting depressed because of too much sugar in the diet. These conditions, combined with the stress will cause an increase in blood sugar levels. To cope with excess sugar, the body will produce more insulin. However, the condition of fatty liver makes the liver unable to break down sugar. As a result, the sugar will be stored as fat in the abdominal area.

Hormones also increase abdominal fat. Estrogen hormones tell your body to store fat in the hips and thigh area. But once the numbers decrease with aging, the target storage area shifts to the abdomen.

So also with men, men also experience decreased testosterone levels. And if they have high insulin levels or fatty liver, this will lead to more accumulation of fat in the breast and belly.

Efforts to destroy these belly fat, according to Eades, not just follow the pattern of increase and decrease the activity of the food. But more to the selection of proper nutrition. These nutrients, according to them, could quickly reduce fat.

How it works


In the first plan of this diet, which lasted for two weeks, you were asked to consume protein shakes made at home. In the first week, this deal shakes the heart, reducing the burden of care and encourage the destruction of fat in the liver. That way, the liver can function normally again.

Shakes are based on the principle that high protein sends signals to the brain and the cells that you are getting enough nutrients. Basically, you will feel full despite not eating more calories.

In addition, the shakes also contain leucine, amino acids contained in meat, which is believed to accelerate weight loss. Leucine also helps prevent or slow loss of muscle tone, which often occurs along with rapid weight penrunan. (The muscles help you burn calories).

Which is quite controversial, shakes contain saturated fat in the form of coconut milk or double cream. Eades use this because saturated fat has been shown to help the liver metabolize and burn fat that accumulates in the liver.

Guidelines to follow this diet for two weeks, according to Eades, was enough to reorder your metabolism, reduce insulin levels and cleanse the liver cells from fat. Once the liver is clean and working properly, you can memaksimalkanpembakaran belly fat.


The second part of this diet program, which also takes two weeks, you will still eat foods high in protein but low in carbohydrates. This function reduces the body's insulin levels so that learning is more sensitive to insulin.

Your work is so effective insulin levels, insulin will help to clean the sugar from the blood, increase fat burning, prevent fat storage and expedite clearance of fat from the liver cells. There is no limit fat intake. Padafaktanya, preferably high-fat foods to speed up metabolism.


In the last two weeks, remains high protein foods, but accompanied with enough carbohydrates to bring the body into equilibrium.

The diet
The following description of this six-week diet plan for you:

First and second week
The rules:

Eating three protein shakes a day
Eat only once a day, mix protein with fruit and vegetables are low starch and sugar (see suggestions)
You are not allowed to drink alcohol, caffeine, or drugs that are not necessary, unless prescribed by a doctor
Drink plenty of water
Seven hours of sleep a night
Add a little salt to the diet (to restore fluid balance)
Consumption of multivitamin and mineral supplement
Make sure to eat only once (instead of dairy products) and three drinks a protein shake, nothing else

Food choices

Make sure to eat only once a day, you can choose breakfast, lunch, or dinner only. Here's an example of food alloys:

Breakfast: Omelet made of three large eggs, 30 grams of butter, three tablespoons of the mixture of pepper, one tablespoon of garlic slices with two tablespoons of meat or cheese and tomato slices sprinkled with salt.

Lunch: grilled chicken breast with mayonnaise, mustard, pickle or ketchup plus one orange.

Dinner: grilled steak with grilled asparagus sprinkled with six trunks of olive oil, pureed cauliflower (with butter, cream cheese or double cream), five baby carrots, 75 grams of fresh strawberries with whipped cream.

Sunday the 3rd and 4th
The rules:

Go back to eating three meals a day with the intake of meat and eggs are not limited
Food should be rich in fat but contain no dairy products (except butter and splash of milk in coffee)
Make sure only eating fruits and vegetables low in carbohydrates, such as berries
Avoid grains (wheat, corn, rice, oats) and flour, or starchy vegetables (potatoes, beans, peas).
You are allowed to consume alcohol, drink a glass of wine, one per four liters of beer and two to three cups of coffee a day (ideally black coffee).
You can re-use of drugs, but try as seldom as possible.
Consumption of four to five teaspoons of leucine (an amino acid that you put in the shake) every day to help keep the muscles of the body (either in capsules or mixed with water)
Fixed consumption of vitamins, drink water and keep your intake of salt
If hungry, eat more fat and protein (not vegetables)

and green vegetables
Food choices

Breakfast: Boiled eggs (as many as you like) and half-smoked salmon with fresh tomatoes, sprinkle with salt and olive oil or eggs fried in butter with crunchy flesh (unlimited) and 75 grams of cherry tomatoes.

Lunch: Burger (unlimited) and the crispy beef, combined with the two leaves of lettuce, half a slice of avocado and one slice of tomato.

Dinner: grilled salmon steak with grilled asparagus spears five.

Sunday the 5th and 6th

Entering this week, you should have menurunan weight (about 10 kg). Moreover, cholesterol and triglycerides usually have improved.

The rules:

Eat meat, fish and eggs as much as you like
You can eat full-fat dairy products (cheese, yogurt, cream)
You can drink alcohol in moderation (two drinks per day but not every day)
Continue to use vitamin supplements as nutritional insurance
Start eating vegetables and fruits that contain starches and grains, but limit the amount (not more than 12 grams of net carbs per day). That means you can only eat one serving of one of the following foods: a
slices of bread (six to seven grams) 40 grams of rice, a handful of fresh popcorn; nine grams of cooked potatoes.

Food choices

Breakfast: Smoked salmon scramble (three eggs, 30 grams of cheese, 60 grams of smoked salmon, half a tablespoon of minced garlic and tomatoes) with cherry tomatoes 85 grams and 85 grams of melon.

Lunch: Hot dog with a piece of bread, half a cup of red cabbage.

Dinner: fried meat and vegetables (50 g of vegetables), miso soup 240 milliliters, 60 grams of berries with whipped cream.

What next?

Having reached the end of the program, you can choose one of the following options:

Continue with the diet the last two weeks
Hose-interspersed (alternate days) dietary rules in week-5 and to-6 with three shakes a day and one meal
Still follow the diet week and week-5-6 but replacing one meal a day with shakes

Choose the plan that you can follow for the long term and get a lean stomach as a reward

chinese weight loss tea

Oolong tea is one of the popular types of Chinese tea. Known as a herbal drink from China. The aroma is fragrant frangipani. A slightly bitter taste does not dampen the audience to drink.

Oolong tea is one type of traditional Chinese tea, blackish green color. When brewed this tea and drink will taste bitter but it will leave a sweet taste after drinking. This tea is produced through a unique process that is withered in the sun is strong. Oolong tea is generally served in restaurants that serve dimsum China or other Chinese cuisines.

Most of the leaves of oolong tea produced in Fujian province, and also diperkebunan tea in Taiwan. Well-known variants are derived from Fujian tieguanyin. This tea is also popular among connoisseurs of tea in South China and ekspariat Chinese in Southeast Asia.

Drinks are served warm has many health benefits. Benefits of oolong tea can help lower high blood pressure, which is a key element to losing weight. Several studies have shown that 2 cups of oolong tea may reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Antioxidants contained in oolong tea may also protect and enhance the strength of bones and teeth. This can create an upright posture, and can radiate confidence.

The benefits of tea is the most popular ooong can lose weight by burning fat and inhibits fat absorption in the intestine. Also shown to increase energy. Simply by drinking three cups of oolong tea every day.

Drinking oolong tea is the correct way to relieve stress caused by fatigue activity. Oolong tea can be found in supermarkets, is available in packs of tea brewed and brewed. Oolong tea is brewed with more delicious warm and cold drink before.

swimming workouts for weight loss

is an excellent cardiovascular workout. With swimming, you can strengthen the heart muscles and improve oxygen delivery to various parts of the body.

People who like swimming will improve strength, flexibility, muscular endurance and balance. In addition, swimming is also able to make more attractive because of the physical body into good posture.

As quoted from MedicMagic, when the air temperature in the environment is colder than body temperature, the body will work hard to normalize it. When normalizing the change in temperature, the body requires a lot of energy so that it burns calories and more energy and lose weight faster.

Shivering in the cold water pool could also accelerate the body's metabolic system. The higher the metabolism, the faster the food will be digested, and it burns more calories, so it does not cause fat deposits in the body.

Although there are several benefits to swimming in cold water, does not mean you have to swim in the water with a temperature that is too cold. Swim in very cold water causes the risk of hypothermia (body temperature drastic reduction of).

Consider also another article on the benefits and disadvantages of swimming.

weight loss diets for men at age above 30

The majority of people in the world suffer from overweight to date. Interestingly, although when you think about health and diet industry, most of the focus lies with a woman. Why is that? Perhaps women are more concerned about himself. Who knows? However, chances are if you are a man who had passed the age of 30 years old and overweight, given the general tips for weight loss may not work for you.

It is possible that many women over 30 years, using diet pills to stay slim. Does this mean they will work for a grown man who is also overweight? Probably not. The fact is, men and women are very different body types, so that when the weight loss plan, it is not surprising that it would vary between men and women.

One of the first things that should be considered a man when it comes to losing weight is that they will need more than a diet pill. Most men always did gain weight and have excess fat around the abdomen and waist. In addition, as a man who has aged, decreased testosterone production. Fortunately, there are products on the market are geared to help combat these problems and help people lose weight.

Consider adding Augmented Protein System (APS) as a supplement to your diet. They are more flexible than regular protein supplements and contain essential nutrients and amino acids your body needs. In addition, APS helps supplement your diet as you most likely do not eat the same food every day. When you use a supplement APS, you ensure that you get the key vitamins and nutrients the body needs regardless of what you eat.

Because you are trying to lose weight, you will most likely be more frequent exercise. Make sure your body gets the energy it takes all day to have enough energy. Avoid foods that are high in sugar. Also, many people assume that they have to spend a supplement in the evening. Often, these supplements your body needs to recover on the same day. The important thing to remember is that you should treat your body as you aim to meet your weight loss goals.

Important to remember that weight loss for men it is not impossible. If you focus your Efforts, work hard, and the make wise decisions, you will find results when it comes to your weight loss goals. If you focus your efforts, hard work, and make wise decisions, you will get results from your weight loss efforts. After all you do, it is not possible all look good after 30 years.

healthy diets for weight loss

Many diet programs that encourage people to reduce the amount of food eaten drastically. Actually you need is to eat regularly for a healthy diet. If you need to eat regularly, then you need to know the portions.

Understand the concept of eating regular meals and portion control so you can enjoy a healthy diet, lose weight and never feel hungry. Let us look at these concepts in more detail.

Eat three meals a day is the concept of man-made
If you realize that eating three times (or less) a day is not an ideal diet, you should eat five times a day. Some simple examples from nature can illustrate this. Antelope, deer and horses have the same proportion of body fat in humans. They eat every few hours, as did our ancestors. That's what you should do for a healthy diet.

There are several reasons why you should do that, and it is related to our bodies and how they bermanfaaat for us. By eating frequently you will get the following things:

A. Frequent meals can prevent hunger and overeating.
2. Frequent meals can make your metabolism work quickly so you burn calories more efficiently.
3. Food also can be absorbed more quickly and efficiently if we eat regularly.

That way, you will feel healthier and have more energy you will use for your body's metabolism. A healthy diet means trying to create conditions to burn fat in an efficient manner and never feel hungry.

Food portion control
By eating five meals a day means you can eat in an amount sufficient to satisfy your craving, but you have to know how much you can eat, and it relates to your body size. a very easy way to do it, using your hands.

One serving should be about the size of a fist or palm of your hand. If you want a baked potato, eat the same size of your fist. If you want to eat fish, look for fish that size in the palm of your hand.

Do a Natural Diet
You have to eat carbohydrates, fat and protein quality. The key, you have to eat naturally and avoid the additional ingredients and sugar. If you want to eat food that contains three groups of foods such as salmon, brown rice, and vegetables, you can eat 5 meals that follow the above rules.

More Healthy Diet Tricks
You should always have breakfast and get plenty of fiber from your breakfast, because fiber is not readily absorbed and enters the body. This will make you feel full, and the fiber contains very little calories.

Another trick is to drink plenty of ice cold water. Most comes from the sense of hunger, thirst, and you can handle it by drinking lots of cold water. The body will heat the cold water is to be the same as body temperature and you will be able to burn 400 calories in a week!

Do not forget to do a little exercise. You do not need to spend long hours in the gym. Simply by doing brisk walking or using stairs (not elevators) when I have to head upstairs. You can also swim or bike ride twice a week.

Diet tips above will help you to burn fat efficiently and eat properly. A healthy diet will make you feel healthier and fitter. Over time, you will know that the above description it makes sense.

10 weight loss tips

1. Eat when you are hungry and stop when it's full.

2. If you are not hungry and eating just for pleasure, make sure that you are eating something fantastic and enjoy every chew. And you'd be surprised how quickly you feel full and should stop eating.

3. Find out about yourself, but do not judge yourself.

4. Rest assured that you can be slim without being cruel to yourself.

5. Feel your emotions. If anger, sadness, fear, worry not eat! When you eat to vent your emotions, then you most likely will be obese.

6. Stop hoping things will change so you can feel better. By living your own truth, you can be happy no matter what is going on "out there."

7. Even though you think you have failed, write on paper a list of every food that is eaten and read the list again in amazement.

8. Realize that when you eat when not hungry, do not satisfy hunger or make you uncomfortable but it only makes you harder. Food is not a good source of emotional comfort and it can not fix you.

9. Remember, the past is different from the future. Although we have a lot to follow a diet program. Many of us who are obese sudh in the long term. This does not mean you can not lose weight. You do your best. And when you know better-you do better-and you look better ...

10. Do not ever give up.

Diet Two Day, Good Weight Loss

Women and diet as two things can not be separated. Various methods are used women to get their ideal body. If you have been dieting but did not succeed, you should try this technique a two-day diet.

At South Manchester University Hospital conducted a study of 100 women. Respondents are required to perform two-day diet techniques, namely eating vegetables, fruits, and lean meat for two days each week. On another day, eat whatever they were released. The result, these women managed to lose more weight than dieting constantly, as reported by Cosmopolitan.

The women who do the diet with this technique are also prohibited from eating carbohydrates. The result, he lost weight more than double those who still eat carbs during a diet. The study also showed that women who do this diet are more likely to keep eating healthy foods in the other day.

If you plan to lose weight, there is no harm in the consumption of healthy food for two days to get slim body ideal.

10 way easy weight loss

The most important thing is to change the mindset and outlook of the diet.

This lifestyle is filled with fast food and lack of exercise, it's normal to make most people gain weight so easily. One effort then go on a diet.

But when on a diet, you are so often experienced yo-yo effect. Perhaps your diet is wrong and ineffective. Though losing weight it can be done from the discipline and with due regard to the pattern of intake of medical attention.

Well, here are 10 easy weight loss:
1. Every two months, start vitamin program. This program should run for two months, in other words undergo two months, two months and stopped. Repeat this process three times a year.

2. Write in a journal of your choice of food at least a week in a month diet. This will help you record the food intake and identify your mistakes. Calculator and a list of calories is also a good tool for monitoring food intake. Do not forget to count and record, just with this you can keep your discipline.

3. Do not forget the importance of eating regularly. Eat 3-5 times that are optimal. Also better to eat in the same period each day, with a distance of 5-7 hours of sleep until breakfast time.

4. Breakfast is a great addition to any diet plan. Once a week (Tuesday recommended) limit your diet to just eating apples, vegetable soup, and drink of fermented milk. This will give a total of four days per month of fasting and fasting 48 days per year.

5. Keep your food choices based on recommended guidelines: that is 25% fat, 25% protein, 25% complex carbohydrates, and 25% fruit / vegetable.

6. Failure of a diet plan is something that can be understood as far as you quickly back on track.

7. Do not forget to drink regularly. Do not drink while eating, preferably 15-20 minutes before. Remember, any drinks have calories too.

8. Who gave the order your diet system is scales and gauges. You should check your weight and body proportions when your stomach is empty, preferably after bathing.

9. Sport is a natural addition, permanent, and effective in every diet. Keep your body stay active and avoid feeling lazy.

10. It can not be digested at the thought. The more you concentrate on the failures and blame themselves, the less chance for success. Do not make yourself an avid diet by leaving the fun side of life.

drink water to lose weight

Water is often touted as 'miraculous' that can help you lose weight. One logical explanation, because the water gives the effect of the stomach feel full and satisfied, so the desire to eat goes down. But not only that, here's a few reasons why you need adequate water intake in order to get a slim body and ideal as quoted from All Women Stalk.

1. Appetite hold
People who drink lots of water proved to be more excessive rarely feel hungry. Therefore, the water becomes the most ideal substance to withstand hunger. So when you feel hungry, do not immediately fill the mouth with food. Try drinking a glass of water first. If the stomach feel full, it means you're just thirsty or dehydrated, hungry for food instead.

2. Reduce Cholesterol
Water provides a significant impact in the reduction of cholesterol. Drinking enough water, can help reduce cholesterol levels because of its shed toxins from the body by removing it through the urine. This will help you lose weight faster.

3. Helps Muscle Shaping
If your muscles are dehydrated, the muscles do not expect to be formed, as hard as you do any sport. When exercising, increase water intake and you will see the difference quickly.

4. Fluency is important for the digestive system
You must know, if the automatic current digestive stomach will feel comfortable and sleek. Therefore, the digestive system requires an adequate amount of water in order to work properly. Dehydrated will make you feel bloated, bloating and more easily tired.

5. Improve Liver Function
Liver or liver function metabolize fat (regulate the release and use of fats in the body), and it is very important if you want to lose weight. In order for the function of the liver is working properly, you need adequate water intake. If the shortage of water, the liver will only accumulate fat.

6. Overcoming Digestive Disorders
If you experience indigestion, such as constipation, drink several glasses of water cobahlah more than usual. Water usually becomes effective natural remedy for digestion.

7. Simply the amount of water that Can Prevent Fluid Buildup
When dehydrated, the body will retain water to prevent dehydration. If the lazy habit of drinking water is maintained constant, there will be a buildup of fluid that will add weight and make you look fat and puffy.

Tip: Experts recommend that you drink at least 2.2 liters of water per day, and can be more for women who have an active lifestyle (work, sport or sedentary). The amount is equivalent to 9 cups of water.

help to lose weight fast

Who is not pleased and proud to have a slim and healthy body? Although for some people physically is not everything. Well now a lot of ways to lose weight quickly.

There is by using natural ingredients, some use drugs, some are on a diet to lose weight is too harsh and can cause disease even for the users themselves.

Here is a quick way to lose weight naturally:

1. Drinking Water
A simple way to drink at least 2 liters of water / day. Because water helps the body's metabolic processes to convert food into energy needed. Here water also acts as a fuel to drive metabolic reactions. So if you do not drink water, then you can not burn calories.

2. Sports
Sport is already common knowledge as the most credible to lose weight. Ragalah exercise regularly to maintain the condition of the body remains healthy.

3. Food
From some research on foods that can help you lose weight, experts have said that there are some foods that are proven to be a useful food for weight loss. The food is grapes, sardines, pumpkin, eating beef and drinking green tea.

4. Do not Consume Alcohol
One way to reduce consumption of unwanted calories is to reduce alcohol drinking. Most of desire to drink alcohol because of the perception generated by the alcohol in the form of taste and relaxation effect. But that is not widely known is that drinking can also be caused by thirst and hunger. Maintaining hydration and not go to a bar or restaurant very hungry can suppress alcohol intake.

5. Familiarize Breakfast
Breakfast is often not trusted as a way to lose weight, but it was also useful breakfast to lose weight. If your breakfast in the morning, you can reduce your consumption of lunch. Enough bananas, yogurt, cereal, bread and others for snacks that contain plenty of fiber and protein will give you a sense of satiety until it was time for lunch.
* If you like drinking tea, mild green tea every day which can help you burn about 70 calories more a day.
* If you like drinking milk, you should not select a full cream. Have a drink consumption of low fat milk.

does walking help lose weight

Walking in the morning is a simple way to make the body fit. In addition to making the body fresh throughout the day, the road in the morning can also help you lose weight. How do I?

When sleeping, your metabolism slows down completely. Morning walk is a great way to start increasing your metabolism. Many studies have proven that people who used to walk in the morning to have a better metabolic rate than people who do not run at all.

step 1
Eating a nutritious breakfast or snack before the walk, such as yogurt with a handful of walnuts or low-fat crackers with peanut butter, according to the recommendation The balance of protein and carbohydrates are the fuel that helps prevent injuries and improve stamina.

step 2
In the early stages, try walking for 30 minutes in 3 days a week.

step 3
Still eat balanced diet such as whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein to each meal. Eating foods with fewer calories and incorporates exercise walking will quickly lose weight.

step 4
Add interval walking speed or with a little run for the body to become stronger. If you have more time, add the interval of time walking in the morning to burn more calories and provide extra exercises for the muscles.

step 5
Try walking to take a big step forward with the feet and knees slightly bent right leg. Hold the buttocks and then take a major step forward with left foot, swing low to the ground. Bend your arms and clench your hands and swing your arms while the legs moving. Continue 1 minute, keeping your knees and elbows remain

How to Get a Slim Body

We used to think that fat is a sign of prosperity, because it thought that the fat that means avoid the disease. In fact, in Britain, the fat lady is a beautiful woman. But in fact today, obesity is not a sign of prosperity again, because right now many overweight people who became ill.

If you have a problem with your weight, you definitely want to be slim woman like artis2. But, what ways do you use to get a slim body that is naturally? Only one sentence, which is naturally slender tips and its definitely effective, which is "Set Diet and Exercise".

First Slim Tips - Set Diet

A. Try vegetables as your menu.

One of the secrets to getting slim body is to eat vegetables, so vegetables are a must for you who want to slim, diet change from now on you with a menu rich in vegetables, it will help you. Oh yes, if you can not eat vegetables, then the way that you can follow is to eat nutrient-rich vegetables. Consumption of rice is our staple food, but limit the amount is only 1/3 course meal and balanced with vegetables - vegetables.

2. Determine the healthy diet is good for you and vary in small portions.

One natural way to slim is to eat good quality food and small portions. Chew your food and gigitlah several times in your mouth. And can also help your digestion process. Drink 2 glasses of water before you start eating.

3. Makanan2 reduce plant.

Choose to eat fresh food. Try to eat fresh food as processed foods, and avoid packaged foods as much as possible. We all already know, if that plant foods contain chemical bahan2 such as preservatives, dyes and others - others that are harmful to the body. So basically to slim it is to avoid ingredients - chemicals that exist in food packaging.

4. Choose fish as meat. Eat fish instead of meat is more healthy. And also on the nutrient content of fish is not inferior to meat. You can ask the experts if you do not believe ..

5. Consumption of mineral water instead of soda.

Avoid soft drinks because it has a high sugar content, and was drinking a lot of mineral water. Adjust so that you can drink water at least 10 glasses a day.

6. Milk and Fresh Fruit

Food menu which comes with fruit and milk, make your diet healthy 4 5 perfectly.

Did I give tips2 helpful to you?

japan slim body women secret

Famous Japanese women with healthy body, beautiful and slim. Want to look like them? Just follow his lifestyle.

Vegetables and fruit
The Japanese are diligent eating vegetables and fruits. They can take up to six servings of fruit each day. In addition Japanese people also eat vegetables include vegetables that are healthy, Kunis, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, zucchini, cucumber small, carrots, radishes, onions and green vegetables. To keep the nutrient content in the vegetable remains a lot, just boiled vegetables in a few minutes with the original broth (no MSG). They used to mix it denganf tofu or tofu.

Soy is consumed by the Japanese at least twice a day. Research shows that soy is not only protects against heart disease and prevent some cancers, but also as a food substitute for meat and dairy products.

Eating rice from the rice is a must for the Japanese. Popular with eating sushi. This makes the body does not lack karohidrat and as a source of energy and contains no fat.

Jepan diligent people eat fish. Usually used as sushi or sushimi and often eaten raw. Fish is the main source of animal protein, low in calories but high in vitamins minerals. As found in salmon and tuna.

green tea
Green tea is a favorite beverage of the Japanese. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that help in the detoxification process than that of green tea as well as the burning of fat in the body. They also drink eight glasses of mineral water a day.