Keeping the Kids Weight

Overweight and obesity is no longer a scary thing for adults, the problem also be a scary thing for children. Although in our society is still attached to the notion that a fat child is healthy, it is not true. Children should have an ideal body weight according to age and height. In early childhood, the disease 'parents' like heart disease, stroke, diabetes and so forth can also occur in children due to excess weight.

And how to keep the kids always have an ideal kids weight ? kids will imitate their parents, the key to success for a child to have an ideal body weight is your weight! A study published in the journal Obesity Newsmaxhealthmenunjukkan as reported by parents that weight loss is the most influential factor and a key to success so that children can lose weight and get healthy ideal weight.

"Parents are the most significant in a child's environment, they act as mentors first and most important for children," said Kerri Boutelle, one researcher from the University of California, San Diego. "Parents play an important role in any weight loss program children, and this study confirms the importance of parents' behavior in building a healthy diet and exercise discipline to their children,"

The research was conducted on 142 families with children aged 8 to 12 years who have the problem of overweight and obesity. Results showed that parents serve as an example that could make children easily gain weight in a healthier ideal. Parents are proven to be an inspiration and motivation for their own children, especially in the selection of menus and physical activities like sports.

If you have children who are overweight and want an ideal weight for kids, look at your weight first. In addition, another thing you should look to keep the child's weight is the influence of the school, the influence of child playmates, government policy, food production and ads that offer a variety of children's food high in calories.

Solution To Increase Body Height Child

Solution To Increase Body Height Child Children grow high into the dream of every parent. Unfortunately, most parents focus more weight problems than spur the child's height. As a result, correspondence between height and weight of children become unbalanced.

The parents need not worry if your child has a short body. Kurniati Miller, a nutritionist from Nutrifood Research Center describes some solutions to the high growth of children can be encouraged.

"For height, the golden age of girls at that age grade 5 to grade 2 SMP. Thereafter, height growth will be slower. In contrast to the boys started a little late, that since junior high to high school, but will continue to grow in height even up to college, "he explained.

According to him, there are some things that need to be taken to ensure that the child's body can grow taller, namely:

enough sleep
Although often underestimated, it turns out that adequate sleep can help the growth of the child's height. "Growth hormone will produce more when we sleep," said Simpson Kurniati in educational provisioning event by Nutrifood Health Agent Award on Wednesday (23/5).

Miller also recommends that children get adequate rest periods, minimum of 10-11 hours of sleep a day. "Take a nap every so often overlooked, yet contribute to the acceleration of height growth of children," he added.

They say, playing basketball, swimming, or other physical activity can make a high? Well, it turns out this statement is true loh. Not just to make the body healthy, regular exercise also helps to optimize height growth.

"Exercise also helps increase growth hormone production, so that children can more quickly in high," added Miller.

Nutritional needs can not be ignored. Milk is rich in calcium can be a relief for parents who do not want their children to grow small.

slim body make women happy

Many things can make a woman happy. A research has shown, the shape of a slim body women that can make women feel most happy.

The study was done in Germany for 24 years. Since 1984 to 2008, researchers tried to observe the cause of the feeling of happiness to hundreds of women who become the object of research.

From their observations prove, that the body slim most makes women happy. By Dr Pam Spurr, a psychologist who was quoted by the Daily Mail, her body weight can affect all aspects of life, including the spirit of her love life as well.

"The shape of the body greatly affects the thinking woman. That's because the social environment we always see someone from the shape of the body and one's level of interest alone," said Spurr.

Furthermore Spurr said, many are also arising in the public stigma about people who are overweight. Those who are overweight, often regarded as being lazy, too dumb less interesting.

Spurr also explained that most women prefer to not have a partner, rather than overweight. The women were considered, although they are still single, but physically, keep it interesting. So hope still got a great mate.

diets for men

diets for men Density of the work schedule, will greatly affect your physical condition. Office workers who sit all day in front of the computer desk will have little opportunity for movement or activity. PEGI let alone have time for gym, time to eat too much sometimes, so that not a few workers who eat at your desk, as a result of fat deposits in the body that are not realized. Most men who feel disentil with the words fat, fat, etc., must be answered with the same answer the core, which is busy.

Surely the men who worked with the density schedule until there is no specific time for the sport are those who still do not have time to anticipate how busy they are to lead a healthy life so that the condition of the body to keep fit, proportional and, most importantly avoid health problems. Here are some tips for your diet is super busy. diets for men

1. Reduce your portions. Based on the experience of some men when taking food on the table ready to eat foods are available, they are not aware that the dish has always provided a fairly large size. Ask the waiter or waiters in the restaurant or food court where you eat to provide a medium-sized plates. Because, with the size of the plate, you'll automatically pick up the food portions are not excessive. And indirectly in that way, you have reduced your meal. You apply it every meal.

2. Consumption of fibrous foods and fruits. Fibrous foods and fruits are very much beneficial for your body. Therefore, eat fibrous foods such as vegetables and fruits when you eat (breakfast, lunch and dinner). If you do not like or do not want to consume fruits directly, then you can siasati to be made juice. But you should know also that fruit juice be made nutrisis fruit Decreases levels of up to 3% due pamanasan process that occurs when blended.

3. Drinking water 8 glasses a day. No other drink the most healthy and good for the body other than mineral water. Many people think if you drink energy drinks or soft drinks, it is considered to have a drink and will increase the energy in the body, this assumption is not entirely true, because this would be add to the number of calories in your body. Why is that? Since only water putihlah that do not contain sugar and other compositions. So drink at least 8 glasses of mineral water in a day.

4. Use the stairs instead of elevator emergency. If you use the elevator at the office, make sure you use the emergency stairs. Because, you use the fire escape, automatic leg muscles you use to support your body when the road up the stairs, your body fat will be burned. Use the opportunity to go up and down the stairs at least 2 times a day, when new entrants can work to and from work. It will feel tired at first, but you will feel the benefits for your body, especially in your heart.

5. Regular life. The point is you should never change your lifestyle in extrema. For example, today you are eating only 2 times a day, but you usually eat three meals a day, you can simply reduce the portion only. Discipline yourself to your body as well. Because you can be healthy if you can discipline your lifestyle. diets for men

To be thin is not as difficult as you might think, but to be healthy will be more difficult. Find out how a healthy diet with the concept of balanced nutrition and regular life. use your time to lead a healthy life both at work and at home.