Moderate weight loss with dieting? If yes, you should be picky about a healthy diet program. For example, avoid low-fat diet that did not give the results it delivered maksimal.Saran renowned celebrity trainer James Duigan, where one of his clients is the model Elle Macpherson. Seeing a lot of people trying to lose weight to get their body slim, but they do not understand the causes of body fat. Of course, the cause is not fat, but sugar and carbohydrates. You need a healthy and balanced diet, because low-fat diets will never work. You have to find ways to manage your diet that allows you happy and healthy throughout life. James had just launched a second book titled "Clean & Lean: Flat Tummy Fast!" Suggests some simple steps for belly was flat and slim.

1. You should not be too long to cook the food for nutrition is not wasted. Just be sure to process food in which 50 percent are still raw. Or if possible, direct all eat raw vegetables.
2. Choose organic meat. In addition to cleaner than toxic, organic meats contain antibiotics.
3. Do not eat foods that can weaken your abdominal wall, foods that contain gluten. 4. Avoid sugar in any form. Sugar will add to the circumference of the abdomen.
5. Make sure you eat enough fiber. Lack of fiber will make the inflammation of the intestine. Eat vegetables and drink lots of at least 2 liters of room temperature water every day.
6. If you feel hungry, choose a snack in the form of brownies, with so instead you will be easier to trim. "Feed your soul, because you can not live with all the disclaimers (that you need a good meal). Precisely this is able to assist the process of burning fat, increase metabolism, and make you more slim. The key, the consumption of a snack, "said James. "Another factor for a healthy lifestyle is to reduce stress," concludes James.