EVERY person would envision the design of the slim, handsome and charming. This is because such a shape, allowing us free for bolstering diverse collection of stylish clothes available in the market. For those who are fortunate to have the desired shape may be no problem for you melaram with new and beautiful clothes. But what of the larger entity? They not only have to choose appropriate clothes but sometimes do not have the opportunity to choose. Although people always praise and high regard the body shape, but did you know that not all thin people, have good health. Sometimes to look skinny and keep in shape, they are willing to starve and just enjoy the food in small quantities. For example, just take an apple, a few pieces of biscuits and drinking water every day. This situation can be seen among the celebrities and international models, such as Tara Reid, Nicole Richie, Mary Kate Olsen, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham.

Staralicious website has reported on the health and anekrosia faced by Nicole Richie when he attended the MTV Awards. Nicole looks so thin because of eating problems. When there are problems getting the body weight of control, Nicole decided to undergo treatment at a rehabilitation center. The aim is to get the proper care and nutrition. Meanwhile, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Southwestern Medical Center, United States, Dr. Margo Denke explained, balanced diet should include sources such as carbohydrates, calories, protein and fat. "The combination of primary sources to provide a balanced diet at the same time ensuring that individuals get the nutrients that are nutritious," he said. There is nothing wrong for someone trying to lose weight, but it should follow the right system. Netdoctor.com website, advises that people should not be too drastic diet and exercise are severe. For example, if you previously did not work out in the long term, do not keep running away or doing strenuous exercise on a treadmill. This is because it can lead to injury and decrease the level of your intelligence in the future. Supposedly, you opened the 'menu diet' by adopting a few tips. Among them, walking exercise for 20 minutes a day. Maybe you can do these activities at break times or after returning from office or college. Do not sip a drink containing alcohol. Switch to enjoy fresh fruit and water to drink plenty of water. Also, avoid sugary foods and snacks such as chocolate and cake. Instead choose healthy foods (fruits, vegetables, chicken or fish). Similarly, reduced spreads butter or mayonnaise that contain excess fat.