During this time you might avoid foods and
beverages that are considered responsible for
the production of your body fat, including
milk chocolate milk coklat.Kenyataannya has
many benefits for the body. Drinking
chocolate milk once every three days is very
good for health and turned out to reduce
body fat (when high activity level).
If today is scheduled to practice at the gym,
then drink the milk chocolate in the morning,
before practice and after that only. If today is
your day off, drinking chocolate milk in the
morning, noon and night.
Maybe you're wondering, the content of
what makes milk chocolate is very good for
burning calories. Here are the benefits to be
Calcium is not doubt that a lot of calcium
content in milk both to build strong bones.
Later revealed other benefits, ie, able to inhibit
the body to absorb fat.
These benefits have been tested from several
different studies. Even in a study in Nebraska
saying that 1,000 milligrams of calories
consumed can remove 8 pounds of fat. The
number is very much to help weight loss.
Vitamin D
Milk Chocolate also meet the needs of vitamin
D. Try to drink low-fat chocolate milk. You
can cut calories significantly if you choose
low-fat chocolate milk instead of regular
chocolate milk.
Actually you can get vitamin D naturally
through sun. The problem is, many people
who would avoid the sun for heat reasons
and fear of skin burns. Besides that, the sun
is often used as a cause of skin cancer.
All the goodness of calcium is useless if you
do not consume vitamin D. The reason is
vitamin D distributes calcium from food into
the body. That is, if you are deficient in
vitamin D, then you also will lose calcium.
The causes are associated with loss of
calcium, vitamin D deficiency caused so easy
porous bone. In addition, vitamin D
deficiency also causes muscle weakness and
easily depressed.