Socialite Paris Hilton was fond indulgence slim body with a bikini . But who would have thought, to show off her body shape, the luxury Hilton hotel heir must be willing to abandon his love of eating a strict diet of fast food and vigorous exercise. "I really had to work hard. I do not eat fast food anymore," said the Legal quoted from Femalefirst, Friday (14/05/2010). "No McDonalds again, inside and outside. I want to get my bikini body. So today I tried to realize all of that," she added.

Female 29 years has reason to worry about bikini-clad body when will spend most of their time sunning themselves on a luxury yacht. He told Us Weekly magazine, "I'm just going to be on a cruise ship this summer, so I have to have a bikini body. With the yacht I would go to St. Tropez, Monaco. I will work as well, but much more relaxed." Although Paris has vowed to stay away from junk food, last year she expressed "never" diet. "I do not think I could go for 40 days without any thing. If I do, I'll probably give up on chocolate and McDonald's. I've never tried to give anything before. I do not like diet. Weakness is cotton candy and French fries .