You do not ever lose the appetite to eat every meal a tempting view. But tastes can suddenly vanished after seeing belly began to bulge and thigh that extends in front of the glass. Obesity is a scourge. Overweight or obesity is a reflection of the imbalance in consumption with energy expenditure. A person can only be said to suffer from overweight or obese if the person is overweight by more than 20% of ideal body weight. Add 10% more, and you need extra chairs at the dinner table. So how about it? Proper diet must be followed with behavior modification. Begin by changing your lifestyle. You should not put off eating until the belly is really kroncongan, because self- control could run aground. If memamng must entertain a relation in the night, cut the portion of lunch. Live with the principle of balanced and moderate. Discipline yourself to keep eating food with a balanced and complete nutrition to your diet program with regular exercise. Then you will get the ideal body weight and shape according to what you want.